Brief Editor DOS

Brief is a text editor primarily aimed at programmers and designed to edit source code. Originally written by UnderWare Inc., and briefly sold under Solutions System / SLR Systems, Brief was later sold under Borland. Features included multiple windows, regular expression searching, extremely large file support, and high customizability.

Broderbund Type! Education DOS

Type! is an interactive typing tutor. Its lessons are optimized around research on how people learn to type. It includes both basic and special skill levels, and monitors your progress with detailed graphs.

Brown Bag Word Processor Word Processor DOS

The Brown Bag Word Processor was an inexpensive word processor that offered features comparable to more expensive programs. It is essentially an OEM licensed version of Quicksoft's PC-Write with a different user interface. Formatting is done using "dot" commands and it includes a mail-merge module.

Business Contact Manager PIM Windows

An add-on for Microsoft Outlook

Business Session Communications Windows

Business Session for Windows is a Terminal emulator that supports HP 2392, 2394, 700/92, 700/94, VT100, and HP ANSI terminal emulation. It supports Serial, modem, and LAN connection with virtual terminal, Telnet, and X.25. It also includes scripting, file transfer, Windows DDE support, and logging.

By Design Word Processor DOS

By Design is an add-on set of document design utilities, fonts, and clipart for WordPerfect. Graphics include lead characters, page borders, graphics fonts, and page headers. Templates include newsletters, letterheads, title pages, and business forms.

Byline Publishing

Byline was an early desktop publishing program targeted squarely at DOS users. The box proudly proclaims: "Because Byline works the way you do, you don't waste time with a mouse or a new graphics environment." It does not support mice at all. It has a WYSIWYG preview, but the interface is not interactive. with more functionality than a typical low-end budget oriented publishing program, but still targeted at lower-end business and home users. automatic kerning, bullets, and graphic sizing and scaling. It works with dot-matrix printers as well as laser printers. by mouse/GUI based publishing tools such as PageMaker and Ventura Publisher.

CA-Compete Spreadsheet Financial Windows

CA-Compete! is a graphical, object-based, multi-dimensional modeling and data viewing tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a decision support system (DSS) or executive information system (EIS). Compete! looks and works like a spreadsheet, but is object-based. In other words, you define the names that Compete! uses to identify and locate data in a model. A Compete! model can also contain many more dimensions than the spreadsheet norm of two or three.

CA-SuperProject Planning DOS

CA-SuperProject is a project management program for DOS. SuperProject is designed to help you plan and carry out successful projects. Its many features satisfy a wide range of project management needs and experience levels. It competed against Microsoft Project, and Breakthrough Software Timeline

CADKEY Graphics Engineering DOS

CADKEY is a 2D/3D mechanical CAD (computer aided design or computer aided drafting) software application released for various DOS, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Originally released for DOS in 1984, CADKEY was among the first CAD programs with 3D capabilities for personal computers.

Cadlogic Instinct Engineering Windows

Instinct is a computer aided design drafting tool designed for Microsoft Windows 1.x.

Cakewalk Audio DOS Windows

Cakewalk is a MIDI music authoring and editing tool. The earlier versions are considered among the best MIDI tools that ever existed. Microsoft Windows. limited music notation and a built-in scripting language called CAL (Cakewalk Application Language). limited functionality OEM-bundled "Express" editions.

CalcStar Spreadsheet DOS CPM

CalcStar is a spreadsheet from MicroPro, somewhat like VisiCalc but using commands similar to WordStar. You can also format content similar to WordStar. It was available for CP/M and DOS, and often part of early 80s system's bundled software.

Calendar Creator Plus Novelty PIM DOS Windows

Calendar Creator Plus from Vermont Creative Software/Power Up, and later Spinnaker Software, is a tool for creating printed calendars with different styles and custom lists of events.

Canoma Graphics Windows

Canoma was a 3D-modelling application for Windows and Macintosh. Released by MetaCreations Corp. in 1999,[2] this application allowed users to create 3D models based on one or more photographs taken from various angles. This process is known as photogrammetry. The user "pinned" the corners of wireframe primitives over real world shapes such as buildings, boxes, cylinders and other geometric shapes (it could not really handle organic shapes), the application then dynamically extrapolated the perspective, angles and shapes and produced a 3D realization, applying the textures from the photograph(s) onto the models.

Carbon Copy Utility DOS Windows

Carbon Copy is a remote control desktop program for DOS and later Windows, similar to PCAnywhere. protection. You can not connect to other copies of Carbon Copy if the serial numbers are the same.

CashBIZ Financial DOS

CashBIZ, from M-USA Business Systems, Inc, is a low-cost and low-feature accounting tool for small cash based businesses. It features modules for checks, billing, and receipts, and a number of pre-defined reports.

Catz Novelty Windows

Catz, from PF Magic, Inc, is a fun program that places an animated cat on your desktop for you to play with.

cc:Mail Communications OS2

cc:Mail, originally from Concentric Systems, Inc and later Lotus and IBM, is a desktop e-Mail system intended for small LANs. It relies on accessing a shared database file rather than client-sever methods.

CD Creator Utility Windows

Adaptec CD Creator, today sold by Roxio, was a popular a tool for mastering and burning CD images. It was targeted primarily at the home and office markets and often bundled with CD-Burner hardware. Some OEM versions were customized for specific drives. Adaptec also sold a similar, but different, program for Apple Macintosh computers under the name Toast.

Cdex Training for the VisiCalc Program Education Other

Released by Cdex in 1983, this is an interactive training program that will teach you how to use VisiCalc. Cdex also sold training programs for WordStar, SuperCalc, EasyWriter ||, The IBM Personal Computer, and The Apple //e Personal Computer. There were versions for both the IBM PC an Apple II.

Celebrity Word Processor DOS

Celebrity is a powerful word processing program that includes a Speller, Thesaurus, Forms System, Report Writer, Calculator, Calendar, and File Cabinet. It was advertised as a solution for novice users, however the command based interface makes it less than user friendly.

Cellular Automata Lab Novelty DOS

Cellular Automata Lab is a powerful commercial scientific mathematical program for working with and exploring Cellular Automata, a system where individual mathematical elements grow, spread, and die based on a set of rules (like the old BASIC "Life" programs). This software provides functionality to create custom sets of rules. Although it had some potential applications, this specific product is more of a novelty, similar to fractal generators. It was published by Autodesk during a period of experimental exploration in to new scientific applications.

Central Point Anti-Virus Utility DOS

Central Point Anti-Virus was a DOS-based antivirus program developed originally by an Israel company, CARMEL Software Engineering Ltd. as "Turbo Anti-Virus", and licensed by Central Point Software Inc. It was the basis for Microsoft's Anti-Virus for DOS and Windows (MSAV and MWAV). In 1994 it was acquired by Symantec Corporation and merged into Norton Antivirus.

Central Point Backup Utility Windows

A powerful and friendly backup utility from Central Point Software, that supports backing up to either floppy disks or tape drives. Central Point Backup features ease of use, speed, detailed backup history, and virus scanning. This product was more commonly found bundled as part of PC-Tools.