MacPaint 1.x

MacPaint was designed as a simplified, easy to use raster/bit-mapped paint program, and was sold along side the original 1984 Apple Macintosh. A historically notable feature was its ability to copy and past images to and from other applications such as MacWrite. The final 2.0 version was released and maintained under Claris.

The user interface inspired many clone products, such as Apple's own Mousepaint (AppleII) Broderbund's Dazzle Draw (Apple II), Mouse Systems' PC Paint (PC), IBM's Color Paint (PCJr), Logitech's PaintShow Plus, and ZSoft PC Paintbrush (PC).

At release, MacWrite and MacPaint were basically the only software available for the Macintosh. As such, they were influential in defining what the Macintosh was and how users interacted with it.

Apple also bundled a guided tour of MacPaint and MacWrite.

Installation instructions

Important: MacPaint 1.0 will ONLY run on Macintosh 128k, 128ke, 512k, and 512ke machines. It will not run on a Macintosh Plus or later. If you attempt to do so, you will receive the error "There is not enough room in memory for MacPaint".

Product type
Application Graphics
Release date
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Apple MacPaint 1.0 (Jan 1984) (3.5-400k) 1.0 English m68k 3½ Floppy 168.24KB
Apple MacPaint 1.3 (MacWrite 2.20) (May 1984) (3.5-400k) 1.3 English m68k 3½ Floppy 173.99KB
Apple MacPaint 1.3 (May 1984) (3.5-400k) 1.3 English m68k 3½ Floppy 114.9KB
Apple MacPaint 1.4 (Aug 1984) (3.5-400k) 1.4 English m68k 3½ Floppy 354.32KB
Apple MacPaint 1.5 (3.5-400k) 1.5 English m68k 3½ Floppy 147.93KB
Apple MacPaint 1.x Manual (030-0848-D) (1983) 1.x English m68k Archive 6.43MB


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