Microsoft Spell Word Processor Utility DOS

Microsoft Spell is a spell checking application intended for use with Microsoft Word 1.x for DOS. You can also use it as a standalone program. Microsoft Spell 1.0 was available for purchase by itself, but later versions were bundled with Microsoft Word for DOS.

Microsoft Voice Utility Windows

Microsoft Voice is a voice recognition system for Microsoft Windows 95/NT.

Microsoft Word Assistant Utility Windows

Microsoft Word Assistant contains a font manager, additional TrueType fonts, additional templates, and clipart. Requires Microsoft Word 6.0.

Monarch Utility DOS Windows

Monarch is an easy to use business tool that extracts data from printed reports and mainframe data files that you can then import in to tools like Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel. Printed reports files are not always formatted in a consistent fashion - they are formatted for people to read, not machines. But this tool makes sorting through all of that easy.

Multi-Job Utility DOS

Multi-Job is a rudimentary multitasking program for IBM PC-DOS 1.10, 2.00 and 2.10. This gives IBM PC and XT users the ability to run multiple simultaneous jobs and switch between them by pressing ALT-Keypad 1, ALT-Keypad 2, and so on. Programs running in the background must not write directly to the screen.

Netware Lite Utility DOS

Netware lite was Novell's low-end networking product. It offered peer-to-peer networking up to 25 machines, used ODI network card drivers, and offered some support for talking to full Novell Netware networks. It was sometimes bundled with DR-DOS.

NeverEnding Disk Utility Windows

NeverEnding Disk (or "NED"), from Sytron, is a personal storage manager that goes beyond just an archiver or backup tool. easily compress or migrate them to external media, and easily find and retrieve them when you need them.

Norton Anti-Virus Utility DOS Windows MacOS

Originally written by Symantec and sold as Symantec Antivrus for Macintosh, it became part of the "Norton" branded products sold by Symantec after they acquired Peter Norton Computing. Norton Anti-Virus became a popular product on DOS, Windows, and Macintosh (SAM was renamed to NAV in 1998) and battled the then-new threat of malicious software. In 2015, Symantec unified their security product lineup under the single "Norton Security" product.

Norton Backup Utility DOS

Norton Backup, from Symantec, is a fast and easy to use backup tool for MS-DOS. The original 1.0 suffered from reliability problems, but these were fixed in 1.1. It does not include a backup scheduler. It competed against backup utilities such as PC Tools Deluxe PC Backup, Taketwo Manager, Gazelle Systems Back-It, Backup Pro, FastBack Plus, and Keep Track Plus.

Norton Commander Utility DOS Windows

Norton Commander is a MS-DOS based file shell that was widely popular due to it's two column design. You could easily copy and move files between one folder or another, execute DOS commands and more. It competed against many other file managers including Gazelle Q-DOS and Xtree

Norton Desktop Utility DOS Windows

Norton Desktop is a powerful desktop shell and file manager bundled with many additional tools. There are versions for both DOS and Microsoft Windows.

Norton NT Tools Utility Windows

Norton NT Tools was a precursor to the Norton Utilities for NT. It does not contain disk utilities associated with the Norton Utilities, but instead includes some of the higher level tools.

Norton SystemWorks Utility Windows MacOS

Norton SystemWorks was a utility software suite by Symantec Corp. It integrates three of Symantec's most popular products – Norton Utilities, Norton CrashGuard and Norton AntiVirus – into one program designed to simplify solving common PC issues. Backup software was added later to high-end editions. SystemWorks was innovative in that it combined several applications into an all-in-one software for managing computer health, thus saving significant costs and time often spent on using different unrelated programs.

Norton Utilities Utility DOS Windows MacOS

The Norton Utilities is a suite of disk and system utilities designed to enhance system performance and stability. It started off as a set of disk utilities written by Peter Norton, and later was sold by Symantec. It competed against Central Point PC Tools and the Mace Utilities.

Omniview Utility

Omniview 386 was a multitasking application manager for DOS produced by Sunny Hill Software in the late 1980's. Version 4.11 was reviewed in the February 13, 1989 issue of InfoWorld.

OPTune Utility CPM

OPTune is a disk optimizer, file system repair tool, and disk tester. It also includes an tool that can change the low-level format sector interleave on MFM/RLL drives, similar to Spinrite.

Outside In Utility DOS

Outside In, from Systems Compatibility Corp, is a TSR file viewer that can copy and paste blocks of text from documents in to DOS applications.

Packard Bell Navigator Utility Other DOS Windows

Packard Bell Navigator is an alternate user interface that replaces the Windows 3.1 Program Manager shell. It presents the content of your computer as a series of rooms.

Partition Commander Utility DOS

Partition Commander is a Wizard based partition and disk utilization tool. It supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, and some Unix file systems.
It runs in real-mode DOS and installs from only two floppy disks. It competed directly against Partition Magic. Memory Commander, a 386 Expanded/Extended Memory Manager.

Partition-It Utility Windows

Partition-It, from Quarterdeck, is a partitioning tool that features a native Windows 95 32-bit application. It was later acquired by Symantec. Partition-It competed against Partition Magic.

PartitionMagic Utility DOS Windows

A tool from PowerQuest, and later Symantec, that enables manipulation of partitions through its own bootable media. PartitionMagic can shrink, grow, or move partitions without the need to backup and restore files in that partition. It supported a variety of file systems, and the core DOS-based parition tool fit on a bootable 1.44mb floppy disk. It was extremely popular, and made installing or removing multiple OSes much easier.

PC Magazine Labs Performance Tests Utility DOS Windows OS2

These disks contain Hardware and Graphics tests from 1990 for Microsoft Windows 2, and OS/2 1.x Presentation Manager.

PC Tools Utility DOS Windows

PC Tools, from Central Point Software, is a system and disk utility suite similar to the Norton Utilities. Central Point also produced a similar set of tools for the Apple Macintosh known as MacTools. Central Point Backup, bundled as part of PC-Tools, was also offered as a standalone product.

PC World PowerBase/Best Of Star-Dot-Star Utility DOS

PC World PowerBase/Best Of Star-Dot-Star is a set of user contributed utilities and tips. These 5.25" floppy disks were distributed alongside the PC-World magazine as a supplement to their long running Star-Dot-Star column.

PC-Fullbak Utility DOS

PC-Fullbak was a small low-cost hard drive backup program that aggressively competed head-on against Fifth Generation Systems Fastback. It was comparatively speedy, and supported appending to existing backups. under the name "PC-FullbakEZ". There were also versions for the Macintosh.