IBM Reporting Assistant Database DOS

Reporting Assistant is a printed report generator for use with IBM Filing Assistant. It is an IBM rebranded version of PFS:Report

IBM Script/PC Utility Publishing DOS

IBM Script/PC is a document formatter utility. It is similar to the mainframe DCF tool for IBM TSO or VM 370 that uses the Script/VS language. Unlike integrated word processors, one creates their document in a separate text editor and manually adds markup commands (called GML or Generalized Markup Language tags). This utility then interprets those commands to produce a formatted document regardless of the printer used. formatters already on the market such as WORDIX+INDIX, ReadiWriter, and MicroScript. for use with IBM Professional Editor, and can work with existing mainframe Script/VS documents.

IBM Storyboard Graphics DOS

IBM Storyboard is a presentation, charting, and animation program that was part of IBM's standard office products during the 1980s. First released in 1983, it supports the IBM PC with CGA graphics. Later versions, "Storyboard Plus" and "Storyboard live, added EGA and VGA support and video capture.

IBM Typing Tutor Education DOS Other

IBM Typing Tutor is an educational program sold by IBM alongside their original IBM PC. The software itself was licensed from Microsoft, and is notable as being one of only two known commercial programs that were sold for the IBM PC on cassette tape. (The other being IBM PC Diagnostics )

IBM Utilities III Utility DOS

Utilities III is a small set of PC utilities published as part of IBM's "Bargain Basement" Personally Developed Software Family and Productivity Family. It includes Five Utilities: Loadram and Saveram, Sort, Compare, Patch, and Errorlog.

IBM Voice/Phone Assistant Communications DOS

The IBM Voice/Phone Assistant works in conjunction with an IBM Personal Computer Voice Communications Adapter to give your IBM PC telephone recording and answering machine capabilities. to record and play back messages from a remote telephone. It supports identification codes so that multiple Guests can receive and record messages just for them.

IBM Word Proof Utility DOS

IBM Word Proof is a stand-alone spell checker for the IBM PC with a list of over 125,000 standard English words. It can also find synonyms and anagrams, and features a built-in full screen editor. You may add your own specialized words to its list.

IBM Writing Assistant Word Processor DOS

IBM Writing Assistant is an early word processor sold by IBM with their IBM PC computers. It is basically a re-branded version of PFS:Write It features a built in spell checker, and the ability to include data and graphs from other IBM Assistant programs.

IBMLink Communications DOS

IBMLink was a proprietary online support service for corporate IBM customers. This disk contains the client software that was needed to access this service. Contains one 360k disk image.

Icon Do-It Utility Novelty Windows

Icon-Do-It, from Moon Valley Software, is a utility that enables you to customize your program group icons, and add animated icons to normal program items. It also includes a screen saver module. It is designed to work with both Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

Icon Hear-It Novelty Windows

Icon Hear-It, from Moon Valley Software, is a shell enhancement for Windows 3.1 that adds sound effects to all kinds of desktop and Program Manager actions.

Icon Make-It Novelty Windows

Icon Make-it, from Moon Vally Software, the makers of Icon Hear-It, is a Windows 3.x icon editor, icon animator, and clipart. It also includes a "lite" version of Icon-Hear-It.

Image-In Windows

Image-In is a Graphic scanning, editing, and OCR tool for Microsoft Windows 2.0. It was licensed to OEMs and distributed with scanner hardware.

Imagine Graphics DOS

Imagine, from Impulse Inc, was a cutting-edge 3D modeling and ray tracing program, originally for the Amiga computer and later also for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. Imagine was a derivative of the software TurboSilver, which was also for the Amiga and written by Impulse. The Windows version of the program was abandoned when Impulse dropped out of the 3D software market; but the Amiga version is still maintained and sold by CAD Technologies. The Windows and DOS versions have been made available in full along with other freely distributed products such as Organica.

ImgBurn Utility Windows

ImgBurn is a simple, easy to use, and powerful freeware CD/DVD writing tool. It can write CDs from ISO files, create ISOs from CDs, and create ISOs from files. It can write data DVDs (not video DVDs) from ISOs or files, and it can deal with file systems that are limited to ~2 gigabyte files maximum. It supports ISO, Joliet, and UDF.

iMovie Video MacOS Mac OS X

iMovie is a home oriented movie making tool from Apple.

In-a-Vision Graphics Windows

In-a-Vision is a vector based drawing program that was one of the first commercial programs written for Microsoft Windows. It runs under Windows 1.x. Later versions of this software were called Micrografx Designer

IN:SCRIBE Word Processor DOS

IN:SCRIBE is text editor tailored specifically for the Bytec Hyperion, a Canadian luggable that beat Compaq to the market, but is not quite 100% IBM PC compatible.

IN:TOUCH Communications DOS

IN:TOUCH is a Telecommunications program specifically written for the Bytec Hyperion, a Canadian luggable that beat Compaq to the market, but is not quite 100% IBM PC compatible.

Individual Typing Instructor Education DOS

Individual Typing Instructor contains a complete introduction to typing basics. It includes presentations on proper typing posture, correct hand and finder placement, and interactive lessons.

InfoCentral PIM DOS

InfoCentral is Personal Information Manager that can create and store outlines, calendars, contacts, and todo lists using an object-oriented tree structure. It features a customizable database, can "connect" to information from other windows programs, a built-in dialer, and bundles several pre-populated reference "ibases". purchased by Novell, and later owned by Corel. It was initially part of WordPerfect's "Main Street" software family. Software Inc Ecco Professional.

InfoStar Database DOS CPM

InfoStar, by MicroPro, a business-application- development system designed specifically for nonprogrammers, provides easy-to-use on-screen menus that guide users through each step of data entry-form design and detailed report generation. within the report and allows users to incorporate data from multiple files. Other features include a form generator and a sorting facility.

Instant Accounting Financial Windows

Sage Instant Accounting includes comprehensive invoicing, complete vat management, detailed customer records, and powerful reporting.

Instant Artist / Print Artist Graphics Publishing Novelty DOS Windows

Instant Artist, later renamed to Print Artist, is a greeting card and sign creation program that uses vectorized graphics. It was created by The Pixellite Group, the original authors of The Print Shop, and published in 1992 by Autodesk. It was later sold by Sierra On-line. It features a high quality set of generic reusable clip art. The clip art uses vector based technology that was also used in BannerMania.

Intel Demos Novelty Windows

Produced in 1991 for Intel by Eric Juvet Software and Services. Contains several "Demo" applications for Windows 3.x. iPaper, iSaver, and iClock.