Apple CD-ROM Titles Sampler Other MacOS

A sample of CD-ROM based applications for MacOS.

ArcView GIS Graphics Other Database Windows

ArcView, from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. is a geographical information system program for Win9x/NT.

At Ease Other MacOS

Apple At Ease is a simplified menu shell for the Macintosh that replaces the default Finder desktop. It is intended primarily for kiosk, shared, or public computers where users should only have access to designated application programs. At Ease was available in both standard and workgroup flavors.

HyperCard Other Database MacOS

Hypercard is a graphical card "stack" oriented application and database programming tool for the Apple Macintosh. It features hypertext and hyperlinking of graphics and buttons, and includes an easy to use scripting language called HyperTalk. In many ways, it resembled a web browser, however it had no networking capability.

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications for NEXTSTEP and OpenStep Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Other Database Mathematics Other

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications is an application suite of programs for NeXT computers.

Mac OS X Demo CD Other Mac OS X

A set of demos for Mac OS X

NewWave Other Windows

HP NewWave is an alternate shell for Microsoft Windows that gives it an icon-object desktop. It attempts to hide the file system from the user, instead presenting them with "objects" that may have many more properties and longer descriptions. It supports a feature called "Hot connects" that automatically updates data across different files.

Packard Bell Navigator Utility Other DOS Windows

Packard Bell Navigator is an alternate user interface that replaces the Windows 3.1 Program Manager shell. It presents the content of your computer as a series of rooms.

The All-Star Utilities Pac Utility Other Windows

The All-Star Utilities Pac is a set of small windows-based productivity utilities. It was a freebie given away by PC Magazine.

Vistapro Graphics Other DOS Windows

Vistapro is a three-dimensional landscape simulation program. Using U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files, Vistapro can accurately recreate real world landscapes in vivid detail. It can also create fractal based landscapes, and provides many customizations. Vistapro originated on the Amiga and also had a Macintosh port.

WillMaker Other DOS Windows

WillMaker is a program that takes a set of simple human-understandable questions to produce the complex legal language and law considerations, required for a modern will.