12 Months Screen Calendar Utility Windows

12 Month Screen Calendar v1.00 displays the next 12 months on one screen. Distributed as freeware by Command Line Software.

3DNA Utility Novelty Windows

3DNA is a 3D virtual environment shell that presents your computer as a series of 3D video-game like rooms. It features objects that you can set to launch applications, web site previews in the form of a "browser bay", and in-program advertising. It was bundled with some video cards. In many ways it is like a 3d-version of Microsoft Bob, and has a resemblance to Packard Bell Navigator.

4DOS Utility DOS

4DOS is a command line interpreter replacement for command.com that adds many new features.

99/4 Auto Spell-Check Utility Other

99/4 Auto Spell Check, by Dragonslayer ASC, is a spell checker for the TI-99/4A home computer with disk system.

Ad-Aware Utility Windows

Ad-Aware is a spyware/adaware removal tool

Advanced Task Manager Utility Windows

A task manager replacement for Windows 3.1.

Amish System Utilities Utility Windows

The Amish System Utilities for Windows is a set of tools that adds multiple desktops and a "Start"-like desktop launcher menu to Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

Apple Drive Setup Utility MacOS

Drive Setup installs software that your computer uses to work with your hard disk.

Apple PlainTalk Utility MacOS

PlainTalk is the collective name for several speech synthesis (MacinTalk) and speech recognition technologies developed by Apple Inc. In 1990, Apple invested a lot of work and money in speech recognition technology, hiring many researchers in the field. The result was "PlainTalk", released with the AV models in the Macintosh Quadra series from 1993. It was made a standard system component in System 7.1.2, and has since been shipped on all PowerPC and some other 68K Macintoshes.

ARCserve Utility Server Windows

ARCserve, from Cheyenne Software Inc., is an enterprise grade backup software for Windows NT.

AutoRun for Windows Utility Windows

AutoRun for Windows, from AutoSoft, Inc, is a tool for recording and playing back events within the Microsoft Windows environment. This enables you to automate tasks using existing applications from within the Windows GUI. It features the ability to make decisions during playback, and a playback scheduling tool. Time (Aldia Systems), AutoMate Pro (Unisyn) and Internet Agents

Avast Anti-Virus Utility Windows

Avast is a robust and popular anti-virus tool for DOS and Windows. It was sold commercially but offered a free version.

Back-It Utility DOS

Back-It, from Gazelle Systems, is a fast and compact hard disk backup utility. It was sometimes part of OEM system bundles. It was kind of low-end, and changed backup formats between releases but otherwise did what it was supposed to do.

Backup Exec Utility DOS Windows

Backup Exec is an easy to use backup program. It can back up files to floppy disks or certain tape drives. companies including Maynard Electronics, Archive Corp, Quest Development Corporation, Conner Peripherals, Arcada Software, Seagate Technology, Veritas Software, and Symantec. On top of that, Microsoft bundled a version with MS-DOS 6.

BeckerTools Utility Windows

BeckerTools is a set of disk utilities that competed with Norton Utilities and PC-Tools. Version 2.0 Plus for Windows includes a file manager shell, a disk editor, a disk checking tool, a backup utility, a disk defragmenter, and a screen saver.

Bitstream FaceLift Utility Windows

Bitstream FaceLift works with Bitstream scalable typefaces to bring high quality type to Microsoft Windows applications instantly and easily for screen display, dot matrix printers, and laser printer output.

Carbon Copy Utility DOS Windows

Carbon Copy is a remote control desktop program for DOS and later Windows, similar to PCAnywhere. protection. You can not connect to other copies of Carbon Copy if the serial numbers are the same.

CD Creator Utility Windows

Adaptec CD Creator, today sold by Roxio, was a popular a tool for mastering and burning CD images. It was targeted primarily at the home and office markets and often bundled with CD-Burner hardware. Some OEM versions were customized for specific drives. Adaptec also sold a similar, but different, program for Apple Macintosh computers under the name Toast.

Central Point Anti-Virus Utility DOS

Central Point Anti-Virus was a DOS-based antivirus program developed originally by an Israel company, CARMEL Software Engineering Ltd. as "Turbo Anti-Virus", and licensed by Central Point Software Inc. It was the basis for Microsoft's Anti-Virus for DOS and Windows (MSAV and MWAV). In 1994 it was acquired by Symantec Corporation and merged into Norton Antivirus.

Central Point Backup Utility Windows

A powerful and friendly backup utility from Central Point Software, that supports backing up to either floppy disks or tape drives. Central Point Backup features ease of use, speed, detailed backup history, and virus scanning. This product was more commonly found bundled as part of PC-Tools.

Change Directory Plus Utility DOS

Change Directory Plus is a small commercial utility distributed with Softdisk publishing's Big Blue Disk magazine. It indexes all folders on your hard drive, and permits you to change in to a deep subdirectory simply by specifying the final subdirectories name.

CheckIt Utility DOS

CheckIt, from TouchStone Software Corporation, is a diagnostic tool for generic PC/XT/AT compatible computers. It can perform tests on RAM, hard disks, video cards, floppy disks, motherboard resources, and I/O devices. It has an easy to use menu interface but can also run tests non-interactively. It was followed up by the product WINCheckit.

CleanSweep Utility Windows

CleanSweep, from Quarterdeck, is a utility that assists with uninstalling and removing leftover files. It also moves programs from one drive to another, to a backup that can be restored later, or to another computer.

Colorado Backup Utility DOS Windows

Colorado Backup is the software provided with HP Colorado tape drives.

Connectix RAM Doubler Utility Windows MacOS

RAM Doubler is a utility for Windows 3.1 that uses advanced resource management and memory compression techniques to allow more applications to run side by side. It was designed to be simple and easy to use compared to some competing programs. It competed against similar tools such as SoftRam, Hurricane, and MagnaRam