Apple Network Administrator Toolkit Server MacOS

The Apple Network Administrator Toolkit is a set of tools for aiding centralized network management on early Macintosh computers. It also includes later versions of At Ease for Workgroups.

ARCserve Utility Server Windows

ARCserve, from Cheyenne Software Inc., is an enterprise grade backup software for Windows NT.

Argent Quota Server Server Windows

This server utility places and manages limits on the content size of network shares under Windows NT 4. Great for keeping users from hogging the entire file server!

Citrix MetaFrame Server Windows

Citrix MetaFrame is an add-on for Windows Terminal Server that provides Citrix ICA connectivity and additional management tools. Unlike WinFrame, this is not an entire OS.

HyperNet Server MacOS

Hypernet is a multi-user file sharing tool for early Macintosh computers that lets one or more Macintosh act as a file server connecting to multiple clients.

IBM Communications Manager/2 Server OS2

Communications Manager/2 is a server component for OS/2 1.3 that provides connectivity with IBM mainframes and acts as a gateway for OS/2, DOS, and Windows clients.

IBM PC Local Area Network Program Communications Server DOS

The IBM PC Local Area Network Program (1.00 is just named "IBM PC Network Program") is an IBM rebadged version of Microsoft's MS-NET (later Lan Manager). It is a program that lets any workstation on a network share resources, such as drives or printers, with other workstations.

IBM Small Business Suite Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Server Database Windows Linux

IBM Small Business Suite for Linux V1.6 is a Development Platform with a Set of Personal Productivity Tools. It was intended to simplify businesses transitioning to "e-business" by providing a foundation on which users could “webify” their businesses. It includes IBM and Lotus middleware products for Linux and Productivity tools for Windows.

Internet Information Server Server Windows

An HTTP webserver and application server for Windows.

Lotus Domino Communications PIM Server OS2

Lotus Domino, originally called Lotus Notes Server, is the sever software used for Lotus Notes clients. Notes is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool. It was heavily used by large corporations. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino competed against Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Commercial Internet System Server Windows

Previously codenamed "Normandy", Microsoft Commercial Internet System is an all-in-one package of server programs for use by with large commercial web sites. This release of MCIS includes the following components: Commercial Internet System Mail Server (Mail) Commercial Internet System News Server (News) Content Replication System (CRS) Internet Address Book Server (ABS) Internet Chat Server (Chat) Internet Locater Server (ILS) Membership System (MBSE) Membership System Broker (MBSR) Membership System authentication proxy for Netscape Personalization System (MPS) Member Sign-up

Microsoft Exchange Chat PIM Server Windows

Exchange is a proprietary e-mail and groupware server software from Microsoft for Windows Server. The first version publicly sold was Exchange Server 4.0. The number 4.0 was used as it was a replacement for Microsoft Mail 3.x. At release, unlike other desktop/lan e-mail solutions it featured client/server communications rather than using file sharing, used a powerful messaging protocol, and stored all message and address book information in a database. It eventually evolved to include scheduling and many other functions. The Exchange Client (later Microsoft Outlook) supported rich text formatting, and the ability to create such things as e-mail forms.

Microsoft Site Server Server Windows

Microsoft Site Server was an attempt to create a single all-in-one e-commerce management solution. It featured Indexing and Search, Content Management, Product Management, Order Processing, Site Personalization, and Ad Server.

Microsoft Systems Management Server Server Windows

Microsoft SMS Server is a server tool that aids management of large numbers of computers. inventory.

MultiLink Advanced Server DOS

Multilink is a multitasking program that turns an IBM PC XT or PC AT into a multi-user, multitasking system supporting up to eight dumb terminals. A good alternative to XENIX on the PC AT.

Oracle Discoverer Server Windows

Oracle Discoverer is an ad-hock reporting tool used with Oracle databases. It can view and edit data and produce reports and graphs.

Oracle Server Server Database DOS Windows

Oracle Server is an enterprise grade database used in many corporations. Oracle makes current versions of their software avaialble for download, but older versions usually disappear.

Palindrome Network Archivist Server DOS

Palindrome Network Archivist is an enterprise server program to back up Novell NetWare servers onto tape drives.

Presentation Server Server Windows

Presentation Server, from Citrix, is an application virtualization product that allows users to connect to applications on Windows Server remotely.

SharePoint Chat PIM Server Database Windows

Microsoft SharePoint is a Windows Server hosted collabaration tool allowing for document management, custom lists, workflows, wiki-style editing within an organization, web applications and plugins, extranets and intranets.

Worldgroup Server Server Unix

Worldgroup Server is a bulletin board system server.