1001 Windows Hints and Tips Reference Windows

1001 Windows Hints and Tips is a compilation of sample articles from Ziff-Davis Press books in Windows help format.

12 Months Screen Calendar Utility Windows

12 Month Screen Calendar v1.00 displays the next 12 months on one screen. Distributed as freeware by Command Line Software.

3D FloorPlan Designer Graphics DOS

3D FloorPlan is a 3-dimensional architectural and space planning program for small business professionals and home users. The user may design a home addition or remodel in 2D and FloorPlan automatically converts the drawing into 3D. The user can then walk through the 3D model in real time.

3D Home Architect Graphics Windows

Broderbund's 3D Home Architect is a home-design oriented CAD program. It includes a variety of home decor related objects, and can render the results in 3D.

3D Landscape Engineering Windows

3D Landscape is a computer aided design program specifically geared towards designing and planning landscapes. It includes the ability to view the design from 3 dimensional angles and includes extensive online documentation on landscape design.

3D Studio Graphics DOS

3D Studio, not to be confused with the later "3d Studio Max" product, is a DOS-based tool from Autodesk for creating 3d models and animations.

3DNA Utility Novelty Windows

3DNA is a 3D virtual environment shell that presents your computer as a series of 3D video-game like rooms. It features objects that you can set to launch applications, web site previews in the form of a "browser bay", and in-program advertising. It was bundled with some video cards. In many ways it is like a 3d-version of Microsoft Bob, and has a resemblance to Packard Bell Navigator.

4 Point Graphics Graphics DOS

First released in 1983 by IMSI (International Microcomputer Software, Inc), 4 Point Graphics was one of the earliest drawing and animation programs for the IBM PC. It competed against a drawing program called PC Crayon.

4DOS Utility DOS

4DOS is a command line interpreter replacement for command.com that adds many new features.

4th Dimension Database MacOS

4th Dimension is a powerful and feature rich multi-user database for the Apple Macintosh. It features graphical creation of forms, reports, and graphs, a powerful programming language, and databases can be multi-user over AppleTalk networks.

4Word Word Processor DOS

4WORD is an add-in word processor for Lotus 1-2-3. Unlike TSR programs 4WORD works from within Lotus, using the same menus, using the Lotus printer drivers, and storing your documents inside your spreadsheet. It can copy and paste data between your document and spreadsheet as well link to live cells in to your document.

99/4 Auto Spell-Check Utility Other

99/4 Auto Spell Check, by Dragonslayer ASC, is a spell checker for the TI-99/4A home computer with disk system.

Abacus Time and Date PIM Windows

Time and Date, published by Abacus Software originally from Data Becker, is a small easy to use personal information manager for Windows 3.1. It can keep track of your calendar, address, notes, holidays and more.

ABC 3D Atlas Reference Novelty Windows

A 3D world atlas.

ABC Flowcharter Presentations Publishing Windows

ABC Flowcharter, from Roykore/Micrografx is a flow chart diagramming utility for Windows. It features the ability to link multiple charts together, and easily break procedures in to multiple steps.

ABC SnapGraphics Presentations Publishing Windows

Micrografx ABC SnapGraphics is a supplementary program for ABC FlowCharter. SnapGraphics provided a more simplistic, automated way to create flow charts and diagrams with a number of pre-defined templates. Version 1.0 was distributed free of charge.

Ability Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications Database DOS Windows

Originally released in 1984 by the Canadian company Xanaro that went bankrupt, and then by Migent, Ability is an integrated office suite for DOS that includes word processor, spreadsheet, database, telecommunications, business graphing, presentation graphics capabilities, and built in file management. It features good integration between the different components, with the ability to import, share, and dynamically update data between them. It was advertised as a very easy to use and a quick to learn system.

ABstat Mathematics DOS

ABstat, from AndersonBell, is a statistical package that contains a variety of statistical functions, creates graphs, features a command language, and can directly use dBase files.

ACT! PIM DOS Windows

ACT!, or "Activity Control Technology", originally from Conductor Software, and later Contact Software and then Symantec, is an easy to use business relationship management system targeted at traveling sales professionals. It can track things like billable time and expenses.

Ad-Aware Utility Windows

Ad-Aware is a spyware/adaware removal tool

Adobe Acrobat Publishing Windows Unix MacOS

Adobe Acrobat is a desktop publishing tool that excels at creating highly accurate printed documents. Its free companion product, Acrobat Reader, lets users easily distribute Acrobat (PDF) files electronically.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Document DOS Windows OS2 MacOS Other

Acrobat Reader is the free software from Adobe used to read, view, and print documents created by the commercial Adobe Acrobat product. Its primary strength is that documents appear and print identically across differing systems.

Adobe Dimensions Graphics Publishing Windows MacOS

Adobe Dimensions was a low cost 3-d object editing and rendering program. Unlike other 3d rendering programs, Dimensions is specifically geared towards producing illustrations for print. programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Freehand, and edited to create 3d objects. Then, instead of outputting a pixilated raster image, it outputs in postscript bezier curves, which can then be further processed by other 2d illustration packages.

Adobe Illustrator Graphics Windows Unix MacOS

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. It was often sold as a companion product to the bit-map/photo editor Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator was originally released in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh. Early versions were ported to NexT, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Solaris.

Adobe InCopy Word Processor Windows

InCopy is a word processor produced by Adobe that integrates with Adobe InDesign and is used for general purpose publishing.