Labelwriter Utility DOS

Labelwriter is an inexpensive, self contained, and easy to use database program just for printing business or customer mailing address labels. Labelwriter combines the essential information-handling features you need with versatile printing options to make it easy to maintain and print business mailing lists on self-adhesive, continuous-form labels with your PC's printer.

Lightning Utility DOS

Lightning disk cache, from Personal Computer Support Group, is one of the earlier disk caching programs for MS-DOS IBM PCs and compatibles. It supports read and write caching of both floppy and hard disk drives, and can use EMS memory. as smaller name programs such as Super PC-Kwik.

Lotus Magellan Utility Document DOS

Magellan was a desktop file viewer and search tool. It indexes all files on your hard drive, and you can search for related information across file formats.

Lotus Metro Utility PIM DOS

Lotus Metro is a set of resident desktop management tools similar to Borland Sidekick or Popcorn desktop. Metro includes an appointment book, phone book, scheduler, calculator, clipboard, and a text editor. A user can call up these tools while almost any other DOS program is running. In addition to performing small tasks without exiting their primary program, Metro can copy information from or to the screen. It also include macro functionality for automating tasks comparable to Borland SuperKey. It was primarily targeted at existing users of Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus Symphony.

MacDrive 95 Utility Windows

MacDrive 95 is a system driver for Windows 95 that seamlessly reads and writes 1.44mb formatted Macintosh floppy disks. Note: this only works on 1.44mb disks, not 400K/800K disks.

Mace Utilitites Utility DOS

The Mace Utilities, from Paul Mace Software, is a suite of disk and system tools similar to the Norton Utilities and PC-Tools. Notable features in included the ability to undelete files, recover re-formatted disks, a defragmenter, and disk caching software. In 1989, Paul Mace Software Inc sold the Mace Utilities to 5th Generation Systems. After "Mace Express" in 1991, the product seemed to vanish?

Macro Pro Utility Windows

Macro Pro is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) program that provides a high-level language to perform G-code operations in a more simplified form. version of v3.1 is downloadable from the Internet Archive, under their Download page.

MacTools Utility MacOS

Central Point MacTools is a set of disk utilities similar to Central Point PC Tools for the Apple Macintosh. It includes a file system repair tool, disk optimizer, anti virus, hex editor, and more. MacTools 4.0 Pro was the final version after Central Point was bought out by Symantec.

MagnaRAM Utility Windows

MagnaRAM, from Quarterdeck Corporation, is a utility that speeds up virtual memory swapping by compressing swap memory, maintaining a swap "buffer", and making use of unused disk cache memory. Unlike some similar products, this one reportedly does something. It competed against similar tools such as SoftRam, Hurricane, and RAM Doubler.

Memory Commander Utility DOS

Memory Commander, from V Communications, Inc, is a memory manager similar to QEMM or 386MAX, but can expand the DOS base memory beyond 640K with some kinds of applications.

MenuWorks Utility DOS

MenuWorks, from PC Dynamics, Inc., Allows you to create custom DOS menus and sub-menus to organize programs.

METZ File FX Utility Windows

METZ File F/X is an enhanced file manager and task manager for Windows 3.0. It includes file searching tools, and a built in screen saver. The task manager includes a customizable menu from where you can start applications.

MG Advanced Diagnostic Utility Other

MG Advanced Diagnostic is a floppy disk editor and diagnostic tool. Released in 1985 by Millers GraphicsFor the TI-99/4a with CorComp 9900 disk controller

Micrografx Portfolio Utility Graphics Windows

Micrografx Portfolio is a Windows 1.x preview and clipboard tool for use with Micrografx Clip art. It previews clipart on the screen and lets the user copy items to the clipboard, or export them to Micrografx Windows Draw and Micrografx InAVision.

Micrografx Windows Convert Utility Windows

Micrografx Windows Convert is a simple utility program that converts between Micrografx In-A-Vision/Designer .PIC files and AutoDesk AutoCad drawing exchange .DXF files. Includes a Windows 2.1/286 runtime.

Microsoft MS-DOS Manager Utility DOS

MS-DOS Manager is a friendly file manager shell provided through OEMs for use with MS-DOS 3.x. It was bundled with systems from Zenith, 3COM, and others. It is similar in operation to the Windows 1.x and 2.x MS-DOS Executive. single or split screen file list (but no drag-and-drop), files may be viewed with details or as a compact list, supports associating file type with external applications, and programs installed on your computer are easily added to an "Applications" dropdown menu.

Microsoft Office Manager Utility Windows

Microsoft Office Manager contains the Office Toolbar, several toolbar tools, and Cue Cards. This is for use with independently packaged applications from the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Plus! Utility Novelty Windows

Microsoft Plus! was an add-on package to Windows that added desktop themes, screen savers, sound effects, power-toys, and other assorted goodies for the home user. Plus! 95 also included Internet Explorer 1.0, which was not included in all Windows 95 distributions.

Microsoft Spell Word Processor Utility DOS

Microsoft Spell is a spell checking application intended for use with Microsoft Word 1.x for DOS. You can also use it as a standalone program. Microsoft Spell 1.0 was available for purchase by itself, but later versions were bundled with Microsoft Word for DOS.

Microsoft Voice Utility Windows

Microsoft Voice is a voice recognition system for Microsoft Windows 95/NT.

Microsoft Word Assistant Utility Windows

Microsoft Word Assistant contains a font manager, additional TrueType fonts, additional templates, and clipart. Requires Microsoft Word 6.0.

Monarch Utility DOS Windows

Monarch is an easy to use business tool that extracts data from printed reports and mainframe data files that you can then import in to tools like Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel. Printed reports files are not always formatted in a consistent fashion - they are formatted for people to read, not machines. But this tool makes sorting through all of that easy.

Netware Lite Utility DOS

A Netware client for DOS

NeverEnding Disk Utility Windows

NeverEnding Disk (or "NED"), from Sytron, is a personal storage manager that goes beyond just an archiver or backup tool. easily compress or migrate them to external media, and easily find and retrieve them when you need them.

Norton Anti-Virus Utility MacOS DOS Windows

Originally written by Symantec and sold as Symantec Antivrus for Macintosh, it became part of the "Norton" branded products sold by Symantec after they acquired Peter Norton Computing. Norton Anti-Virus became a popular product on DOS, Windows, and Macintosh (SAM was renamed to NAV in 1998) and battled the then-new threat of malicious software. In 2015, Symantec unified their security product lineup under the single "Norton Security" product.