Broderbund Type! Education DOS

Type! is an interactive typing tutor. Its lessons are optimized around research on how people learn to type. It includes both basic and special skill levels, and monitors your progress with detailed graphs.

Cdex Training for the VisiCalc Program Education Other

Released by Cdex in 1983, this is an interactive training program that will teach you how to use VisiCalc. Cdex also sold training programs for WordStar, SuperCalc, EasyWriter ||, The IBM Personal Computer, and The Apple //e Personal Computer. There were versions for both the IBM PC an Apple II.

Coping With Job Stress Education DOS

Coping With Job Stress, from Disk-Count Software Inc, is an interactive on-disk lesson about dealing with workplace job stress. It was a cheap educational budget title. The sort of thing that would sell for $6.96 at Wal-Mart. run it at work, and the box doesn't include a 3.5" disk for your new IBM PS/2.

CWI Tutor DOS Education DOS

The ultimate DOS tutor. Everything you wanted to know about DOS and more.

Easy Working Typing Teacher Education DOS

Easy Working Typing Teacher is a low cost typist training program released as part of the Spinnaker "Easy Working" product family. Features an on-screen keyboard, built in help, drills, and statistics.

Expert Perfect Typing Education DOS

Expert Perfect Typing, from Expert Software, is a low-end budget typing training program for DOS systems.

Expert Typing for Windows Education Windows

Expert Typing for Windows is a budget Windows based typing tutor sold by Expert Software.

Exploring the IBM PC Network Education DOS

Exploring the IBM PC Network is an animated guide that demonstrates the general use of IBM's PC Network software.

Exploring The IBM Personal Computer Education DOS

This is a tutorial program included with IBM Personal Computers designed to help new users learn how to use their computer.

Flying Fingers Novelty Education Windows

A nicish typing tutor that works as memory resident and annoys the hell out of you by sticking up a little man who knocks on your screen every now and again to remind you to type faster, or as a standalone app. similar to Mavis Beacon...

GRE Test Preparation Education Windows

GRE Test Preparation is a software program that aids one in practicing taking the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) general test.

Guided Tour of Macintosh Education MacOS

This is a software and audio cassette demonstration of the Apple Macintosh. It visually guides you through the use of Macintosh, the Finder, and typical Macintosh applications. This software and cassette were bundled with the Apple Macintosh System Software.

Guided Tour of MacPaint and MacWrite Education MacOS

This is a software and audio cassette demonstration of Apple MacWrite and MacPaint. It visually guides you through the use of the applications. This tour was bundled with the Apple Macintosh and MacWrite-MacPaint software.

Health and Diet Reference Education DOS

Health & Diet, from Digital Systems Research, Inc, is a friendly and feature rich database program for DOS that assists users in keeping track of their weight loss and eating habits.

Homework Helper Education DOS

Homework Helper is a series of educational titles from Spinnaker Software.

IBM - Language Arts Series Demonstration Education DOS

This is a demonstration disk for a series of educational software programs. These include, spelling, vocabulary, speech, punctuation, sentence, and touch typing programs.

IBM Business Management Series-Personal Decision Series Demonstration Education DOS

This demonstration illustrates how the IBM Business Management Series and Personal Decision Series products handles a company's management needs.

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System Utility Communications Education DOS

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System is a set of education oriented network administration utilities. courseware and 400 office utilities. This version requires Novell NetWare 3.12 server.

IBM Morse Code Drills Education DOS

IBM Morse Code Drills is an educational tool for learning and practicing Morse Code using your IBM Personal Computer.

IBM Personal Science Laboratory Education DOS

IBM Personal Science Laboratory is an educational and scientific microcomputer-based lab that attaches to IBM Personal Computers. ability to interface user-created sensor modules. variables, analyze data in both graphic and mathematical modes, and see immediate results from their experimental innovations.

IBM Primary Editor Word Processor Graphics Education DOS

Primary Editor Plus is a student's toolkit for writing and language arts activities in Kindergarten through grade eight. The program is a flexible entry-level word processor appropriate for young students or anyone who is new to word processing and computers.

IBM Private Tutor Education DOS

IBM Private Tutor is an educational tool for creating, editing, displaying, logging, and reporting on-screen lessons and tutorials. Private Tutor lesson packages. Such titles include: Algebra Tutor, Beyond basic BASIC, Language Skills, Learning to Program in BASIC, Computers and Communications, Learning DOS 2 for Private Tutor, FORTRAN Tutor, Capitalization Skills, Multiplication Tables, Punctuation Skills, Reading Comprehension Skills, Spell Facts (Private Tutor series), Spelling Skills, Vocabulary Building Skills, Word Knowledge Skills, Basic Number Concepts, Math Computation Skills, Preparing for Geometry and Algebra, Solving Math Word Problems, and Writing Private Tutor Courses for the IBM.

IBM Private Tutor Presenter Education DOS

Private Tutor Presenter is a program that lets you run Private Tutor lesson programs but not author them, as with Private Tutor 2.0.

IBM Typing Tutor Education DOS Other

IBM Typing Tutor is an educational program sold by IBM alongside their original IBM PC. The software itself was licensed from Microsoft, and is notable as being one of only two known commercial programs that were sold for the IBM PC on cassette tape. (The other being IBM PC Diagnostics )

Individual Training for Lotus 1-2-3 Education DOS

Individual Training for Lotus 1-2-3 is an interactive computerized training lesson for Lotus 1-2-3 Release 1A and Release 2. Individual Software also produced a number of other training programs such as Professor DOS.