VisiCalc IV

VisiCorp VisiCalc was the original spreadsheet program for the IBM PC, Apple II, and Atari 800 computers. It was later overtaken by Lotus 1-2-3.

VisiCalc IV, from VisiCorp, adds graphing, sorting, arranging columns, and keysaver macros.

It does this by including StretchCalc. StretchCalc was a third party VisiCalc add-on from Multisoft Corp that added this functionality to previous VisiCalc versions.

This is believed to be the last version from VisiCorp.

Installation instructions

This archive contains one 320K floppy disk image in Copy 2 PC + Snatchit, Transcopy, Kryoflux, and SuperCard Pro format.

Important: This software contains copy protection, and no unprotect is known to exist. To recreate a functional disk, you must use one of the included formats to write it.

Works with DOS 1.1 or higher.

Product type
Application Spreadsheet
Release date
Sat Nov 19 1983
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
VisiCalc IV v2.0 (5.25) IV V2.0 English x86 5¼ Floppy 794.69KB
VisiCalc IV v2.0 (Kryoflux) IV v2.0 English x86 5¼ Floppy 5.64MB
VisiCalc IV v2.0 (SCP) IV v2.0 English x86 5¼ Floppy 1.77MB
VisiCalc IV v2.0 Manuals IV v2.0 English x86 5¼ Floppy 90.68MB


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