If you're having difficulties with our website or software from our software library, visit the forums or contact us on IRC. While we are more than happy to help when possible, the time simply isn't available for staff to personally respond to every support request via email. You are more likely to get a response on the forums from a member of the staff or community, with the added benefit of helping anyone else with the same question.

For anything else, send an email to ww-admins(a)winworldpc(.)com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Before you contact us regarding removal of a software title, please take the time to read about our purpose on the About page. Also keep in mind the criteria for software being included in our collection is that the title in question have an initial release date no later than January 1, 2001, as well as no longer being sold or supported by the original publisher or a licensed distributor.

If you still desire for a software title you hold the copyright for to be removed from our archive, please send an email to abuse(a) In this email, we request that you identify who you are, if you are acting as a proxy for a copyright holder, the exact files that you desire to have removed, and any helpful contact information, including phone numbers, reply-to email addresses, and your PGP public key - if applicable.

Library Mirrors

Mirror providers are a cornerstore of WinWorld, providing the capacity we need to provide open access to our library. By increasing our number of mirrors, we reduce the risk of downloads being inaccessible due to unforeseen server outages. If you are interested in providing a mirror for our software library, please read the details below and contact us at the email provided above.

Mirror Requirements

We often receive inquiries as to the requirements to be a mirror.

Connection: Mirrors hosted on residential connections are not permitted, due to the inherent inreliability of these connections compared to professionally hosted servers.

Bandwidth: We recommend a minimum of a 100 Mbps uplink for all mirrors. Bandwidth and connection limits are left to your discretion, however we can provide suggested limits based on our prior experience.

Storage: As of April 2018, our library is approximately 450GB, growing regularly. Therefore it is recommended all new mirrors be able to provision a minimum of 500GB of storage for the WinWorld library.

Software: Our library is synced using rsync and is served over HTTP. All existing mirrors use nginx, however this is not mandatory. We require PHP for the use of anti-hotlink system; this ensures your mirror will only be used by legitimate visitors of WinWorld.

Management: We offer the option of complete mirror management, where a staff member will take care of all software configuration and syncing via SSH, or we can provide the necessary configuration information to allow you to configure and manage the mirror yourself. This is entirely up to you; we understand the need for security on shared systems while appreciating some donors may prefer to have us take care of the 'grunt work'.