Expert Perfect Typing Education DOS

Expert Perfect Typing, from Expert Software, is a low-end budget typing training program for DOS systems.

Expert Personality Expert Novelty DOS

Personality Expert is a budget title from Expert Software, where "Dr. Expert" quizzes you about your personality to make various suggestions and predictions.

Expert Pet Care Reference Novelty DOS

Expert Pet Care, from Expert Software, is a budget title for the IBM PC. "Expert Pet Care is your complete guide to your pet's health and upkeep. Developed by a practicing veterinarian, Expert Pet Care offers valuable information and advice on nutrition, exercise, emergency care, behavioral problems, training, and medication. It also includes special tips on training, diet and grooming, plus produces pedigree and descendants charts. You can lean about the various breeds of dogs and cats, and even view pictures of them! Expert Pet Care contains information on over 150 different breeds. You'll learn about each breed's physical attributes, history, and special care considerations. Expert Pet Care Provides vital emergency health care do's and don'ts which may literally save your pet's life. You can easily create a medical history for your pet. Expert Pet Care tracks information such as vaccinations, allergies, surgery and more. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Expert Pet Care is simple to use - it's arranged like a stack of index cards that can flip through at your own pace, and in the order you like!"

Expert Publisher Publishing DOS

This is a very low-end budget desktop publishing program from your glorious low-end budget crap software publisher Expert Software.

Expert Travel Planner Reference DOS

Before Google Maps, or even MapQuest, there was Expert Travel Planner. Expert Travel Planner is a budget roadmap program that lets you plan travel routes on major US highways.

Expert Typing for Windows Education Windows

Expert Typing for Windows is a budget Windows based typing tutor sold by Expert Software.

Exploring the IBM PC Network Education DOS

Exploring the IBM PC Network is an animated guide that demonstrates the general use of IBM's PC Network software.

Exploring The IBM Personal Computer Education DOS

This is a tutorial program included with IBM Personal Computers designed to help new users learn how to use their computer.

Express Publisher Publishing DOS

Express Publisher, by Power Up Software Corporation. is a very easy to use but somewhat limited entry level-desktop publishing program.

ExpressFax Communications Windows

ExpressFax is a program, from the makers of WordPerfect, designed to send and receive faxes. It includes a phone book and optical character recognition.

Expresso Calendar and Address Book PIM Windows

Expresso is a budget Personal Information Manager from Berkeley Systems, makers of the After Dark Screensaver series. Expresso provides modules for managing Calendars, Notes, Address Books, and To-Do Lists. It also includes a selection of colorful visual themes and alarms with sound effects.

EZ-Draft Engineering MacOS

EZ-Draft provides features that are comparable to those available on expensive mainframe CAD systems, at a fraction of the price. Features like automatic dimensioning with or without tolerance data, multi-layering to provide simplified drawing organization, zooming back and forth between a full size drawing and the smallest detail, powerful geometric construction forms like lines, arcs, fillets, chamfers, ellipses, polygons, boxes, hexheads, slots, and splines, the ability to snap to existing reference positions like endpoints, counterpoints or intersections, the ability to use templates from a pre-defined symbol library, the ability to move, copy repeat, mirror or scale a drawn object, extensive annotation capability including notes, labels and balloons, and support for a variety of plotters. EZ-DRAFT also has features unavailable on other PC based drafting systems like dynamic dimensioning, orthogonal and isometric projections, full compliance to ANSI Standard Y14.5 including geometric tolerances and surface finish an extensive selection of trimming excess constructions off the drawing and a full IGES interface so that drawings created on a mainframe CAD system can be down-loaded into EZ-DRAFT. The user friendly Macintosh interface complete with pull-down menus, mouse and interactive graphics helps the drafter quickly become adept at making high quality drawings - even without prior computer experience.

EZ-Drive Utility DOS

EZ-Drive is a hard disk partitioning tool bundled with new hard drives. It detects, partitions, formats drives, and installs BIOS overlays, all in one easy to use program. Such setup programs were often necessary due to the complexity of BIOS size limitation and the skyrocketing size of new hard drives. EZ-Drive is similar to Ontrack Disk Manager.

EZ-Tape Utility DOS Windows

EZ-Tape backup system for Windows and DOS.

Faces Graphics Novelty Windows

Faces 3.0 is a face composting tool similar to that which law enforcement uses. Select from a large number of facial features and parameters to re-create almost any face.

Family Origins Deluxe Reference Windows

Family Origins Deluxe is a genealogy tracking program that lets you keep track of family history and plot family trees.

FantaVision Graphics DOS

Fantavision was an animation program from Broderbund originally for the Apple II but later ported to the Amiga, IIGS, and DOS.

Fast Graphs Presentations DOS

Fast Graphs is a graphing/charting program that supports CGA graphics. It runs on an IBM PC or compatibles running DOS 1.1x or DOS 2.x.

FastBack Plus Utility DOS

Fastback Plus, by Fifth Generation Systems, Inc, is a backup utility for DOS. Its key feature is that it can read and write both a floppy disk and hard disk at the same time by making use of dual-channel DMA. Combined with speedy data compression, it can make a very fast backup.

FastFilr PIM DOS

FastFilr is a simple addressbook for DOS. It features fast lookup, and the ability to print labels and reports. little information about them out there. They also sold a product called "The Screen Generator", a screen designer/manager for use with a number of programming languages.

FastTrax Utility DOS

FastTrax is a disk optimization program for MS-DOS on IBM PC computers. It rearranges and defragments files to make file access faster.

FastWire Communications DOS

FastWire is a file transfer program that moves files between two PCs using a serial or parallel port. It is similar to Laplink.

Fauve Matisse Graphics Windows

Fauve Matisse was an extremely slick and powerful natural media paint and image manipulation program. It sold for a fraction of the price of the market leader Fractal Design Painter, and had a number of more powerful features like floating layers in its early versions. Matisse (and Fauve Software) died when the two brothers who owned it bet the farm on a high-end image-manipulation program called X-res - and lost. Ironically, X-res (and Matisse)was acquired by Macromedia.,While X-res continued to be published by Macromedia, Matisse was allowed to slip into a quiet grave." (And Macromedia was in turn bought out by Adobe). software that supported multiple free-floating layers of images.

FAXability Communications Windows

Intel FAXability is a program for sending and receiving FAXes under Windows with compatible fax modems. It offers cover sheets, an address book, sheduling, and OCR. It came in two variates, FAXability and FAXability/OCR.

FaxDirect Communications DOS

FaxDirect is a flexible resident command line tool for sending and receiving FAXes under DOS. It was bundled with copies of WordPefect.