EZ-Tape Utility DOS Windows

EZ-Tape backup system for Windows and DOS.

FastBack Plus Utility DOS

Fastback Plus, by Fifth Generation Systems, Inc, is a backup utility for DOS. Its key feature is that it can read and write both a floppy disk and hard disk at the same time by making use of dual-channel DMA. Combined with speedy data compression, it can make a very fast backup.

FastTrax Utility DOS

FastTrax is a disk optimization program for MS-DOS on IBM PC computers. It rearranges and defragments files to make file access faster.

FileCommand Utility DOS

FileCommand is an alternate DOS shell from IBM. The user interface is based on the IBM 3081/3084 mainframe VM/CMS Fulist/Filelist tool. It provides an on-screen file list, and a command area, but uses its own command set. Although advertised as friendlier DOS shell for general PC users, most users would likely find it confusing unless they had prior experience with Fulist.

FontMinder Utility Publishing Windows

FontMinder, by Dennis Harrington & Costas Kistos, is a font management tool that streamlines the installation and archival of Windows TrueType and Adobe Type Manager fonts.

Fontmonger Utility Windows MacOS

FontMonger, from Ares Software, is a font tool that can convert fonts between many different formats, move characters between fonts, and edit characters. Publisher's Type Foundry](/product/publishers-typefoundry) font editor. At release FontMonger was considered the only practical Windows-based program for modifying fonts. However, it was not considered a professional tool as it lacked kerning and hinting controls.

Fontographer Utility Windows

First introduced in 1986 for the Macintosh, Fontographer is a robust, professional tool for creating or modifying fonts. It supports Postscript, Adobe EPS, and Truetype. It features kerning control, hinting, and other advanced features. Foundry](/product/publishers-typefoundry/).

FontWorks Utility Publishing Other

FontWorks is a utility that prints documents using high quality fonts on a dot-matrix printer. It was commonly sold as a companion product to AppleWorks on the Apple II. It can print sideways, it includes a number of high quality fonts, and includes a font editor.

Ghost Utility DOS

Ghost, originally released in 1995 by Binary Research and later under Symantec with the "Norton" title, is a PC cloning and imaging tool. It can image and restore drives to drives of different sizes, supports many different file systems, and supports many different archiving and communications methods. Ghost 7.5 and earlier support running from DOS. Later versions are Windows-only.

GOfer Utility Document DOS

GOfer is a desktop search tool capable of searching many document formats. It loads as a TSR and can be called while other programs are running. It support multiple word search, operators, and inexact searches. It does not use an index, that makes it slower but requires no additional disk space.

Grammatik Utility DOS MacOS

Grammatik is a standalone grammar checker, and was possibly the first grammar checker for personal computers. Later versions were built in to Word Perfect. It competed against RightWriter.

hDC FileApps Utility Windows

hDC FileApps is a set of five powerful MicroApps to Perform essential File operations quickly and easily. It is related to the Windows 2-based hDC Windows Manager.

hDC FirstApps Utility Windows

hDC FirstApps is a collection of 10 simple "MicroApps". FirstApps includes Alarm Clock, Art Gallery, Auto Save, Character Set, Desktop, Font Viewer, Memory Viewer, Rocks, System Enhancer, and Work Sets. It is essentially a Windows 3 version of the Windows 2-based hDC Windows Manager.

hDC MicroApps Utility Windows

hDC's MicroApps are small desktop accessories invoked through a "MicroApp Manager". The MicroApp Manager adds an extra menu to each application window's system box. The additional menu contains a list of all available "MicroApps". This is essentially a stripped down version of the Windows 2-based hDC Windows Manager.

hDC Windows Express Utility Windows

hDC Windows Express is a "Complete Menu System" shell for Microsoft Windows. The earliest version went under the name"hDC ClickStart", and was for Windows 1.x (Wanted!).

hDC Windows Manager Utility DOS

hDC Windows Manager is a set of small desktop utilities that enhance the way the Windows 2 GUI works. It includes an alarm clock, auto save automator, a screen saver, font viewer, memory usage viewer, automatic window cascading/tiling, it can set a mono bitmap as a desktop background, and it can store "sets" of applications to open all at once. menu shell, and hDC Color, a tool that lets Windows 2 VGA use all 16 colors instead of just 8.

Helix Headroom Utility DOS

Headroom is a memory manager, TSR manager, and application switcher for DOS. It enables you to load many TSR programs at once without using extra base memory. It can load unload TSRs at any time in any order, and even improves compatibility with older TSRs.

Hurricane Utility Windows

Hurricane is a utility that speeds up Windows 3.1 and 95 on hardware of the time. It enhances memory management, expands the GDI heaps, improves disk caching, manages the lower 1MB memory, and accelerates XMS access. Depending on the system, programs can launch faster and more programs may run at the same time. competed against similar tools such as Connectix RAM Doubler, SoftRam, and MagnaRam. Some of these products produced little or even no benefit. However, by most accounts, Hurricane 98 was one of the few that delivered on its promises.

IBM AntiVirus Utility DOS OS2

Anti-virus software from IBM. Compared to other anti-virus products of the time, the user interface is rather clunky and not the most intuitive.

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System Utility Communications Education DOS

IBM Classroom LAN Administration System is a set of education oriented network administration utilities. courseware and 400 office utilities. This version requires Novell NetWare 3.12 server.

IBM Diskette Librarian Utility DOS

IBM Diskette Librarian is a small database that keeps track of your files across multiple floppy disks.

IBM Document Retrieval Assistant Utility DOS

IBM Document Retrieval Assistant is a tool that enables you to easily search through a large number of documents for specified keywords. It is designed to work with documents produced with any of the IBM Assistant Series applications.

IBM Fixed Disk Organizer Utility DOS

IBM Fixed Disk Organizer is a simple menu program for DOS. It was marketed by IBM for use on their IBM XT. Using this shell, you will no longer have to repeatedly muddle through DOS commands to get to your commonly accessed applications. You can customize your menu items, and organize them in customizable categories. It also lets you set a password for menu items, and you may customize the screen colors. While there were many, many better menuing programs produced for DOS, Fixed Disk Organizer was a standard IBM offering.

IBM Personal Print Control Utility DOS

Personal Print Control consists of a DOS based print spooler that runs in the background while you run other applications, and a controller TSR that you can bring up from within other programs to manage the spooler. It features the ability to print multiple copies directly from the spooler, recovery from printer errors, and printer formatting control code management.

IBM Personal System/2 Software Sampler Utility DOS

The IBM Personal System/2 Software Sampler is a set of tiny and fairly useless sample applications bundled with some IBM PS/2 computers. It includes three disks, Education, Entertainment, and Personal Productivity.