America Online Web Browser Chat DOS Windows

America Online was a proprietary dial-up online service that eventually grew to offerer Internet access. In the mid 1990s AOL was very heavily promoted. Every month or two, you were sure to get a free AOL floppy disk or CD-ROM in the mail.

AOL Instant Messenger Chat Windows

AOL Instant Messenger is a once-popular messaging client popularized by America Online.

Microsoft Exchange Chat PIM Server Windows

Exchange is a proprietary e-mail and groupware server software from Microsoft for Windows Server. The first version publicly sold was Exchange Server 4.0. The number 4.0 was used as it was a replacement for Microsoft Mail 3.x. At release, unlike other desktop/lan e-mail solutions it featured client/server communications rather than using file sharing, used a powerful messaging protocol, and stored all message and address book information in a database. It eventually evolved to include scheduling and many other functions. The Exchange Client (later Microsoft Outlook) supported rich text formatting, and the ability to create such things as e-mail forms.

mIRC Chat Windows

mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat client for 16-bit and 32-bit Windows with it's own unique scripting language.

MSN Messenger Chat Windows

An old instant messenger platform from Microsoft since superseded by Skype. The MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) servers have since been shut down from Microsoft, so don't expect this software to work anymore. Software is for historical purposes only.

SharePoint Chat PIM Server Database Windows

Microsoft SharePoint is a Windows Server hosted collabaration tool allowing for document management, custom lists, workflows, wiki-style editing within an organization, web applications and plugins, extranets and intranets.