Cakewalk Audio DOS Windows

Cakewalk is a MIDI music authoring and editing tool. The earlier versions are considered among the best MIDI tools that ever existed. Microsoft Windows. limited music notation and a built-in scripting language called CAL (Cakewalk Application Language). limited functionality OEM-bundled "Express" editions.

Dr. Sbaitso Novelty Audio DOS

Dr. Sbaitso is a simple AI program, similar to the famous "Eliza", that makes use of text-to-speech software. Distributed as a demonstration application with Creative Labs Sound Blaster cards.

DVMpeg Video Audio Windows

DVMpeg, from Darim Vision Co., Ltd, is an MPEG encoder that can convert Windows AVI files to MPEG.

Encore Audio DOS Windows

Encore, from Passport Designs, is a music program that originated on the Atari ST in 1984. It enables writing and editing music using traditional notation format. It can import and export to a number of sources and supports MIDI playback. enable items in the musical score to be added and edited using the mouse.

GoldWave Audio Editor Audio Windows

Audio editor for Windows GoldWave is a digital audio editor for Windows 3.1. It has realtime oscilloscopes, intelligent editing, and numerous effects such as echo, flange, distortion, mechanize, and reverse. The intuitive user interface makes GoldWave easy to learn and use.

MidiSoft Recording Session Audio Windows

MidiSoft Recording Session is a MIDI sequencer that uses a music notation based interface. It was sometimes bundled with sound cards.

Monologue Audio DOS

Monologue is a speech synthesis program that reads text from the screen. Versions exist for both DOS and Windows.

QuickTime Video Audio Media Player Windows

QuickTime is Apple's Image, Video and Audio framework. QuickTime is freely redistributable, and is provided here only as a convenience. Some applications on Winworld may require that this software be installed first.

Ulead MediaStudio Graphics Video Audio Windows

MediaStudio is a suite of multimedia editing tools. It includes a video editor, video capture tool, image editor, sound editor, and morphing tool. Also supports video conversion, batch mode operation, and overlays.

Voyetra Sequencer Audio DOS

Voyetra Sequencer is a popular, powerful, and professional MIDI music recording and editing program. It was often bundled with Sound Blaster sound cards.

Winamp Audio Media Player Windows

A media player for Windows. It really whips the Llama's ass.

Windows Media Center Video Audio Media Player Windows

A full-screen 10 foot HTPC interface from Microsoft.

Windows Media Player Video Audio Media Player Windows

The media player built-into Windows

WinPlay Audio Media Player Windows

WinPlay3 was the first real-time MP3 audio player for PCs running Windows.