Adobe Premiere Video Windows MacOS

Originally developed for the Mac, Adobe Premiere is a tool for editing videos.

DVMpeg Video Audio Windows

DVMpeg, from Darim Vision Co., Ltd, is an MPEG encoder that can convert Windows AVI files to MPEG.

Final Cut Pro Video MacOS

A video editor and post-production tool from Apple.

Flash Graphics Video Windows

Macromedia Flash is a vector animation package originally developed by FutureWave and later acquired by Adobe. Flash can export animation as video files or in its own proprietary interactive vector animation format playable by the Flash Player. Flash versions prior to 5 do not include the ActionScript scripting language. The interaction is instead scripted using drag-an-drop "actions".

Home Video Producer Video DOS

Home Video Producer is a home video title creation program for the IBM PC and compatibles. There were also versions for the Apple II and Commodore 64. It provides fonts, backdrops, animations, and makes use of CGA color artifacting for 16 colors.

iMovie Video MacOS Mac OS X

iMovie is a home oriented movie making tool from Apple.

InterVideo WinDVD Video Media Player Windows

WinDVD is a DVD Player bundled with many DVD drives for Microsoft windows.

PowerDVD Video Windows

PowerDVD is a DVD player program bundled with some CD-ROM drives.

QuickTime Video Audio Media Player Windows

QuickTime is Apple's Image, Video and Audio framework. QuickTime is freely redistributable, and is provided here only as a convenience. Some applications on Winworld may require that this software be installed first.

Ulead MediaStudio Graphics Video Audio Windows

MediaStudio is a suite of multimedia editing tools. It includes a video editor, video capture tool, image editor, sound editor, and morphing tool. Also supports video conversion, batch mode operation, and overlays.

Windows Media Center Video Audio Media Player Windows

A full-screen 10 foot HTPC interface from Microsoft.

Windows Media Player Video Audio Media Player Windows

The media player built-into Windows