Adobe Acrobat Reader Document DOS Windows OS2 MacOS

Acrobat Reader is the free software from Adobe used to read, view, and print documents created by the commercial Adobe Acrobat product. Its primary strength is that documents appear and print identically across differing systems.

AOLPress Editor Document Windows

AOL Press 2.0 is a Windows based what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor from AOL. It competed with other HTML Cuisinarts such as Microsoft Front Page.

GOfer Utility Document DOS

GOfer is a desktop search tool capable of searching many document formats. It loads as a TSR and can be called while other programs are running. It support multiple word search, operators, and inexact searches. It does not use an index, that makes it slower but requires no additional disk space.

Lotus Magellan Utility Document DOS

Magellan was a desktop file viewer and search tool. It indexes all files on your hard drive, and you can search for related information across file formats.

Microsoft Windows a Vision for the Future Novelty Document Windows

This is a promotional collection of documents in HTML format released in 1997 describing Microsoft's upcoming plans for future versions of Windows.

MyDesk Document Windows

MyDesk, from IOTA Industries Ltd, is a document search and organizer tool for scanned images. It incorporates Visioneer's PaperPort to OCR and index documents.

Omnipage Pro Document Windows

Omnipage is an optical character recognition (scanned image) application that can export to a number of document formats. It was often bundled with scanners.

PaperPort Document Windows

PaperPort is a document management system frequently bundled with scanners. It can OCR scanned documents and convert them to PDF.

Performance Now! Document Windows

Performance Now, from KnowledgePoint, is a Windows 3.1 automated tool for writing employee performance reports. It can exchange data with KnowledgePoint Descriptions Now.

Personal Attorney Document Windows

Personal Attorney is a program that automatically generates a number of legal templates for use in word processors.

ReadRight Document DOS

ReadRight 2.0 is a software OCR application for IBM PC computers. It has built in support for a number of scanners, and can OCR from existing graphics files. It recognizes a number of different fonts, font sizes, supports text columns, and can output to a number of different formats. time, other OCR tools used specialized hardware accelerator cards to achieve acceptable performance.

TypeReader Document Windows

Type Reader, from ExperVision, is an optical character recognition program that features the ability to correctly format complex documents, and the ability to export to a large number of different programs. TypeReader competed with OmniPage.

WordScan Document Windows

Calera WordScan, from Calera Recognition Systems, is an optical character recognition program for use with scanners under Windows 3.1. It competed against OmniPage.