Easy Access Menu System Utility DOS

Easy Access Menu system, from TengWare, is a customizable menuing system for DOS that features a built in calendar. It is shareware, but there are few archived versions of it out there.

Easy Chefs One Million Recipes Reference Windows

Easy Chefs One Million Recipes, from American Cooking Resources, is one big multimedia CD that contains a huge card file of food recipes. It literally has over a million recipes stored in its searchable database.

Easy Working Word Processor Windows

Easy Working for Windows Word Processor, from Spinnaker Software, is a budget word processor for Microsoft Windows. It offers basic text editing and formatting, but not much else.

Easy Working Desktop Publisher Publishing DOS

Easy Working Desktop Publisher is a rebranded version of PFS:First Publisher. PFS:First Publisher and the other PFS titles were acquired from Software Publishing Corp by Spinnaker Software in 1991.

Easy Working DOS Manager Utility DOS

Spinnaker Easy Working DOS Manager is a menu system and file manager for DOS. It was bundled with a number of computer systems including Packard Bell. use of a mouse. It features a customizable application menu, primitive file management, and menu options for the disk utilities commonly included with DOS. It includes built in help, and a tutorial.

Easy Working Tri-Pack Word Processor Spreadsheet Database DOS

The Easy Working Tri-Pack, from Spinnaker Software, is a bundle of three budget productivity applications from Spinnaker Software. It includes Easy Working The Writer - a word processor, Easy Working The Filer - a database, and Easy Working The Planner - a spreadsheet. These applications boast ease of use with a friendly menu interface wile remaining full-featured.

Easy Working Typing Teacher Education DOS

Easy Working Typing Teacher is a low cost typist training program released as part of the Spinnaker "Easy Working" product family. Features an on-screen keyboard, built in help, drills, and statistics.

Easy Writer Word Processor DOS

Easy Writer was one of the first word processors for the IBM PC. It was originally written by John Draper AKA "Captain Crunch", with the PC version published by IBM. EasyWriter 1.x was written in the FORTH programming language and, as the story goes, it was ported to the IBM PC in a matter of days. There was also an Apple II version.

EasyCAD Graphics Engineering DOS

EasyCAD is an easy to use, low cost, 2D CAD program targeted at casual CAD users. EasyCAD features wide range of drawing commands, and a sophisticated programming language similar to AutoCAD's AutoLISP. EasyCAD competed against other low coast 2D programs such as Autodesk AutoSketch. with many more features, but similar appearance to EasyCAD.

EasyDesktop Utility Windows

EasyDesktop, from MicroSeconds International, is an alternative desktop shell for Microsoft Windows that uses a more compact text-based file list and integrates its own file manager.

EasyFlow Presentations DOS

EasyFlow was one of the fist diagramming and flow charting programs for PCs. It was produced by the Canadian based company HavenTree Software Limited.

Electric Desk Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS

Electric Desk is an all-in-one integrated word processor, spreadsheet, database, and terminal program. It was first introduced in 1984 as a low-overhead office package targeted at the IBM PCjr, and was offered as a lower cost alternative to Ashton-Tate Framework and Lotus Symphony. Electric desk features windowing, macros, and context sensitive menus. The user interface is a little eccentric. It refers to the program components as "services", and refers to windows as "viewports". OEM bundled PC software.

Enable Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS

Enable, from The Software Group, is an integrated office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, telecommunications program, and database. It was designed to compete with Lotus Symphony, and was sometimes bundled with Zenith computers.

Encarta Reference Windows MacOS

Microsoft Encarta was a home oriented interactive encyclopedia that was often sold with new OEM machines. Unlike a paper encyclopedia, Encarta took full advantage of being on a computer, with updates from the Internet, sound clips and movies, interactive charts and games, and good navigation.

Encarta Virtual Globe Reference Windows

Encarta Virtual Globe is a companion multimedia product to Microsoft Encarta, and was also included on the Encarta Reference Suite DVD. Microsoft Encarta Virtual Globe contains detailed geographical and topographical maps and information, a huge database of places, geography games, satellite photographs, and 3D "flights" over major landmarks.

Encore Audio DOS Windows

Encore, from Passport Designs, is a music program that originated on the Atari ST in 1984. It enables writing and editing music using traditional notation format. It can import and export to a number of sources and supports MIDI playback. enable items in the musical score to be added and edited using the mouse.

Eureka: The Solver Mathematics DOS

Eureka is a friendly and well-polished equation solver and plotter published by Borland. The software was targeted at both business people and scientists. Not only does it include scientific function, it also includes financial functions. It was notable for having a friendly windowing and menuing interface that let users do multiple things at a time. It competed directly with Mathcard.

Executive Card Manager Utility Database DOS

Executive Card Manager, from Hewlett-Packard, is a Rolodex-like database for storing contact information. It features the ability to transfer information between other common applications. screen.

Executive Systems HOT Utility DOS

HOT, from Executive Systems - the makers of XTREE, is a highly configurable menu shell for the IBM PC, with built-in "hot menus" for common DOS functions. It features a pop-up file browser, a small text editor, the ability to feed keystrokes to applications, and automatically sets up known programs found on your hard drive.

Executor Virtualization DOS

Executor, from Abacus Research and Development, is a commercial DOS based Macintosh emulator. There were also versions for NextStep and Linux. Emulates a 68040 base Mac.

Expedia Streets Reference Windows

Expedia Streets, from Microsoft, is a multimedia street atlas similar to Delorme Street Atlas. It competed with DeLorme Street Atlas, and Rand McNally Route Planner.

Expert Animator Graphics DOS

Expert Animator, from Expert Software, is a budget DOS Based Animation Package.

Expert Astrologer Novelty DOS

A computerized tool from Expert Software for displaying your personalized daily horoscope. It can also interpret your personality traits, values, temperament, attitudes, adaptation, [and gullibility]. Plots trends in business, fitness, creativity, and social activities. Prints chart wheels, calculates planet positions, [and empties your wallet.]

Expert Astronomer Reference Novelty DOS

Expert Astronomer from Expert Software is a budget star chart with a large number of features. Database includes around 9000 objects including stars, constellations, and planets.

Expert Draw Graphics MacOS

Expert draw is an easy to use budget drawing programs for the Macintosh sold through Expert Software. It features a library of editable clipart, and shape based drawing tools.