VisiCorp VisiCalc was the original spreadsheet program for the IBM PC, Apple II, and Atari 800 computers. It was later overtaken by Lotus 1-2-3.

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Note: This software is copy protected. The "Files" folder contains an unprotected version that is ready to run. The Images folder contains a Copy II PC/Snatchit and Transcopy image that will recreate an original 160k disk with the copy protection intact.

The Images folder also contains a raw 160k disk image with a different unprotect that will permit you to run VisiCalc in an emulator. This enables you to boot the disk directly, which contains PC-DOS 1.1, and use both 80-column VisiCalc and 40-column VisiCalc.

SuperCard Pro and Kryofux images have also been added.


Category: Software Application
Platform: DOS
Release: 1982
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: 256 KB
Disk Space: 160 KB
Required CPU: 8088
Type: Graphical


Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
VisiCalc 1.1  1.1 563.31 KB English x86 File Archive
VisiCalc 1.1 (Kryoflux)  1.1 8.23 MB English x86 5.25" Floppy
VisiCalc 1.1 (SCP)  1.1 1.91 MB English x86 5.25" Floppy
VisiCalc 1.1.Manual PDF  1.1 30.73 MB English x86 File Archive