Abacus Time and Date PIM Windows

Time and Date, published by Abacus Software originally from Data Becker, is a small easy to use personal information manager for Windows 3.1. It can keep track of your calendar, address, notes, holidays and more.

ACT! PIM DOS Windows

ACT!, or "Activity Control Technology", originally from Conductor Software, and later Contact Software and then Symantec, is an easy to use business relationship management system targeted at traveling sales professionals. It can track things like billable time and expenses.

AnyTime PIM DOS Windows

AnyTime, from Individual Software, is a personal information manager that helps you keep track of day-to-day appointments, events, and to-do items. You can keep a list of family, friends, and business contacts using the Address Book.

At Your Service PIM Windows

At Your Service is a talking schedule/reminder program. It presents your reminders with a talking butler character. It was designed for multimedia systems with sound cards, such as the Media Vision Thunder Board. The Thunder Board was a rather uncommon clone of the Creative Labs Sound Blaster.

Business Contact Manager PIM Windows

An add-on for Microsoft Outlook

Calendar Creator Plus Novelty PIM DOS Windows

Calendar Creator Plus from Vermont Creative Software/Power Up, and later Spinnaker Software, is a tool for creating printed calendars with different styles and custom lists of events.

Claris Organizer PIM MacOS

Claris Organizer is an easy to use personal information management (PIM) program for the classic Mac OS. It integrates calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes in to one small lightweight application. It has a variety of flexible print option and can print mailing labels. It competed with the Apple Newton PDA. Claris Organizer was praised for its small size and well thought out interface. It was sold to Palm when Claris was broken up, and was used as the basis for the Palm Desktop for Mac.

Expresso Calendar and Address Book PIM Windows

Expresso is a budget Personal Information Manager from Berkeley Systems, makers of the After Dark Screensaver series. Expresso provides modules for managing Calendars, Notes, Address Books, and To-Do Lists. It also includes a selection of colorful visual themes and alarms with sound effects.

FastFilr PIM DOS

FastFilr is a simple addressbook for DOS. It features fast lookup, and the ability to print labels and reports. little information about them out there. They also sold a product called "The Screen Generator", a screen designer/manager for use with a number of programming languages.

Get Organized Word Processor Communications PIM DOS

Get Organized is a bare-bones integrated tool that includes a word processor, address book, index card file, notepad, calculator, calendar, and simplistic telecommunications. It was targeted at high end home users and low end business users.

GoldMine PIM Windows

GoldMine is a desktop based customer relationship management (CRM) program. GoldMine automates every aspect of your business, including contact and calendar management lead tracking, sales forecasting, and marketing via the Internet. With Remote Synchronization, GoldMine gives you access to the most current contact information while you're working in the field. GoldMine helps you turn your contacts into gold. Its features enable you to view your calendars by day, week, month, or year, schedule meetings, calls and to-dos, use pop-up alarms for important events, stay in touch with anyone, from anywhere at anytime, know who makes decisions at your accounts, track your customer contact histories, forecast and analyze your sales, profile accounts with Opportunity Manager, and Execute marketing strategies with Automated Processes.

IBM Current PIM Database Windows

IBM Current 1.00 is a very useful Personal Information Manager designed for Microsoft Window 2.x. It contains a calendar, address book, phone dialer, outliner, text editor and can create Gantt charts for project tracking. It is highly customizable, and acts as a database where you can create categories with custom fields, custom entry form layouts, and even "connect" related fields between categories. On top of that, it features built in topic and context-sensitive help. Managers for Microsoft windows.

IBM Lotus Symphony Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations PIM Windows

IBM Lotus Symphony is a suite of applications for creating, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, presentations and other documents and browsing the world wide web. IBM Lotus Symphony is virtually unrelated to the original Lotus Symphony.

IBM Time Manager PIM DOS

IBM Time Manager is a rudimentary scheduling application for the IBM PC. It lets you keep a calendar for an entire year, schedule items, make notes, set priority, and produce certain kinds of totals.

InfoCentral PIM DOS

InfoCentral is Personal Information Manager that can create and store outlines, calendars, contacts, and todo lists using an object-oriented tree structure. It features a customizable database, can "connect" to information from other windows programs, a built-in dialer, and bundles several pre-populated reference "ibases". purchased by Novell, and later owned by Corel. It was initially part of WordPerfect's "Main Street" software family. Software Inc Ecco Professional.

Lotus Agenda PIM DOS

Agenda is DOS based Personal Information Manager that features customizable categories, and many data retrieval features. It was criticized for not being easy to use and lacking features found in other PIMs. It was replaced by Lotus Organizer.

Lotus Domino Communications PIM Server OS2

Lotus Domino, originally called Lotus Notes Server, is the sever software used for Lotus Notes clients. Notes is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool. It was heavily used by large corporations. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino competed against Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Lotus Metro Utility PIM DOS

Lotus Metro is a set of resident desktop management tools similar to Borland Sidekick or Popcorn desktop. Metro includes an appointment book, phone book, scheduler, calculator, clipboard, and a text editor. A user can call up these tools while almost any other DOS program is running. In addition to performing small tasks without exiting their primary program, Metro can copy information from or to the screen. It also include macro functionality for automating tasks comparable to Borland SuperKey. It was primarily targeted at existing users of Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus Symphony.

Lotus Notes Communications PIM Windows MacOS

Lotus Notes is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool. It was heavily used by large corporations. It was sometimes criticized for its complexity and bloat. Notes is a client server tool, and uses the Lotus Domino server (originally just called Lotus Notes server). Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino competed against Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

Lotus Organizer PIM Windows

A personal information manager from Lotus for Windows. Organizer was a Windows-based replacement for the DOS-based Lotus Agenda. Lotus Organizer was the most popular PIM during the mid 1990s.

Lotus SmartSuite Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations PIM Database Windows OS2

IBM/Lotus SmartSuite is an office suite from Lotus software for Windows and OS/2. SmartSuite includes SmartCenter, 1-2-3, Word Pro, Freelance Graphics, Approach, Organizer, and ScreenCam.

Microsoft Exchange Chat PIM Server Windows

Exchange is a proprietary e-mail and groupware server software from Microsoft for Windows Server. The first version publicly sold was Exchange Server 4.0. The number 4.0 was used as it was a replacement for Microsoft Mail 3.x. At release, unlike other desktop/lan e-mail solutions it featured client/server communications rather than using file sharing, used a powerful messaging protocol, and stored all message and address book information in a database. It eventually evolved to include scheduling and many other functions. The Exchange Client (later Microsoft Outlook) supported rich text formatting, and the ability to create such things as e-mail forms.

Microsoft Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Publishing PIM Database Windows MacOS

Microsoft Office is a bundle of Microsoft's productivity application. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and later Mail, Office Manager, and Outlook. The "1.x" versions of Microsoft Office were simply a marketing bundle of the standalone products sold together with no other packaging changes. Even though these were distinct applications, rather than one single monolithic program, they shared a similar user interface, integrated well together and shared the ability to embed documents from one application in the documents of another.

Microsoft Outlook Communications PIM Windows

Microsoft Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express) is an enterprise grade e-mail client. It is primarily intended for use with Microsoft Exchange Server. It was available as both a stand-alone product and as part of Microsoft Office.

PFS:WindowWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications PIM Database Windows

PFS WindowWorks, from Spinnaker Software and Ancier Technologies, is an integrated all-in-one office application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, chart editor, telecommunications, database, label maker and address book. Supposedly it was the first of such office suites for Windows 3.0, but soon competed with Microsoft Works for Windows. for Windows"](/product/better-working-eight).