IBM E Editor Word Processor DOS

The IBM "E" Editor is a text editor based on the IBM Personal Editor. Later versions were included in IBM PC-DOS. Version 3.x is sometimes referred to as "E3".

IBM Filing Assistant Database DOS

IBM Filing Assistant is a data entry form designer and database. "The file designer and data source for the IBM Assistant series can help save time by reducing paperwork. Information filed on diskettes can be accessed and modified within a few quick keystrokes". IBM Filing Assistant is a re-branded version of PFS:File. It was sometimes sold with an optional set of templates called IBM Assistant Executive Solutions.

IBM Fixed Disk Organizer Utility DOS

IBM Fixed Disk Organizer is a simple menu program for DOS. It was marketed by IBM for use on their IBM XT. Using this shell, you will no longer have to repeatedly muddle through DOS commands to get to your commonly accessed applications. You can customize your menu items, and organize them in customizable categories. It also lets you set a password for menu items, and you may customize the screen colors. While there were many, many better menuing programs produced for DOS, Fixed Disk Organizer was a standard IBM offering.

IBM FTTerm Communications DOS

The IBM PC/Host File Transfer and Terminal Emulator Program, or "FTTERM", is is a resident TSR program for interactively sending and receiving files between DOS programs and a remote host. Used with IBM mainframe products.

IBM Graphing Assistant Presentations DOS

IBM Graphing Assistant is a tool for creating graphs and charts using an IBM PC. Graphing Assistant is an IBM rebranded OEM version of PFS:Graph

IBM Home Budget Jr Financial DOS

This is a small easy to use home budgeting program optimized for the 128k IBM PCjr. It also supports the IBM PC and XT. Part of the IBM Personal/Home Series.

IBM Lotus Symphony Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations PIM Windows

IBM Lotus Symphony is a suite of applications for creating, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, presentations and other documents and browsing the world wide web. IBM Lotus Symphony is virtually unrelated to the original Lotus Symphony.

IBM Morse Code Drills Education DOS

IBM Morse Code Drills is an educational tool for learning and practicing Morse Code using your IBM Personal Computer.

IBM PC 3270 Emulation Program Communications DOS

This is a program that enables an IBM PC to emulate an IBM 3270 terminal.

IBM PC Local Area Network Program Communications Server DOS

The IBM PC Local Area Network Program (1.00 is just named "IBM PC Network Program") is an IBM rebadged version of Microsoft's MS-NET (later Lan Manager). It is a program that lets any workstation on a network share resources, such as drives or printers, with other workstations.

IBM PCTERM Communications DOS

PCTERM is a telecommunications program produced by IBM for use with their mainframe products.

IBM Personal Decision Series Data Edition Database DOS

IBM Data is a high-end flat-file database management system targeted at large corporate users. It is part of the Personal Decision Series family, and reportedly a required prerequisite for other modules or "editions". integrated office suite for the IBM PC designed and written entirely by IBM. Lotus Symphony and Framework. It also competed against IBM's own lower-end "Assistant Series". Edition, Plans Edition, Word Edition, Reports+ Edition, and Graphs Edition.

IBM Personal Decision Series Reports Plus Edition Database DOS

Reports+ is a program generator that lets you design your own reports and screens, and enables you to design applications that can be run under the Personal Decision Series Data program.

IBM Personal Editor Editor DOS

This is a rudimentary text editor sold by IBM for the IBM PC. It runs with only 64K of RAM and a single sided floppy drive under PC-DOS 1.x. This later evolved in to the IBM "E" Editor.

IBM Personal Financial Planning Financial DOS

Personal Financial Planning is a tool provided by IBM to IBM employees for calculating IBM-provided saving plan investments.

IBM Personal Print Control Utility DOS

Personal Print Control consists of a DOS based print spooler that runs in the background while you run other applications, and a controller TSR that you can bring up from within other programs to manage the spooler. It features the ability to print multiple copies directly from the spooler, recovery from printer errors, and printer formatting control code management.

IBM Personal Science Laboratory Education DOS

IBM Personal Science Laboratory is an educational and scientific microcomputer-based lab that attaches to IBM Personal Computers. ability to interface user-created sensor modules. variables, analyze data in both graphic and mathematical modes, and see immediate results from their experimental innovations.

IBM Personal System/2 Software Sampler Utility DOS

The IBM Personal System/2 Software Sampler is a set of tiny and fairly useless sample applications bundled with some IBM PS/2 computers. It includes three disks, Education, Entertainment, and Personal Productivity.

IBM Planning Assistant Spreadsheet DOS

IBM Planning Assistant is an easy-to-use electronic spreadsheet, that you may use to analyze "what if" situations in planning, budgeting, projecting, and forecasting. Features built in help and customizable formulas for advanced calculations, and interoperates with other IBM Assistant Series programs. Planning Assistant was a rebranded version of PFS:Plan sold through IBM.

IBM Primary Editor Word Processor Graphics Education DOS

Primary Editor Plus is a student's toolkit for writing and language arts activities in Kindergarten through grade eight. The program is a flexible entry-level word processor appropriate for young students or anyone who is new to word processing and computers.

IBM Private Tutor Education DOS

IBM Private Tutor is an educational tool for creating, editing, displaying, logging, and reporting on-screen lessons and tutorials. Private Tutor lesson packages. Such titles include: Algebra Tutor, Beyond basic BASIC, Language Skills, Learning to Program in BASIC, Computers and Communications, Learning DOS 2 for Private Tutor, FORTRAN Tutor, Capitalization Skills, Multiplication Tables, Punctuation Skills, Reading Comprehension Skills, Spell Facts (Private Tutor series), Spelling Skills, Vocabulary Building Skills, Word Knowledge Skills, Basic Number Concepts, Math Computation Skills, Preparing for Geometry and Algebra, Solving Math Word Problems, and Writing Private Tutor Courses for the IBM.

IBM Private Tutor Presenter Education DOS

Private Tutor Presenter is a program that lets you run Private Tutor lesson programs but not author them, as with Private Tutor 2.0.

IBM Productivity Extensions Mailing Labels Edition Database DOS

Mailing Labels Edition is a member of the IBM Personal Decision Series that provides general purpose mailing label functionality to users of IBM PDS DATA Edition.

IBM Professional Editor Word Processor Editor DOS

Professional Editor is an early editor for the IBM PC. It makes extensive use of function keys, has user definable macros, and can work with files larger than available RAM. You WILL need to read the manual to use this!

IBM PS2 Collegiate Kit Utility DOS Windows

The IBM PS2 Collegiate Kit is a set of floppy disks that contain a system tutorial and a runtime of Windows 1.04 with a PS/2 mouse driver. It was included with some PS/2 machines as an educational promotional deal.