FastFilr PIM DOS

FastFilr is a simple addressbook for DOS. It features fast lookup, and the ability to print labels and reports. little information about them out there. They also sold a product called "The Screen Generator", a screen designer/manager for use with a number of programming languages.

FastTrax Utility DOS

FastTrax is a disk optimization program for MS-DOS on IBM PC computers. It rearranges and defragments files to make file access faster.

FastWire Communications DOS

FastWire is a file transfer program that moves files between two PCs using a serial or parallel port. It is similar to Laplink.

Fauve Matisse Graphics Windows

Fauve Matisse was an extremely slick and powerful natural media paint and image manipulation program. It sold for a fraction of the price of the market leader Fractal Design Painter, and had a number of more powerful features like floating layers in its early versions. Matisse (and Fauve Software) died when the two brothers who owned it bet the farm on a high-end image-manipulation program called X-res - and lost. Ironically, X-res (and Matisse)was acquired by Macromedia.,While X-res continued to be published by Macromedia, Matisse was allowed to slip into a quiet grave." (And Macromedia was in turn bought out by Adobe). software that supported multiple free-floating layers of images.

FAXability Communications Windows

Intel FAXability is a program for sending and receiving FAXes under Windows with compatible fax modems. It offers cover sheets, an address book, sheduling, and OCR. It came in two variates, FAXability and FAXability/OCR.

FaxDirect Communications DOS

FaxDirect is a flexible resident command line tool for sending and receiving FAXes under DOS. It was bundled with copies of WordPefect.

FAXit Communications Windows

FAXit. from Alien Computing, is a program for sending and receiving faxes under Microsoft Windows. The program simulates a Windows printer, enabling any print job to be sent as a FAX.

FaxWorks Communications Windows

FaxWorks Pro, from Softnet of Marietta GA, is an efficent and user friendly fax program. It includes OCR with support for Twain scanners, and can exchange data with various Personal Infromation Managers. Many OEMs bundled FaxWorks with their modems. It competed against Delrina Winfax and BitWare.

Fidelity On line Xpress Financial DOS

Fidelity On line Xpress is an application that enables Fidelity customers to make trades and update their portfolios online.

FileCommand Utility DOS

FileCommand is an alternate DOS shell from IBM. The user interface is based on the IBM 3081/3084 mainframe VM/CMS Fulist/Filelist tool. It provides an on-screen file list, and a command area, but uses its own command set. Although advertised as friendlier DOS shell for general PC users, most users would likely find it confusing unless they had prior experience with Fulist.

FileMaker Database Windows MacOS

File maker is a very easy to use graphical flat-file database management tool from Claris that allows for visual form and report creation. Originally for DOS, there were Macintosh versions and later it was ported to Windows.

Final Cut Pro Video MacOS

A video editor and post-production tool from Apple.

FinalWord Word Processor DOS

FinalWord is a powerful word processor that started off as an adaptation of EMACS. It is a complicated program that uses manually embedded format codes, but it was targeted at professional writers where typesetting detail is important. Its strength is the ability to work with very long and complex documents. It supports headers, footers, table contents generation, index creation, footnotes, typestyle changes, outlining, tables and charts, multiple column layout. Final Word II adds support for Postscript and user-customizable print formatting commands. machines. There were versions for CP/M and the Atari ST.

Finance Manager Financial DOS

Finance Manager, from Human Engineered Software (HESWARE), is an easy to use home-oriented financial program. It can create checks and keep track of multiple account balances. It appears this program was also licensed and sold under the name "Peachtree Home Accountant". There were versions for both the Apple II and IBM PC.

Flash Graphics Video Windows

Macromedia Flash is a vector animation package originally developed by FutureWave and later acquired by Adobe. Flash can export animation as video files or in its own proprietary interactive vector animation format playable by the Flash Player. Flash versions prior to 5 do not include the ActionScript scripting language. The interaction is instead scripted using drag-an-drop "actions".

Floor Plan Graphics DOS

Floor Plan, from Insight Industries, was a budget shape-based drawing tool oriented towards 2D floor layout. essential features.

Flying Fingers Novelty Education Windows

A nicish typing tutor that works as memory resident and annoys the hell out of you by sticking up a little man who knocks on your screen every now and again to remind you to type faster, or as a standalone app. similar to Mavis Beacon...

FontasticWriter Word Processor DOS

Fontastic, from David W Johnson, Pacific Tri Micro Inc / Wizardworks, Wizardware Group Inc, is a budget word processor. It promotes itself as having many fonts to choose from, making it sound like a graphical WYSIWYG, but it is really a text-based word processor with an external previewer application. "Wizardworks". Apparently it was a small-time publisher. Pacific Tri Micro products were published under other names as well. perfecting text that will add creative "snap" to documents. Choose from a library of more than 25 type fonts in varying sizes to spruce up any letter or presentation. Fontastic Writer Plus also includes 24 pin and laser printer drivers that allow your documents to print out just like the pros's. easy to use! Editing is also easy, and includes search and replace, cut and paste, left/right justification, line or word centering, underlining, and an electronic dictionary that scans documents and corrects your mistakes. documents from Easy Working Writer " and Word Writer" to name a few. Simply type the commands in your old files and Fontastic Writer Plus does the rest."

FontMinder Utility Publishing Windows

FontMinder, by Dennis Harrington & Costas Kistos, is a font management tool that streamlines the installation and archival of Windows TrueType and Adobe Type Manager fonts.

Fontmonger Utility Windows MacOS

FontMonger, from Ares Software, is a font tool that can convert fonts between many different formats, move characters between fonts, and edit characters. Publisher's Type Foundry](/product/publishers-typefoundry) font editor. At release FontMonger was considered the only practical Windows-based program for modifying fonts. However, it was not considered a professional tool as it lacked kerning and hinting controls.

Fontographer Utility Windows

First introduced in 1986 for the Macintosh, Fontographer is a robust, professional tool for creating or modifying fonts. It supports Postscript, Adobe EPS, and Truetype. It features kerning control, hinting, and other advanced features. Foundry](/product/publishers-typefoundry/).

Fontware Publishing DOS Windows

Bitstream Fontware is a tool that converts commercial vectored fonts in to formats for use with applications such as Aldus Pagemaker running under Microsoft Windows 2. The program itself is DOS-based but the fonts it generates are for Windows.

FontWorks Utility Publishing Other

FontWorks is a utility that prints documents using high quality fonts on a dot-matrix printer. It was commonly sold as a companion product to AppleWorks on the Apple II. It can print sideways, it includes a number of high quality fonts, and includes a font editor.

Footprint Works Word Processor Spreadsheet Database OS2

Footprint Works is an office suite for OS/2 that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and database. Later versions were known as IBM Works and were bundled with OS/2 Bonus Packs.

Forms Maker and Filler Database Windows

Forms Maker and Filler is a budget program for making computerized forms. It has two components, a Designer used to create forms, and a Filler used to fill out the contents of the forms.