Parsons MoneyPlans Financial DOS

MoneyPlans consists of a series of financial calculations intended to assist you in planning your personal financial situation. This includes calculations for Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Education, Retirement, Cash Vs Loan, Leas Vs. Loan, Adjustable Rate Loan, Loan Comparison, CD Comparison, Bond Volatility, and Discount Feasibility.

Peachtext 5000 Word Processor Financial Database DOS

PeachText 5000 is a complete personal productivity system for word processing, financial modeling, mailing lists and simple database management. It contains a thesaurus, spell checker, and file conversion tools.

Peachtree Complete Accounting Financial Windows DOS

Peachtree Complete Accounting is a complete accounting solution for small businesses.

Peachtree Inventory Management Financial DOS

Peachtree Inventory Management is a business accounting tool for tracking sales inventory.

Phasar Financial DOS

Phasar is an easy to use, low cost "budget" home accounting system, and register for DOS.

QuickBooks Financial DOS Windows

First introduced in 1992, QuickBooks from from Intuit, is an easy to use accounting and bookkeeping program targeted at small businesses and accounting novices. It features check writing, accounts payable and receivable, invoices, cash flow forecasting, and reporting. It provides more functionality than the home-user based Quicken.

Quicken Financial DOS Windows

Quicken, from Intuit, is a financial management tool for home users. It was first released in 1984 for DOS and later ported to Apple II, Macintosh, and Windows. Intuit also provided a more powerful product, QuickBooks, for small businesses.

Quicken Financial Planner Financial Windows

Quicken Financial Planner is a step-by step program that analyzes your finances, determines how much money you need to retire, how much you should save, advise you in ways to invest, and how to track your progress.

QuickPay Financial DOS

Intuit QuickPay is a payroll management tool that works on top of Quicken. It Includes customizable payroll account/category names, tracking of emplyees' work, sick and vacation hours.

Sage Accountant Plus Financial DOS

Sage was, and still is, a UK based leader in accounting and financial software. Accountant Plus was a lower end general purpose accounting package targeted at small businesses.

Simply Accounting Financial Windows

Simply Accounting is a complete general accounting package targeted as small businesses. Includes General Ledger, Purchases and Payments, Sales and Receipts, Payroll, Inventory Control, and Project Costing functionality.

Smart Shop Financial Database DOS

Smart Shop, from Smart Shop Software, Inc. is a shop management database system for DOS.

The T.Rowe Price Variable Annuity Anlyzer Financial Windows

This is a promotional utility for Windows 3.1 distributed by T.Rowe Price, an investment management firm. You feed it your financial information and it computes your optimal retirement plan based on services provided by T.Rowe Price.

Turbo Tax Financial DOS

Turbo Tax, from ChipSoft, was a program that assists people in filing their tax returns.