BannerMania Graphics Publishing DOS

Banner Mania is a banner making program for IBM PC compatible computers, enabling the user to create banners, posters, signs and logos. It can create and print multi-page banners, with 19 different fonts and effects in 16 colors.

Better Working Eight-in-One Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications Database DOS

Better Working Eight-in-One, from Spinnaker Software is an integrated office suite for DOS. It contains a word processor, a spelling checker, a data base, a spreadsheet, an outliner, a graphics program, a communications program and a set of desktop utilities - all in one single, consistent application.

Better Working Resume Kit Publishing DOS

Back before there were endless web sites with endless soul crushing job application forms, one would print a paper resume and mail it to potential employers. Spinnaker Better Working is a computerized tool that can help you manage and structure complex resumes.

Beyond Words Composer Word Processor DOS

Beyond Words Composer is a GUI-based word processor developed by former Micropro (WordStar) employees and distributed by Cannon. Technology from this product was incorporated in to IBM DisplayWrite 5/2.

BeyondMail Communications Windows

BeyondMail is a mail program for Microsoft Windows that features the ability to create and use e-mail forms against databases, and rule-building for workflow applications. It bundles a message server handler for small workgroups.

BitFax Communications Windows DOS

BitFax is a basic fax program, used with compatible FaxModems. It was available for both DOS and Windows. BitFax/OCR includes optical character recognition used in conjunction with receiving fax documents.

Bitstream TrueType Fontpack Word Processor Publishing Windows

For every Windows 3.1 user! Forty versatile text and decorative fonts in TrueType format that you can scale to any size for your screen and printer - true WYSIWYG memos, and reports to newsletters, brochures, and invitations.

BitWare Communications Windows

BitWare, from Cheyenne, is a Fax program for Windows that was often bundled with modems. It also includes the BitCom terminal program. It competed against Delrina Winfax and FaxWorks.

BOA HomeBanking with Manging Your Money Financial Windows

This is the proprietary dial up program used with Bank of America's HomeBanking service ~1997. It is bundled with a customized copy of MECA's "Managing Your Money", a financial management program.

BodyWorks Reference DOS Windows

BodyWorks, from Software Marketing Corp, is an interactive computerized human anatomy reference for DOS and Windows. It is an informal educational/multimedia product targeted at home users.

Boeing Calc Spreadsheet DOS

Boeing Calc was a spreadsheet package written by Boeing Computer Services, an independent subsidiary of aviation manufacturer Boeing. It had originally been developed as an in-house accounting tool, but was launched as a commercial product in April 1985 for IBM 4300 mainframes running IBM MVS and IBM PC microcomputers running MS-DOS. Boeing Calc was notable for introducing the concept of 3D spreadsheets. Often Boeing Graph was sold alongside Boeing Calc.

Boeing Graph Presentations Graphics DOS

Boeing Graph is a graphing program for the IBM PC that specializes in producing high quality 3D plotted graphs. It was sold as a companion product to Boeing Calc.

Bookshelf Reference Windows MacOS DOS

A reference tool from Microsoft, including a dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, atlas, and other types of references. Some versions were included and integrated with Microsoft Office, albeit sometimes stripped down.

Borland Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database Windows

Borland Office is an office suite published by Borland built around WordPerfect, Paradox, and Quattro Pro. It competed unsuccessfully against Microsoft Office. It was later acquired by Novell and renamed "PerfectOffice", and then later became "Corel Office".

Borland Reflex Database DOS

Borland Reflex is a flat file database system with a fully graphical user interface and built in graphing. Borland Reflex was based on the Macintosh database product Interlace from Singular Software.

Borland Sprint Word Processor DOS

Sprint is a text-based word processor for DOS that features a powerful scripting language, multiple user interfaces, exceptional speed, the ability to handle very large files, and powerful PostScript capabilities. "Mark of the Unicorn", and bought by Borland where it was renamed to "Sprint" in 1987. WordPerfect, Microsoft Word for DOS, and Multimate. preview at a time when that was clearly the way forward. However Sprint was targeted towards power users that needed advanced features WYSIWYG editors did not yet provide.

BPI Inventory Control Financial DOS

BPI Inventory Control is one of a number of accounting and business management programs produced by BPI Systems, Inc. PBI software was among the more popular management programs during the early 1980s. There were versions for the Apple II, CP/M, and the IBM PC. IBM sold an OEM version along side their IBM PC products under IBM part number 6024030. Receivable, BPI Accounts Payable, BPI Payroll, and more. Software. In 1987 BPI Systems was bought by Computer Associates.

BPS Business Graphics Graphics DOS

BPS Graphics, from Business & Professional Software, Inc, is an early command-line based graphing program. It can import data from a number of sources and supports a large number of printers and plotters for presentation quality graphs. cross-platform. This version is for IBM PC and XT. Graph](/product/dr-graph), Gem Graph, PFS Graph, and Chart Master.

Brief Editor DOS

Brief is a text editor primarily aimed at programmers and designed to edit source code. Originally written by UnderWare Inc., and briefly sold under Solutions System / SLR Systems, Brief was later sold under Borland. Features included multiple windows, regular expression searching, extremely large file support, and high customizability.

Brown Bag Word Processor Word Processor DOS

The Brown Bag Word Processor was an inexpensive word processor that offered features comparable to more expensive programs. It is essentially an OEM licensed version of Quicksoft's PC-Write with a different user interface. Formatting is done using "dot" commands and it includes a mail-merge module.

Business Contact Manager PIM Windows

An add-on for Microsoft Outlook

By Design Word Processor DOS

By Design is an add-on set of document design utilities, fonts, and clipart for WordPerfect.

CA-Compete Spreadsheet Financial Windows

CA-Compete! is a graphical, object-based, multi-dimensional modeling and data viewing tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a decision support system (DSS) or executive information system (EIS). Compete! looks and works like a spreadsheet, but is object-based. In other words, you define the names that Compete! uses to identify and locate data in a model. A Compete! model can also contain many more dimensions than the spreadsheet norm of two or three.

CA-SuperProject Planning DOS

CA-SuperProject is a project management program for DOS. SuperProject is designed to help you plan and carry out successful projects. Its many features satisfy a wide range of project management needs and experience levels. It competed against Microsoft Project, and Breakthrough Software Timeline

Cadlogic Instinct Engineering Windows

Instinct is a computer aided design drafting tool designed for Microsoft Windows 1.x.