Aladdin Expander Archive Windows

Aladdin Expander is the Microsoft Windows port of Stuffit Expander, a tool for decompressing Macintosh SIT files. It is important to note that it is of limited use on Windows, as the Windows version will not preserve Macintosh resource forks or creator type information, rendering many file types unusable.

DiskDoubler Utility Archive MacOS

DiskDoubler is an automated file compression program for the Apple Macintosh. It does not compress the entire drive, but rather specified files. It automatically compresses and recompresses files as you use them.

RAR Archive DOS

A console utility to extract and create RAR files.

Stacker Utility Archive DOS Windows OS2

Stacker, from Stack Electronics, was a hard drive compression tool. It was wildly popular until Microsoft virtually eliminated the third party market for this by including their own drive compression tool with MS-DOS 6. and Expandz! Plus.

Stuffit Expander Archive MacOS

Stuffit Expander, from Aladdin Systems, is a freely redistributable tool for extracting Stuffit "SIT" archives on Apple Macintosh computers. Most Macintosh file archives are in this format. Unlike ZIP, Stuffit preserves special resource fork and creator type information required by Macintosh file systems. For the Microsoft Windows version, please see Aladdin Expander.

WinZip Utility Archive Windows

WinZip is an archive utility for Microsoft Windows that creates and extracts ZIP files, along with a degree of support for MS Cabinet (cab), ISO, JAR, TAR, and GZipped files.