Cubasis Media Player MacOS

Cubasis is an entry-level music sequencer and notation program for the Apple Macintosh. It features quantization, music printing, and QuickTime integration.

Finale Media Player Windows

First released in 1988, Finale is a music notation program that lets you compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music. There were versions for both Windows and Macintosh.

InterVideo WinDVD Video Media Player Windows

WinDVD is a DVD Player bundled with many DVD drives for Microsoft windows.

Liquid Motion PRO Media Player Windows

Liquid Motion Pro, from DimensionX Inc., is a powerful drag-and-drop authoring tool that allows you to easily create dynamic Java content for your web-site. Make your pages come alive with animations, interactivity, motion and sound... all with no programming required. capable of running in any browser on any platform that has Java, but requires the download of a large runtime first. bundles until 2000.

MediaBlitz Presentations Media Player Windows

MediaBlitz is a tool for creating "Multimedia" presentations from sound, music, and animation clips. Elements use a time-based organization, you can specify exactly when each item plays and for how long. MediaBlitz can also be used with Asymetrix ToolBook to create interactive presentations.

MusicPrinter Plus Media Player DOS

MusicPrinter Plus, from Temporal Acuity Products, Inc, is a musical notation program for MS-DOS. It supports CGA, EGA, and VGA video as well as MIDI playback.

QuickTime Video Audio Media Player Windows

QuickTime is Apple's Image, Video and Audio framework. QuickTime is freely redistributable, and is provided here only as a convenience. Some applications on Winworld may require that this software be installed first.

Roland Ease Songmaker Software Media Player DOS

Roland EASE is a MIDI music editor and playback program designed specifically for the Roland MT32. It supports a variety of effects, and editing features.

Winamp Audio Media Player Windows

A media player for Windows. It really whips the Llama's ass.

Windows Media Center Video Audio Media Player Windows

A full-screen 10 foot HTPC interface from Microsoft.

Windows Media Player Video Audio Media Player Windows

The media player built-into Windows

WinPlay Audio Media Player Windows

WinPlay3 was the first real-time MP3 audio player for PCs running Windows.

WinSong Composer Media Player Windows

WinSong Composer, first released as Opus Composer in 1987 by Maranatha Systems, Inc, is a music notation program that supports Microsoft Windows 1.x and 2.x. It can also play back music through a music driver program, that apparently in the full version supports MIDI interface devices. which plays back music on the PC Speaker.

XingMPEG Player Media Player Windows

XingMPEG Player is an MPEG video player designed for Windows. It could accelerate video using a Direct Draw video overlay. It was often bundled with video cards.