FormTool Database DOS Windows

FormTool is an easy to use form creation and data entry application.

FormWorx Publishing Windows

FormWorx is a tool for quickly and easily creating high quality printed forms with your personal computer. It comes with a large library of customizable pre-made standard forms. With "Fill & File" you may enter data in to fields or populate multiple forms from a database. Earlier versions were available for DOS.

FoxBASE Database DOS Unix MacOS

FoxBASE, a relational database from Fox Software, started off in 1984 as a clone of dBase II that boasted many speed improvements. FoxBASE+ adds feature parity and compatibility with dBase III Plus. It later became FoxPro

Fractal Design Dabbler Graphics Windows

Dabbler, by Fractal Design, was released as a cut down version of Fractal Design Painter, and later re-branded as "Art Dabbler" (when Fractal Design merged with MetaCreations). Dabbler used the brush on canvas metaphor, allowing the artist to build up density/opacity by repeating strokes over the same part of the image. Interestingly, it also was capable of using many of the Adobe defined .8bf plugin filters for special effects.

Fractal Design Painter Graphics Windows

Fractal Design Painter is a painting program that provides a number of unique effects, that can make use of pressure-sensitive tablets. Its drawing capabilities can mimic brush effects such as oil and water color painting.

FrameMaker Publishing Windows Unix MacOS

FrameMaker, originally from Frame Technology Corporation and later Adobe, is a professional document system for creating large, complex documents with highly structured layout. It was often accompanied by FrameReader.

FrameReader Publishing Windows

FrameReader is a document viewer for Frame Technology/Adobe FrameMaker.

FrameWork Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications Database DOS

Originally created by Forefront Corporation for Ashton-Tate and first released in 1984, Framework was an early integrated office suite for DOS. It has a built in word processor, spreadsheet, database, outliner, graphing, and telecommunications. All of the different components behave in similar, consistent ways. all-in-one office suite for IBM PC compatible computers. support "3D" spreadsheets. integrated office suite, and the Macintosh. It later competed against Lotus Symphony and Microsoft Works.

FreeHand Graphics Publishing Windows MacOS

FreeHand is a vector based drawing program used to create illustrations. It is similar to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. Initially it offered more features and flexibility than illustrator. It was created by Altsys, sold through Aldus, then sold to Macromedia, and then finally was assimilated by Adobe. Later versions repositioned itself as a content creation system for the web through Flash. The final version was Freehand MX (version 11) in 2003.

Freelance Graphics Presentations Graphics DOS Windows OS2

Lotus/IBM Freelance Graphics is a vector based presentation and graphing package developed for DOS, OS/2, and Windows. It was intended for use alongside Lotus 1-2-3. Later versions were part of SmartSuite. Before it was acquired by Lotus it was known Freelance, from Graphic Communications.

FT Pro Database DOS

FT/Pro, from Block Development Corporation, is a form editor/designer that makes use of VGA graphics. It is capable of importing forms from FormTool. FT/Pro contains an extensive set of powerful drawing tools. It supports variable sizes, colors, typefaces, graphic images, and can print high quality forms on laser printers.

GEM Desktop Publisher Publishing DOS

GEM Desktop Publisher, from Digital Research, is a GEM 3.x based Desktop publishing program. It is not as sophisticated as Ventura Publisher. It uses a VMM (Virtual Memory Manager) in place of EMS/XMS, and requires a hard disk. It can be used with GEM Artline to provide illustrations.

GEM Draw Graphics DOS

GEM Draw, from Digital Research, is an easy to use Vector based drawing program for the GEM Desktop. It features the ability to open two drawing windows and drag objects between different drawings.

GEM Graph Presentations DOS

GEM Graph is an easy to use, but simplistic, tool for creating presentation graphs. It runs within the GEM Desktop, has a very Macintosh-like user interface, and was sold alongside the GEM Desktop product. It can import lotus (*.wks) spreadsheets and others.

GEM Paint Graphics DOS

GEM Paint, from Digital Research, is a bit-mapped drawing program sold alongside GEM Desktop that runs in the GEM graphical environment.

GEM WordChart Database DOS

WordChart is a simple flat file database with customizable forms for the GEM Desktop.

GEM Write Word Processor DOS

GEM Write, from Digital Research, is a simple document editor. It supports embedded images as well as bold, italic, and underline fonts, but only monospaced. It requires GEM Desktop

Generic CADD Engineering DOS

Generic CADD, originally from Generic Software, Inc., was a popular low-cost 2D CAD program targeted at casual drafting users. Initially it competed against AutoCAD, and the budget TurboCAD. The original version offered a number of separately purchasable modules.

Ghost Utility DOS

Ghost, originally released in 1995 by Binary Research and later under Symantec with the "Norton" title, is a PC cloning and imaging tool. It can image and restore drives to drives of different sizes, supports many different file systems, and supports many different archiving and communications methods. Ghost 7.5 and earlier support running from DOS. Later versions are Windows-only.

GOfer Utility Document DOS

GOfer is a desktop search tool capable of searching many document formats. It loads as a TSR and can be called while other programs are running. It support multiple word search, operators, and inexact searches. It does not use an index, that makes it slower but requires no additional disk space.

GoldWave Audio Editor Audio Windows

Audio editor for Windows GoldWave is a digital audio editor for Windows 3.1. It has realtime oscilloscopes, intelligent editing, and numerous effects such as echo, flange, distortion, mechanize, and reverse. The intuitive user interface makes GoldWave easy to learn and use.

Grammatik Utility DOS MacOS

Grammatik is a standalone grammar checker, and was possibly the first grammar checker for personal computers. Later versions were built in to Word Perfect. It competed against RightWriter.

Graphics Master Graphics DOS

Graphics Master, from Interplay Productions, is a low-end drawing program that supports the C64 and IBM PC with CGA. the IBM PC version on the second.

GraphPlan Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics CPM

GraphPlan, from Chang Labs, is an integrated spreadsheet/business graphics package that turns numbers into presentation-quality graphics - instantly. Historically important as being among the early "integrated" spreadsheet/graphing packages, and it uses Digital Research's GSX, a core graphics system that evolved in to GEM.

Graphstation Presentations Graphics CPM

Graphstation, from Signature Information Systems, is a graphing application for making business presentations.