ACT 2 PLUS Financial DOS

Cougar Mountain Software ACT 2 PLUS is a comprehensive multi-user accounting package. It includes General ledger, accounts receivable and payable, purchase order, order entry, inventory and payroll, check reconciliation. It also features the ability to import and export files, and a modular form set-up allows integration of all modules. It was sold alongside ACT 1 PLUS, the single user version.

BOA HomeBanking with Manging Your Money Financial Windows

This is the proprietary dial up program used with Bank of America's HomeBanking service ~1997. It is bundled with a customized copy of MECA's "Managing Your Money", a financial management program.

BPI Inventory Control Financial DOS

BPI Inventory Control is one of a number of accounting and business management programs produced by BPI Systems, Inc. PBI software was among the more popular management programs during the early 1980s. There were versions for the Apple II, CP/M, and the IBM PC. IBM sold an OEM version along side their IBM PC products under IBM part number 6024030. Receivable, BPI Accounts Payable, BPI Payroll, and more. Software. In 1987 BPI Systems was bought by Computer Associates.

CA-Compete Spreadsheet Financial Windows

CA-Compete! is a graphical, object-based, multi-dimensional modeling and data viewing tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a decision support system (DSS) or executive information system (EIS). Compete! looks and works like a spreadsheet, but is object-based. In other words, you define the names that Compete! uses to identify and locate data in a model. A Compete! model can also contain many more dimensions than the spreadsheet norm of two or three.

CashBIZ Financial DOS

CashBIZ, from M-USA Business Systems, Inc, is a low-cost and low-feature accounting tool for small cash based businesses. It features modules for checks, billing, and receipts, and a number of pre-defined reports.

Checks And Balances Financial DOS

Checks & Balances, by California Digital Engineering, is a fast, powerful, and flexible home accounting package for the IBM PC. It Manages checking, savings, and credit accounts, and prints checks.

DacEasy Accounting Financial Windows

DacEasy was the first company to offer affordable accounting software geared towards the small business. It had gone through many DOS revisions at the time the Windows 1.0 version was released. especially it's POS (Point Of Sale) cash register software. Accounting Principals) Invoicing, Purchase Order, Inventory, Fixed Assets, and Budgeting

Fidelity On line Xpress Financial DOS

Fidelity On line Xpress is an application that enables Fidelity customers to make trades and update their portfolios online.

Finance Manager Financial DOS

Finance Manager, from Human Engineered Software (HESWARE), is an easy to use home-oriented financial program. It can create checks and keep track of multiple account balances. It appears this program was also licensed and sold under the name "Peachtree Home Accountant". There were versions for both the Apple II and IBM PC.

Home Accountant Plus Financial DOS

Home Accountant Plus is personal checkbook program bundled with early PC clones.

IBM Accounting Assistant Series - Inventory Control & Purchasing Edition Financial DOS

The IBM Accounting Assistant Series is a set of accounting and management tools. The series is made up of different modules or "editions". The Accounting Assistant Series targeted small to medium sized businesses, while IBM's "Business Adviser" series targeted large businesses. entries, generating invoices and purchase orders, and producing special reports. Information can be shared with General Accounting, Accounts Receivable & Billing, and Accounts Payable Editions.

IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions Financial DOS

IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions is a set of accounting related productivity templates for use with IBM Filing Assistant 1.0x.

IBM Business Adviser Financial DOS

Inventory Control Edition is one of a series of highly integrated modules or "editions" for IBM's Business Adviser system. management program targeted at large businesses. It was written by BPI for IBM, but is not simply a rebranded BPI product. Inventory Control keeps track of inventory in warehouses supporting different costing methods and generates purchase orders and reports. which must be installed prior to installing this program.

IBM Home Budget Jr Financial DOS

This is a small easy to use home budgeting program optimized for the 128k IBM PCjr. It also supports the IBM PC and XT. Part of the IBM Personal/Home Series.

IBM Personal Financial Planning Financial DOS

Personal Financial Planning is a tool provided by IBM to IBM employees for calculating IBM-provided saving plan investments.

Instant Accounting Financial Windows

Sage Instant Accounting includes comprehensive invoicing, complete vat management, detailed customer records, and powerful reporting.

Interest Vision Professional - Address Book Utility Financial Windows

This is a "fluff" program from Parsons Technology that contains a simple address book/dialer and a loan calculator.

Kiplinger's CA-Simply Money 1.0 Financial Windows

Simply Money is a checkbook and money management program for Windows.

Managing Money with IBM PC Financial DOS

A set of financial calculation programs written in Basic.

Managing Your Money Financial DOS Windows

Managing Your Money is your easy-to-use personal finance manager. MYM has all you'll need to take control of your finances. You can automate your checking account, track credit investments, reduce your debts, plan your savings, decide whether to refinance your mortgage, and much more. You don't have to use all this at first or ever. But it's nice to know its all here when you need it. It is sometimes titled as "Andrew Tobias' Managing Your Money".

Microsoft Money Financial Windows

Microsoft Money is a home oriented financial management tool. It was designed specifically for Microsoft Windows, and was touted as being easier to use. At its release it competed against products such as Quicken. Microsoft Money was discontinued in 2009.

Microsoft Profit Financial DOS

Microsoft Profit was a business accounting system intended to compete against Intuit, Peachtree, and similar products. It was originally created by Great Plains Software for Microsoft. Only the one version was released.

MoneyCounts Financial DOS

MoneyCounts is a simple and powerful personal accounting software program from Parsons Technology. This was popular for PCs in the 80s and in 1995 was sold to Intuit, makers of Quicken.

MoneyPlans Financial DOS

Parsons Technology's MoneyPlans consists of a series of financial calculations intended to assist you in planning your personal financial situation. This includes calculations for Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Education, Retirement, Cash Vs Loan, Leas Vs. Loan, Adjustable Rate Loan, Loan Comparison, CD Comparison, Bond Volatility, and Discount Feasibility.

MyInvoices Financial DOS

MyInvoices, from MySoftware Co., is a simplistic low-cost budget application that generates and stores invoices, tracks sales, fees, and time. It was marketed to service-related business individuals. The product is very narrow in scope, and for example, does not track inventory. "MyLabelmaker" and MyCheckbook"