ClarisDraw Graphics Windows MacOS

ClarisDraw is a vector based drawing program and the successor to MacDraw. The name was changed partially because there was now also a Microsoft Windows port. The final release was 1.0v4.

ClarisWorks Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Database Windows MacOS

ClarisWorks is an all-in-one Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Graphics Editor, and Presentations tool from Claris. In 1998, after version 5.0.2, ClairsWorks was purchased by Apple and re-branded under the "AppleWorks" name. It is not related to the Apple II AppleWorks product.

CleanSweep Utility Windows

CleanSweep, from Quarterdeck, is a utility that assists with uninstalling and removing leftover files. It also moves programs from one drive to another, to a backup that can be restored later, or to another computer.

ClickArt Personal Publisher Publishing DOS

ClickArt Personal Publisher is a simplified, Mac-like desktop publishing program. It was later purchased by Software Publishing Corporation and turned in to PFS:First Publisher, who then in turn sold it to Spinnaker Software where it became Easy Working Desktop Publisher

Colorado Backup Utility DOS Windows

Colorado Backup is the software provided with HP Colorado tape drives.

CommWorks Communications Windows

Produced by Traveling Software, the authors of LapLink, CommWorks is a suite of communications applications including CommWorks Control Center, TS Fax, TS OnLine, and Laplink.

Company Ladder Presentations DOS

Company Ladder is a budget oriented tool that specialized in making corporate organizational charts. It could handle large numbers of entries and print high quality graphs.

CompuServe Information Manager Communications Windows DOS

CompuServe Information Manager is the client software used for accessing the CompuServe service.

Condor Database DOS

The Condor database is an easy to use, customizable, menu-driven relational database management system. It boasts the ability to let you design databases without programming, using only simple English, and a form and report designer. It is suitable for simple to complex tasks. It originated on CP/M-80 systems, competed against dBase II, and was ported to DOS. weight file management system, while "Condor 3" is the full featured database product. version between 1 and 3. systems, such as Zenith, HP, DEC, NEC, and more.

Connectix RAM Doubler Utility MacOS Windows

RAM Doubler is a utility for Windows 3.1 that uses advanced resource management and memory compression techniques to allow more applications to run side by side. It was designed to be simple and easy to use compared to some competing programs. It competed against similar tools such as SoftRam, Hurricane, and MagnaRam

Conner Backup Basics Utility DOS Windows

Conner Backup Basics is a dumbed down version of Conner Backup Exec that only works with their tape drives. This software will not run at all without the appropriate tape drive attached.

Coping With Job Stress Education DOS

Coping With Job Stress, from Disk-Count Software Inc, is an interactive on-disk lesson about dealing with workplace job stress. It was a cheap educational budget title. The sort of thing that would sell for $6.96 at Wal-Mart. run it at work, and the box doesn't include a 3.5" disk for your new IBM PS/2.

Copy II PC Utility DOS

Central Point Copy II PC is a disk duplication program that can successfully copy many copy protected disks using only standard IBM PC hardware. It is generally considered the best software-only solution for duplicating such disks. limitation can be overcome with a third party utility called "snatchit".

Corel Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Windows

Corel Office is a software bundle that includes WordPerfect and a number of other office applications. It competed unsuccessfully against Microsoft Office. This bundle started out as "Borland Office", was briefly known as "Novell PerfectOffice", then "Corel Office", and under Corel it later became "WordPerfect Office". (Not to be confused with the unrelated ~1990 groupware program, also called "WordPerfect Office")

Corel Photo-Paint Graphics Windows

Corel Photo Paint is a bit-mapped graphics editor optimized for photo manipulation. It competed against Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, and was often a companion product to the vector based CorelDRAW. It includes a large number of special effects, a color management system, brushes, layers, and scanner support.

Corel Presentations Presentations DOS

Corel Presentations (which is often referred to simply as Presentations) is a presentation program akin to Microsoft PowerPoint and Impress.

Corel Print House Graphics Windows

A printing program for creating over 20 types of printing projects including cards, banners, signs, certificates, calendars, brochures, business forms, labels, membership cards, coupons, tickets, bookmarks, and doorknob hangers. It uses the 32-bit CorelDRAW 6 mini-engine.

CorelDraw! Graphics Publishing Windows OS2 Unix

Corel Draw is a vector based drawing and illustration program. It is primarily a Windows application, but was ported to Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux, CTOS and OS/2. It competed against Aldus Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, and Micrografx Designer.

Corporate Ladder Graphics DOS

Corporate Ladder is a quick and easy text-mode DOS based tool for creating organization charts and similar documents such as process-flow diagrams, decision trees, procedure diagrams, forms, and labels.

Correct Grammar Word Processor Utility DOS

Correct Grammar is a grammar checking and analysis tool for DOS. Correct Grammar incorporates technology from the Houghton Mifflin CorrectText system.

CorrectStar Word Processor Utility DOS

CorrectStar, from MicroPro International, is an add-on spell checker for WordPerfect 3.3. It was sold both bundled with WordStar and separately. Later versions of WordStar integrated the spell checker.

Crayola Art Studio Graphics Windows

Crayola Art Studio, from Micrografx, is a heavily lobotomized graphics packaged aimed at kids. It features a Bob-like "room" menu, animated characters, sound effects, a paint program that can place shapes and clipart, and several other printing programs. It is similar to, and competed against Microsoft Fine Artist.

Cricket Graph Presentations Graphics Windows MacOS

Cricket Graph, from Cricket Software and later Computer Associates, was a best selling presentation graphics program, and a companion product to CA-Cricket Presents (formerly Xerox Presents). This program can create a variety of graphs, such as line, bar and pie charts. CA-Cricket Presents can then import the graphs in to presentations.

Crosstalk Communications DOS

Originally released in 1982, Crosstalk XVI, from Digital Communications Associates Inc of Alpharetta, Georgia, is a powerful telecommunications program for the IBM PC with many scripting features. "XVI" means "16", and refers to the powerful new 16-bit x86 CPUs found in IBM PC's and compatibles. It was followed up by the MK 4 and Communicatior products.

Cubasis Media Player MacOS

Cubasis is an entry-level music sequencer and notation program for the Apple Macintosh. It features quantization, music printing, and QuickTime integration.