CalcStar Spreadsheet DOS CPM

CalcStar is a spreadsheet from MicroPro, somewhat like VisiCalc but using commands similar to WordStar. You can also format content similar to WordStar. It was available for CP/M and DOS, and often part of early 80s system's bundled software.

DR Draw Graphics DOS CPM

DR Draw is a shape-based drawing program that uses Digital Research's GSX graphics library, making it portable across CP/M and DOS architectures with different video systems.

DR Graph Presentations DOS CPM

DR Graph is a business graphics creation program. It can create line, bar, pie, and scatter graphs and print them on a graphics printer. DR Graph is implemented using Digital Research's GSX graphics library, and can run on many different platforms.

GrafTalk Presentations Graphics CPM

GrafTalk is a business graphics package for CP/M systems. It can generate pie charts, line plots, symbol plots, composite plots, text, and color. It was considered "easy" to use, with menus, but also features a powerful command line interface.

GraphPlan Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics CPM

GraphPlan, from Chang Labs, is an integrated spreadsheet/business graphics package that turns numbers into presentation-quality graphics - instantly. Historically important as being among the early "integrated" spreadsheet/graphing packages, and it uses Digital Research's GSX, a core graphics system that evolved in to GEM.

Graphstation Presentations Graphics CPM

Graphstation, from Signature Information Systems, is a graphing application for making business presentations.

IBM Asynchronous Communications Support Communications CPM

IBM Asynchronous Communications Support contains a rudimentary telecommunications terminal emulation program written in IBM BASIC. It was provided alongside IBM PCs and the IBM asynchronous communications adapter (serial port card).

InfoStar Database DOS CPM

InfoStar, by MicroPro, a business-application- development system designed specifically for nonprogrammers, provides easy-to-use on-screen menus that guide users through each step of data entry-form design and detailed report generation. within the report and allows users to incorporate data from multiple files. Other features include a form generator and a sorting facility.

OPTune Utility CPM

OPTune is a disk optimizer, file system repair tool, and disk tester. It also includes an tool that can change the low-level format sector interleave on MFM/RLL drives, similar to Spinrite.

Peachtree Mailing List Manager Utility CPM

Peachtree Mailing List Manager, from Peachtree Software Incorporated, is a mailing list manager included with Peachtree software bundles.

Select Word Processor Word Processor CPM

The Select Word Processor, from SELECT Information Systems, Inc., is a word processor for generic CP/M-80 based systems. There were also versions for MS-DOS and CP/M-86.

Spellbinder Word Processor DOS CPM

Spellbinder, from Lexisoft and later Ltec Inc, is a word processing program originally created for CP/M and OASIS operating systems and eventually competed with WordStar. It was designed as a work-alike of the NBI Word Processing system and featured spell checking, grammar checking, footnotes, two-column print, proportional printing, and macro programming language. It was bundled with machines from Eagle Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox.

SuperCalc Spreadsheet Graphics DOS CPM

SuperCalc was a spreadsheet application published by Sorcim in 1980, and originally bundled (along with WordStar) as part of the CP/M software package included with the Osborne 1 portable computer. It quickly became the de facto standard spreadsheet for CP/M and was ported to MS-DOS in 1982. It competed against spreadsheets such as VisiCalc, Multiplan. and Lotus 1-2-3.

SuperSort Utility CPM

SuperSort is a set of high speed sort utilities often sold along side MicroPro products (WordStar, CalcStar, DataStar, etc)

Ultracalc Spreadsheet CPM

Ultracalc, from Lattice Inc, is an electronic spreadsheet program that was available for CP/M, DOS, and Unix. It includes an algebraic expression analyzer that supports 11 operators and 22 functions. The system employs a menu-driven format and includes an extensive set of prompts, on-line help and error messages. Ultracalc is written in C and was considered highly portable.

Valdocs Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications CPM

Valdocs is an office suite that was bundled with the Epson QX-10 (and later QX-16) Z80 based computer. It was "WYSIWYG" in that it could display different fonts of different sizes in the editor on the screen. It could also embed images in the document, and print the document to a graphics printer.

WordMaster Editor CPM

WordMaster is a low-cost but powerful text editor for CP/M-80. This product pre-dated WordStar, but was only designed as a text editor, not a full blown word processor.

WordStar Word Processor DOS CPM Windows

WordStar, originally from MicroPro, was a popular word processor during the early 80s. It was ported to a number of CP/M architectures as well as Unix and PC/MS-DOS. It competed directly against many word processors, including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word for DOS, and Multimate. By the late 80s most business word processing had moved to WordPerfect. In the early 90s, Microsoft Word for Windows took over.