3DNA Utility Novelty Windows

3DNA is a 3D virtual environment shell that presents your computer as a series of 3D video-game like rooms. It features objects that you can set to launch applications, web site previews in the form of a "browser bay", and in-program advertising. It was bundled with some video cards. In many ways it is like a 3d-version of Microsoft Bob, and has a resemblance to Packard Bell Navigator.

ABC 3D Atlas Reference Novelty Windows

A 3D world atlas.

After Dark Novelty DOS Windows MacOS

After Dark, from Berkeley Systems, Inc, is a set of entertaining screen savers for Mac and Windows. After Dark for Windows started off as "Magic Screen Saver" for Windows 2.x.

Banner Blue Movie Guide Novelty DOS

Banner Blue Movie Guide is a searchable movie database with built in trivia games.

Borland Screenery Novelty Windows

Borland Screenery is a set of screen savers, icons, and backgrounds designed for Windows 3.0. The second disk was only received upon the user registering the product. This appears to be a Borland licensed version of the "Intermission 2.0" screen saver.

Calendar Creator Plus Novelty PIM DOS Windows

Calendar Creator Plus from Vermont Creative Software/Power Up, and later Spinnaker Software, is a tool for creating printed calendars with different styles and custom lists of events.

Catz Novelty Windows

Catz, from PF Magic, Inc, is a fun program that places an animated cat on your desktop for you to play with.

Cellular Automata Lab Novelty DOS

Cellular Automata Lab is a powerful commercial scientific mathematical program for working with and exploring Cellular Automata, a system where individual mathematical elements grow, spread, and die based on a set of rules (like the old BASIC "Life" programs). This software provides functionality to create custom sets of rules. Although it had some potential applications, this specific product is more of a novelty, similar to fractal generators. It was published by Autodesk during a period of experimental exploration in to new scientific applications.

Dilbert Break A Day Novelty Windows MacOS

Released in 1997 by DayBreak Software, Break A Day is a calendar that shows a different Dilbert comic every day. Includes a 16-bit Windows 3.1 version, 32-bit Windows 9x/NT version, and a Mac version.

Dr. Sbaitso Novelty Audio DOS

Dr. Sbaitso is a simple AI program, similar to the famous "Eliza", that makes use of text-to-speech software. Distributed as a demonstration application with Creative Labs Sound Blaster cards.

Expert Astrologer Novelty DOS

A computerized tool from Expert Software for displaying your personalized daily horoscope. It can also interpret your personality traits, values, temperament, attitudes, adaptation, [and gullibility]. Plots trends in business, fitness, creativity, and social activities. Prints chart wheels, calculates planet positions, [and empties your wallet.]

Expert Astronomer Reference Novelty DOS

Expert Astronomer from Expert Software is a budget star chart with a large number of features. Database includes around 9000 objects including stars, constellations, and planets.

Expert Dream Interpreter Novelty Windows

Dream Interpreter is a program for recording and analyzing dreams. It contains a large database of dream symbols and interpretations and can analyze trends over time.

Expert Personality Expert Novelty DOS

Personality Expert is a budget title from Expert Software, where "Dr. Expert" quizzes you about your personality to make various suggestions and predictions.

Expert Pet Care Reference Novelty DOS

Expert Pet Care, from Expert Software, is a budget title for the IBM PC. "Expert Pet Care is your complete guide to your pet's health and upkeep. Developed by a practicing veterinarian, Expert Pet Care offers valuable information and advice on nutrition, exercise, emergency care, behavioral problems, training, and medication. It also includes special tips on training, diet and grooming, plus produces pedigree and descendants charts. You can lean about the various breeds of dogs and cats, and even view pictures of them! Expert Pet Care contains information on over 150 different breeds. You'll learn about each breed's physical attributes, history, and special care considerations. Expert Pet Care Provides vital emergency health care do's and don'ts which may literally save your pet's life. You can easily create a medical history for your pet. Expert Pet Care tracks information such as vaccinations, allergies, surgery and more. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Expert Pet Care is simple to use - it's arranged like a stack of index cards that can flip through at your own pace, and in the order you like!"

Faces Graphics Novelty Windows

Faces 3.0 is a face composting tool similar to that which law enforcement uses. Select from a large number of facial features and parameters to re-create almost any face.

Flying Fingers Novelty Education Windows

A nicish typing tutor that works as memory resident and annoys the hell out of you by sticking up a little man who knocks on your screen every now and again to remind you to type faster, or as a standalone app. similar to Mavis Beacon...

Gryphon Morph Graphics Novelty Windows

Morph, from Gryphon Software was the first commercial morphing program for PCs. With this program you specify related points between two images and the software will morph the two images together at different levels. The program can export the results to a movie file.

IBM - Your PCJr Sampler Novelty DOS

The PCJr sampler is a set of tiny applications that, while not really useful, demonstrate the abilities of the PCJr. This software was bundled with the PCjr.

Icon Do-It Utility Novelty Windows

Icon-Do-It, from Moon Valley Software, is a utility that enables you to customize your program group icons, and add animated icons to normal program items. It also includes a screen saver module. It is designed to work with both Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

Icon Hear-It Novelty Windows

Icon Hear-It, from Moon Valley Software, is a shell enhancement for Windows 3.1 that adds sound effects to all kinds of desktop and Program Manager actions.

Icon Make-It Novelty Windows

Icon Make-it, from Moon Vally Software, the makers of Icon Hear-It, is a Windows 3.x icon editor, icon animator, and clipart. It also includes a "lite" version of Icon-Hear-It.

Instant Artist / Print Artist Graphics Publishing Novelty DOS Windows

Instant Artist, later renamed to Print Artist, is a greeting card and sign creation program that uses vectorized graphics. It was created by The Pixellite Group, the original authors of The Print Shop, and published in 1992 by Autodesk. It was later sold by Sierra On-line. It features a high quality set of generic reusable clip art. The clip art uses vector based technology that was also used in BannerMania.

Intel Demos Novelty Windows

Produced in 1991 for Intel by Eric Juvet Software and Services. Contains several "Demo" applications for Windows 3.x. iPaper, iSaver, and iClock.

Jingle Disk Novelty DOS

ThoughtWare's Jingle Disk was a stocking stuffer for the computer geek in 1986. It plays several pieces of music on the PC speaker as it animates several winter images. It can also print a simple greeting card to a dot matrix printer using these images. While there were similar shareware or freeware programs, this was a commercial program