Want to chat with the staff and fellow community members in a more personal way? Join in our IRC channel, #winboards or our Discord. We welcome chat in regards to WinWorld, technology or general banter.

Whether you are in Discord or IRC, we ask that you use common sense in our channel. Adult content, spamming, trolling or generally being childish may result in you being kicked or banned.


Thanks to Discord, it's now easier than ever to join in the conversation. All you need is a free Discord account; no installation or setup of an IRC client required.

All chat taking place in the #winboards IRC channel is relayed to the #general channel on Discord and vice versa, so no matter how you connect you won't miss any of the conversation.

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If you'd prefer to stick with IRC, you will need an IRC client in order to join, such as:

(Windows | Linux)

Quassel IRC
(Windows | macOS | Linux)

Server Information

Use the following settings when configuring your IRC client.

Hostname/Server: Port: 6697 Channel: #winboards

For your privacy, the R-TypeNet network requires all IRC clients use modern encryption (TLS 1.2 with AES-256). Most modern clients support SSL/TLS. You may have to enable it when you add the network to your list. See your IRC client's guide for specific details.