AOLPress Editor Document Windows

AOL Press 2.0 is a Windows based what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor from AOL. It competed with other HTML Cuisinarts such as Microsoft Front Page.

Brief Editor DOS

Brief is a text editor primarily aimed at programmers and designed to edit source code. Originally written by UnderWare Inc., and briefly sold under Solutions System / SLR Systems, Brief was later sold under Borland. Features included multiple windows, regular expression searching, extremely large file support, and high customizability.

IBM Personal Editor Editor DOS

This is a rudimentary text editor sold by IBM for the IBM PC. It runs with only 64K of RAM and a single sided floppy drive under PC-DOS 1.x. This later evolved in to the IBM "E" Editor.

IBM Professional Editor Word Processor Editor DOS

Professional Editor is an early editor for the IBM PC. It makes extensive use of function keys, has user definable macros, and can work with files larger than available RAM. You WILL need to read the manual to use this!

Norton Editor Editor DOS

The Norton Editor is a text editor targeted at programmers and power users. It features the ability to edit files of any size, supports very long lines, automatic indentation, and compressed display. It supports executing DOS commands from inside the program, and is very configurable.

QEdit Editor DOS

SemWare's QEdit is a powerful, highly responsive, and scriptable text-mode editor. It was also distributed as shareware. It competed with programs like Borland Brief.

VEDIT Word Processor Editor DOS

VEDIT, from CompuView, is an extremely powerful, flexible, and customizable editor designed for power users and programmers. It can handle extremely huge files. It has a programmable command mode that can be used to automatically perform complex operations on files. It features a completely customizable keyboard layout and special features for editing programming language source files. operating systems including CP/M-80, CP/M-86, and MS-DOS, and supported a large number of terminal types.

WordMaster Editor CPM

WordMaster is a low-cost but powerful text editor for CP/M-80. This product pre-dated WordStar, but was only designed as a text editor, not a full blown word processor.

WordPerfect Library Utility Editor PIM DOS

WordPerfect Library, introduced in 1986 and later renamed WordPerfect Office (not to be confused with Corel's Windows office suite of the same name), was a package of DOS network and stand-alone utility software for use with WordPerfect. The package included a DOS menu shell and file manager, whose macros allowed text to be moved from one program to another (for example, from WordPerfect to Calendar, and vice versa), a do-all editor, apparently that of Wordperfect 3.0, which could edit binary files as well as WordPerfect or Shell macros, calendar, and a general purpose flat file database program that could be used as the data file for a merge in WordPerfect and as a contact manager.

WordPerfect Office (Groupware) Utility Editor PIM DOS

WordPerfect Office, from WordPerfect Corp, is a groupware utility that includes a menu shell, text editor, calendar, calculator, notebook, and file manager. It is unrelated to the later Corel office suite by the same name. Earlier versions were known as WordPerfect Library.