Ashlar Vellum Graphics Engineering Windows MacOS

Ashlar Vellum is a CAD package for mechanical engineers and designers, that includes the ability to intelligently predict where the user wants to connect the next object. There were both "2D" and "3D" versions.

Autodesk AutoCAD Graphics Engineering DOS Windows Unix MacOS

AutoCAD, from Autodesk and first released in 1982, is a powerful Computer Aided Design tool. It was, and still is, often considered the standard for CAD tools. Primarily for the IBM PC platform, it was ported to x86 machines with higher video resolutions such as the Zenith Z-100 and NEC APC. Intermittently, versions for the Macintosh appeared. Later versions use a dongle copy protection.

CADKEY Graphics Engineering DOS

CADKEY is a 2D/3D mechanical CAD (computer aided design or computer aided drafting) software application released for various DOS, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Originally released for DOS in 1984, CADKEY was among the first CAD programs with 3D capabilities for personal computers.

Cadlogic Instinct Engineering Windows

Instinct is a computer aided design drafting tool designed for Microsoft Windows 1.x.

CircuitMaker Engineering Windows

CircuitMaker, from MicroCode Engineering, is an easy-to-use schematic design and simulation tool. This product was discontinued in 2000 after being bought out by Altium, and is not related to the current software of a similar name.

Claris CAD Engineering MacOS

Claris CAD is a computer aided design program developed in 1988 by Claris Corporation in a joint effort with Craig S. Young of Computer Aided Systems for Engineering (CASE). It was based on MacDraw II and Young's earlier CAD application, EZ-Draft. Version 1 was released in 1989 for Macintosh computers running System Software 6 or later. The initial releases were plagued with bugs, especially with the bundled plotter driver.

DanCAD 3D Engineering DOS

DanCAD is a tool for producing technical line drawings and animations. It is designed for mechanical engineers to analyze and simulate 3d mechanisms, such as complex compound robotics motions. mathematical functions, animation, and PostScript printing.

DesignCAD 2D Graphics Engineering DOS

DesignCAD is a low end, but well featured, drafting program. It was sometime a companion product to DesignCAD 3D.

DesignCAD 3D Graphics Engineering DOS

DesignCAD 3D is a powerful, easy to use, and low cost DOS based CAD program that claimed to have all of the features of the more expensive CAD programs. It competed against low-cost CAD programs such as TurboCAD, Generic CADD, and Drafix. It was sometimes sold alongside DesignCAD 2D

EasyCAD Graphics Engineering DOS

EasyCAD is an easy to use, low cost, 2D CAD program targeted at casual CAD users. EasyCAD features wide range of drawing commands, and a sophisticated programming language similar to AutoCAD's AutoLISP. EasyCAD competed against other low coast 2D programs such as Autodesk AutoSketch. with many more features, but similar appearance to EasyCAD.

EZ-Draft Engineering MacOS

EZ-Draft provides features that are comparable to those available on expensive mainframe CAD systems, at a fraction of the price. Features like automatic dimensioning with or without tolerance data, multi-layering to provide simplified drawing organization, zooming back and forth between a full size drawing and the smallest detail, powerful geometric construction forms like lines, arcs, fillets, chamfers, ellipses, polygons, boxes, hexheads, slots, and splines, the ability to snap to existing reference positions like endpoints, counterpoints or intersections, the ability to use templates from a pre-defined symbol library, the ability to move, copy repeat, mirror or scale a drawn object, extensive annotation capability including notes, labels and balloons, and support for a variety of plotters. EZ-DRAFT also has features unavailable on other PC based drafting systems like dynamic dimensioning, orthogonal and isometric projections, full compliance to ANSI Standard Y14.5 including geometric tolerances and surface finish an extensive selection of trimming excess constructions off the drawing and a full IGES interface so that drawings created on a mainframe CAD system can be down-loaded into EZ-DRAFT. The user friendly Macintosh interface complete with pull-down menus, mouse and interactive graphics helps the drafter quickly become adept at making high quality drawings - even without prior computer experience.

Generic CADD Engineering DOS

Generic CADD, originally from Generic Software, Inc., was a popular low-cost 2D CAD program targeted at casual drafting users. Initially it competed against AutoCAD, and the budget TurboCAD. The original version offered a number of separately purchasable modules.

IBM Architecture And Engineering Series Engineering Unix

The IBM Architecture and Engineering Series (AES) is a complete, high end, integrated, 3D drafting and information system. Developed by the firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) for IBM, this 3D Computer Aided Design system meets the needs of architects, engineers, and builders.

MacDraft Graphics Engineering MacOS

MacDraft is a powerful but easy to use 2D object oriented drawing environment. Supports auto dimensioning, area calculation, rotation, cursor position indicator, and much more while maintaining an appearance similar to Mac Draw. The product was targeted at users that only occasionally used a CAD program.

Proteus Design Suite Engineering DOS

Proteus Design Suite is a circuit design and simulation program.

TurboCAD Graphics Engineering Windows

TurboCAD is a low-cost 2D/3D Computer Aided Design program that competed with AutoCAD and Generic CADD. It was first available for DOS, and later Mac, Windows 3.x, and Windows 9x/NT.

Ultimate Deck and Landscape Engineering Windows

Ultimate Deck and Landscape, from Punch! Software, is a simplified 3D CAD program that enables one to easily design custom deck layouts and landscape layouts. It provides a 3D-rendered view with the ability to "walk around" so you can easily view it from all angles. It can also keep track of general costs for all of the elements used in your design.

VersaCAD Graphics Engineering DOS

First released in 1983 by T & W Systems Inc (later Versacad Corporation) and based on their earlier T-Square product, VersaCAD is a sophisticated professional object design and drawing tool for the IBM PC. It competed heavily against AutoCAD. A very in-depth history of VersaCAD can be found on Cadhistory (PDF Link)

Visual CADD Engineering Windows

Visual CADD is a greatly enhanced version of Generic CADD designed for Microsoft Windows. It was created by Numera Software Corporation, which consisted of many original Generic CADD programmers, after Generic CADD was acquired and then abandoned by AutoDesk. It never regained its popularity and was eventually acquired by Corel and IMSI before finally landing at TriTools. The original developers also created another Generic CADD offshoot called General CADD Pro.

Workview Plus Engineering Windows

ViewLogic WorkView Plus is a high-end Computer Aided Engineering schematic circuit design and simulation program. This software was available for a number of other platforms, such as SUN Sparc. This is one program that needs the manual - it's not the most intuitive software.