Adobe Premiere Video Windows MacOS

Originally developed for the Mac, Adobe Premiere is a tool for editing videos.

Adobe PressReady Publishing Windows

Adobe PressReady is a professional printing and proofing tool that was aimed for selected inkjet printers to allow better color reproduction from screen to print. Requires Windows 95/98 with at least 48 MB RAM, otherwise NT 4.0 with 64 MB RAM. Supported printer models were: Canon BJC-8500, Epson Stylus Color 800, 850, 1520, and 3000, and HP DeskJet 895C, 1120C, and 2000C. The choice of printers were supposedly what inkjet printers graphic designers were using at the time.

Adobe Streamline Graphics Publishing Windows

Adobe Streamline is an image conversion and manipulation tool that aids conversion of bit-mapped images in to PostScript line art for use in tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe TypeAlign Publishing Windows

Adobe TypeAlign is a tool for modifying the shape of text. You can use this to produce various visual effects such as warping or twisting. You can then export the results to vector files that you can import in to numerous other applications.

Advanced Task Manager Utility Windows

A task manager replacement for Windows 3.1.

AdvanceLink Communications DOS Windows

AdvanceLink is a terminal emulator that integrates with the HP NewWave desktop. It has built in scripting tools and features specifically for communicating with HP 3000, HP 9000, and HP 1000 hosts. It can emulate HP 2392A, HP 700/94, HP 700/92, HP ANSI, and DEC VT100 terminals. It appears a lesser version of this product was bundled with early Vectra computers under the generic name of "HP Terminal Program"

After Dark Novelty DOS Windows MacOS

After Dark, from Berkeley Systems, Inc, is a set of entertaining screen savers for Mac and Windows. After Dark for Windows started off as "Magic Screen Saver" for Windows 2.x.

Aladdin Expander Archive Windows

Aladdin Expander is the Microsoft Windows port of Stuffit Expander, a tool for decompressing Macintosh SIT files. It is important to note that it is of limited use on Windows, as the Windows version will not preserve Macintosh resource forks or creator type information, rendering many file types unusable.

Aldus IntelliDraw Graphics Windows

IntelliDraw is a shape based vector illustration tool that enables you to dynamically control shapes using numeric, rule based, or relationship based parameters.

Aldus Persuasion Presentations Windows

Persuasion is a presentation and slide creation program. "With the support that Persuasion offers - professional quality slides, overheads, handouts, and speaker notes - you can deliver your presentation with more confidence and ease than ever before." After version 2.x, Persuasion was purchased by Adobe.

Aldus Photostyler Graphics Windows

Aldus PhotoStyler, developed by Ulead and acquired by Aldus, was an easy-to use photo image editor intended to compete with PhotoShop. The product was dropped when Adobe acquired Aldus.

Aldus Type Twister Graphics Publishing Windows

Type Twister is a font tool that adds multiple effects to fonts, that a user may then copy as a bit map in to other applications. involved with Instant Artist, which features similar font effects.

AllType Publishing Windows

Atech AllType is a Windows 3.x program that converts scalable fonts files from one format to another. It competed against Ares Software's Fontmonger.

America Online Web Browser Chat DOS Windows

America Online was a proprietary dial-up online service that eventually grew to offerer Internet access. In the mid 1990s AOL was very heavily promoted. Every month or two, you were sure to get a free AOL floppy disk or CD-ROM in the mail.

American Heritage Electronic Dictionary Reference DOS Windows

Houghton Mifflin American Heritage Electronic Dictionary is a resident background program that gives you instant searchable access to an entire dictionary.

Ami Word Processor Windows

Ami is a word processor for Microsoft Windows 2. Ami was one of the first commercial word processor for Microsoft Windows, introduced about a year prior to Microsoft Word for Windows. SAMNA was bought by Lotus, where it became Lotus Ami Pro.

AmiPro Word Processor Windows

Ami Pro, also called just Ami initially, was a word processor sold by Samna and later Lotus Software, where it became Lotus Word Pro. Ami was one of the first word processors for Microsoft Windows, beating MS Word by about a year. Other early Windows word processors included NBI Legend and WinText

Amish System Utilities Utility Windows

The Amish System Utilities for Windows is a set of tools that adds multiple desktops and a "Start"-like desktop launcher menu to Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

AnyTime PIM DOS Windows

AnyTime, from Individual Software, is a personal information manager that helps you keep track of day-to-day appointments, events, and to-do items. You can keep a list of family, friends, and business contacts using the Address Book.

AOL Instant Messenger Chat Windows

AOL Instant Messenger is a once-popular messaging client popularized by America Online.

AOLPress Editor Document Windows

AOL Press 2.0 is a Windows based what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor from AOL. It competed with other HTML Cuisinarts such as Microsoft Front Page.

Applause Presentations Graphics DOS

Originally called Draw Applause, Applause is a slide making, charting, and presentation program for DOS from Ashton-Tate. It also served as a client front end to Ashton Tate's Graphics Service, through which one could purchase high-quality prints. Applause II beefs up the standalone desktop presentation and graphing abilities.

Apple CD-ROM Titles Sampler Other MacOS

A sample of CD-ROM based applications for MacOS.

Apple Drive Setup Utility MacOS

Drive Setup installs software that your computer uses to work with your hard disk.

Apple Network Administrator Toolkit Server MacOS

The Apple Network Administrator Toolkit is a set of tools for aiding centralized network management on early Macintosh computers. It also includes later versions of At Ease for Workgroups.