CA-SuperProject Planning DOS

CA-SuperProject is a project management program for DOS. SuperProject is designed to help you plan and carry out successful projects. Its many features satisfy a wide range of project management needs and experience levels. It competed against Microsoft Project, and Breakthrough Software Timeline

Harvard Total Project Manager Planning DOS

Total Project Manager, from Harvard Software Inc., is a project management and scheduling program for IBM PC and compatibles running DOS. control all facets of your work . It helps you design projects, track them, predict their costs and resource needs well in advance, use time and money efficiently, and produce regular and informative reports of all sorts ."

Microsoft Project Planning DOS Windows MacOS

Microsoft Project is a project management chart and gantt chart generator. It is a Microsoft Office family member, and built on the Office code, although it has never shipped with any Office suite.

Microsoft Team Manager Planning Windows

Team Manager 97 is a business groupware tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Project. It tracks tasks, assignments, to-do lists, and records status reports. Similar functionality was later part of Microsoft Sharepoint.

Project Manager Workbench Planning DOS

"The Workbench is a decision support system designed specifically for a project manager's own use when planning and controlling projects in which resources are a major consideration. Its primary goals are to increase your productivity by automating lengthy and tedious calculations associated with balancing of resources, networking, costing, etc., enhance your responsiveness to changing conditions by allowing you to modify and reconfigure plans quickly, and improve the quality of your planning by enabling you to produce plans that are both detailed and current. The Workbench helps you achieve these goals. The Workbench integrates Gantt charts, dependency networks, resource spreadsheets and text. Therefore, you have all the tools required to plan and control projects." optional communications module.

Time Line Planning DOS Windows

A once popular, powerful, easy to use project management program first released in 1984 from Breakthrough Software. Has unlimited number of tasks, dependencies, resources, and cost categories. It competed against Microsoft Project, and CA-SuperProject. Breakthrough Software merged with Symantec in 1987. The final version was 6.x for Windows.

VisiSchedule Planning DOS

VisiSchedule, from VisiCorp, is a project task scheduling program for IBM PCs running DOS. It competed against early versions of Microsoft Project for DOS.