Home-Office Writer Word Processor DOS

From Real Software: "Home-Office Writer is a word processor with the right balance of professional business features and easy to use design."

HomeWord Word Processor DOS

HomeWord, from Seierra On-Line, is a friendly simplified word processor targeted at home users. It was originally released for the Apple II and ported to the IBM PC, C64, and Atari. It competed with other simplified home-oriented word processors such as BankStreet Writer. It was followed up by HomeWord Plus and HomeWord II

Homework Helper Education DOS

Homework Helper is a series of educational titles from Spinnaker Software.

HP Terminal Program Communications DOS

The "HP Terminal Program" is a terminal emulator that graphically emulates a number Hewlett-Packard and standard terminal types. This product was bundled with some early HP Vectra computers. Supports CGA, EGA, Mono, and VGA graphics. It appears to be a lesser version of HP AdvanceLink.

Hurricane Utility Windows

Hurricane is a utility that speeds up Windows 3.1 and 95 on hardware of the time. It enhances memory management, expands the GDI heaps, improves disk caching, manages the lower 1MB memory, and accelerates XMS access. Depending on the system, programs can launch faster and more programs may run at the same time. competed against similar tools such as Connectix RAM Doubler, SoftRam, and MagnaRam. Some of these products produced little or even no benefit. However, by most accounts, Hurricane 98 was one of the few that delivered on its promises.

HyperCard Other Database MacOS

Hypercard is a graphical card "stack" oriented application and database programming tool for the Apple Macintosh. It features hypertext and hyperlinking of graphics and buttons, and includes an easy to use scripting language called HyperTalk. In many ways, it resembled a web browser, however it had no networking capability.

HyperNet Server MacOS

Hypernet is a multi-user file sharing tool for early Macintosh computers that lets one or more Macintosh act as a file server connecting to multiple clients.

HyperPad Database DOS

HyperPad is a tool for DOS similar to Apple's HyperCard. You can create pages of text and make hyperlinks between them.

IBM - Language Arts Series Demonstration Education DOS

This is a demonstration disk for a series of educational software programs. These include, spelling, vocabulary, speech, punctuation, sentence, and touch typing programs.

IBM - Your PCJr Sampler Novelty DOS

The PCJr sampler is a set of tiny applications that, while not really useful, demonstrate the abilities of the PCJr. This software was bundled with the PCjr.

IBM 3101 Emulator Communications DOS

This is a telecommunications program from IBM that lets an IBM PC emulate an IBM 3101 terminal. This was used with IBM's mainframe/minicomputer products. Product features: Emulation of a 3270-oriented subset of 3101 block mode, Full-screen sessions through PVM or VAMP, Series/1 Yale IUP and 7171 support, limited non-full-screen support for TSO/TCAM, connection to a Series/1 in block mode, Half and Full Duplex Hosts, and connection to other IBM PC's in Character Mode.

IBM Accounting Assistant Series - Inventory Control & Purchasing Edition Financial DOS

The IBM Accounting Assistant Series is a set of accounting and management tools. The series is made up of different modules or "editions". The Accounting Assistant Series targeted small to medium sized businesses, while IBM's "Business Adviser" series targeted large businesses. entries, generating invoices and purchase orders, and producing special reports. Information can be shared with General Accounting, Accounts Receivable & Billing, and Accounts Payable Editions.

IBM AntiVirus Utility DOS OS2

Anti-virus software from IBM. Compared to other anti-virus products of the time, the user interface is rather clunky and not the most intuitive.

IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions Financial DOS

IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions is a set of accounting related productivity templates for use with IBM Filing Assistant 1.0x.

IBM Assistant Executive Solutions Database DOS

IBM Assistant Executive Solutions is a set of pre-designed forms and reports sold for use with IBM Filing Assistant. The forms are intended to help professionals organize appointments, personal and business checking accounts, portfolios, and more.

IBM Assistant Home Solutions Database DOS

IBM Home Assistant is a bonus product often found with bundles of IBM Filing Assistant and the other IBM Assistant series. This was part of IBM's Assistant office product series for the IBM Personal Computer. This included IBM Writing Assistant, IBM Graphing Assistant, IBM Reporting Assistant, IBM Filing Assistant, IBM Document Retrieval Assistant, IBM Planning Assistant, IBM Assistant Home Solutions, IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions, IBM Assistant Executive Solutions, and later IBM DisplayWrite Assistant.

IBM Business Adviser Financial DOS

Inventory Control Edition is one of a series of highly integrated modules or "editions" for IBM's Business Adviser system. management program targeted at large businesses. It was written by BPI for IBM, but is not simply a rebranded BPI product. Inventory Control keeps track of inventory in warehouses supporting different costing methods and generates purchase orders and reports. which must be installed prior to installing this program.

IBM Business Management Series-Personal Decision Series Demonstration Education DOS

This demonstration illustrates how the IBM Business Management Series and Personal Decision Series products handles a company's management needs.

IBM CAD/3X Graphics OS2

IBM CAD/3X is an entry level, easy to use, 2D cad program with versions for both DOS and OS/2 1.30.

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System Utility Communications Education DOS

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System is a set of education oriented network administration utilities. courseware and 400 office utilities. This version requires Novell NetWare 3.12 server.

IBM Communications Manager/2 Server OS2

Communications Manager/2 is a server component for OS/2 1.3 that provides connectivity with IBM mainframes and acts as a gateway for OS/2, DOS, and Windows clients.

IBM Current PIM Database Windows

IBM Current 1.00 is a very useful Personal Information Manager designed for Microsoft Window 2.x. It contains a calendar, address book, phone dialer, outliner, text editor and can create Gantt charts for project tracking. It is highly customizable, and acts as a database where you can create categories with custom fields, custom entry form layouts, and even "connect" related fields between categories. On top of that, it features built in topic and context-sensitive help. Managers for Microsoft windows.

IBM Diskette Librarian Utility DOS

IBM Diskette Librarian is a small database that keeps track of your files across multiple floppy disks.

IBM DisplayWrite Assistant Word Processor DOS

IBM DisplayWrite Assistant is a higher end word processor that has a user interface similar to IBM Writing Assistant, but has advanced features from IBM DisplayWrite. It can exchange information between other IBM Assistant series programs as well as DisplayWrite and IBM's mini/mainframe products. This was intended to bridge the gap with their entry level "Assistant" product line. Like DisplayWrite, it supported only a tiny handful of IBM printers.

IBM Document Retrieval Assistant Utility DOS

IBM Document Retrieval Assistant is a tool that enables you to easily search through a large number of documents for specified keywords. It is designed to work with documents produced with any of the IBM Assistant Series applications.