AppleWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Communications Database MacOS Mac OS X Other

AppleWorks is an all-in-one Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Graphics Editor, and Presentations tool. The original product was a text-based product for the Apple II. The Apple Macintosh and Windows versions were forked from ClarisWorks in 1998 by Apple. At the time, Apple was under a lot of pressure to have a direct alternative to Microsoft Office. There were serious concerns that Microsoft might pull Microsoft Office for the Macintosh from development.

AppSoft Image Graphics Unix

AppSoft Image is a bit-mapped photograph editing program written specifically for NeXT computers.

Arborist Decision Tree Analysis Database DOS

Arborist(TM) Decision Tree software, from Texas Instruments/Integral Quality, is a general purpose tool for decision analysis. It features a graphic user interface for decision tree construction, decision tree evaluation, and decision tree analysis. Arborist Decision Tree software is not complicated to use, and it is not restricted to an area of decision problem analysis. Its ease of use makes it convenient and effective to analyze many problems that previously were not cost effective to analyze.

ARCserve Utility Server Windows

ARCserve, from Cheyenne Software Inc., is an enterprise grade backup software for Windows NT.

ArcView GIS Graphics Other Database Windows

ArcView, from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. is a geographical information system program for Win9x/NT.

Argent Quota Server Server Windows

This server utility places and manages limits on the content size of network shares under Windows NT 4.

Artemis Presents! Graphics Windows

Artemis Presents! is a rudimentary graphics editor and charting tool. It was bundled with and integrated with other applications from Lucas Management Systems.

Artline Graphics DOS

Atline, from Digital Research, is a vector based illustration program for use in desktop publishing. It is exclusively for the GEM desktop environment. Artline is intended for use alongside the GEM Desktop Publisher.

Arts and Letters Graphics Editor Publishing Windows

Arts & Letters, from Computer Support Corporation, is an easy to use line based illustration package. It competed against Corel Draw, and Micrografx Designer. Features include multitasking, rotation, different viewing levels, shading, color, and image combining. The first version was for MS-DOS, and version 2 ran under Windows 2.

Ashlar Vellum Graphics Engineering Windows MacOS

Ashlar Vellum is a CAD package for mechanical engineers and designers, that includes the ability to intelligently predict where the user wants to connect the next object. There were both "2D" and "3D" versions.

Astound Presentation Presentations Windows

Astound is a powerful multimedia presentation authoring program originally for the Mac and Windows. Astound gives you the power to create presentations that persuade, inform, and entertain. Astound makes your presentations memorable. It competed against Microsoft Powerpoint and many others. Astound Incorporated was acquired by Genesys Conferencing in 2001.

At Ease Other MacOS

Apple At Ease is a simplified menu shell for the Macintosh that replaces the default Finder desktop. It is intended primarily for kiosk, shared, or public computers where users should only have access to designated application programs. At Ease was available in both standard and workgroup flavors.

Autodesk Animator Pro Graphics DOS

First released in 1989, AutoDesk Animator was a DOS-based professional animation tool. It could create full motion animations using VGA 320*200 256 color resolutions. It supports a number of animation techniques, and includes a freely redistributable animation player. It saves animations to the .FLI or "QuickFlick" format. This format was extremely popular during the very early 90s, and was one of the few that could do 256 colors, including pallet manipulation.

Autodesk AutoCAD Graphics Engineering DOS Windows Unix MacOS

AutoCAD, from Autodesk and first released in 1982, is a powerful Computer Aided Design tool. It was, and still is, often considered the standard for CAD tools. Primarily for the IBM PC platform, it was ported to x86 machines with higher video resolutions such as the Zenith Z-100 and NEC APC. Intermittently, versions for the Macintosh appeared. Later versions use a dongle copy protection.

Autodesk Deck Graphics DOS

Autodesk Deck is a stripped down CAD program that contains pre-defined objects specifically for designing deck layouts.

Autodesk Multimedia Explorer Graphics DOS

Autodesk Multimedia Explorer was sold as a lesser version of Animator along side Autodesk Animator Pro. It includes the low resolution-only Autodesk Animator 1.0, Autodesk Animation Player for Windows, and sample animations.

AUTOMAP Reference Windows

AUTOMAP is a computerized US roadmap from NextBase that shows major US roads. It can plot travel routs, and displays various regional information.

AutoRoute Reference Windows

AutoRoute, from NextBase, is a mapping utility for plotting and planning travel routes. AutoRoute Plus is an enhanced version of the consumer oriented AutoRoute Express, that adds fleet management features specifically for business.

AutoRun for Windows Utility Windows

AutoRun for Windows, from AutoSoft, Inc, is a tool for recording and playing back events within the Microsoft Windows environment. This enables you to automate tasks using existing applications from within the Windows GUI. It features the ability to make decisions during playback, and a playback scheduling tool. Time (Aldia Systems), AutoMate Pro (Unisyn) and Internet Agents

AutoSketch Graphics DOS Windows

AutoSketch is a 2D vector program sold by Autodesk. Although not as powerful as AutoCAD, it can work with 2D AutoCAD files.

Avast Anti-Virus Utility Windows

Avast is a robust and popular anti-virus tool for DOS and Windows. It was sold commercially but offered a free version.

Avery LabelPro Publishing DOS Windows

Avery LabelPro is a label printing utility for use in conjunction with Avery label products.

Award Maker Plus Publishing DOS

AwardMaker, from Baudville, Inc., is a tool for printing nice looking awards and certificates on a dot-matrix printer from a set of about 200 templates. It lacks any print preview, so you must have the manual to know what the templates look like. This is almost identical to Springboard Certificate Maker, however it contains a different set of templates and graphics.

Back-It Utility DOS

Back-It, from Gazelle Systems, is a fast and compact hard disk backup utility. It was sometimes part of OEM system bundles. It was kind of low-end, and changed backup formats between releases but otherwise did what it was supposed to do.

Backup Exec Utility DOS Windows

Backup Exec is an easy to use backup program. It can back up files to floppy disks or certain tape drives. companies including Maynard Electronics, Archive Corp, Quest Development Corporation, Conner Peripherals, Arcada Software, Seagate Technology, Veritas Software, and Symantec. On top of that, Microsoft bundled a version with MS-DOS 6.