Softkey/WordStar PC Paintbrush Graphics Windows

Softkey/WordStar's PC Paintbrush is a paint program and photo editor for Windows 3.x. It only somewhat resembles Zsoft PC Paintbrush but is basically re-branded Zsoft PhotoFinish, released after Zsoft was bought out. It was initially sold by WordStar International, and then later SoftKey.

SoftRAM Windows

SoftRAM and SoftRAM 95 were products that famously claimed to effectively double avaialble memory to programs without adding hardware. It was later proven that these products were a scam, and did absolutely nothing. It competed against similar tools such as Hurricane, MagnaRam, and RAM Doubler

SoftWindows Virtualization MacOS

Insignia Solution SoftPC, or "SoftWindows" when bundled with Windows, is an x86 emulator UNIX and MacOS that enables them to run DOS and Windows. SoftWindows is unique in that it uses native CPU recompiled Windows binaries providing near native speed for some application. It was also ported to platforms such as SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, NeXT, Motorola 88000, DEC VAX/VMS, DEC ULTRIX, and was the emulator used by Microsoft to run DOS and Windows 3.1 application on the DEC Alpha CPU Windows NT.

Spanish Assistant Education DOS

Spanish Assistant includes powerful memory-resident reference tools and a handy interactive translator to help you write, study, and translate to Spanish. You can pop-up translations for English or Spanish Words, conjugate verbs, easily add accented characters, translate text from English to Spanish, and more.

Spellbinder Word Processor DOS CPM

Spellbinder, from Lexisoft and later Ltec Inc, is a word processing program originally created for CP/M and OASIS operating systems and eventually competed with WordStar. It was designed as a work-alike of the NBI Word Processing system and featured spell checking, grammar checking, footnotes, two-column print, proportional printing, and macro programming language. It was bundled with machines from Eagle Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox.

Spinrite Utility DOS

Spinrite, by Gibson Research, is a tool that can diagnose, repair, and rejuvenate the low-level formatting and optimize the interleave of MFM and RLL (ST412/506 interface) hard disk drives. Its pattern testing ability is also useful for verifying the operation of SCSI and IDE hard drives.

Springboard Certificate Maker Publishing DOS

Certificate Maker, from Springboard, is a fun little program for printing a variety of styled certificates on your dot-matrix printer. You must refer to the manual to see what the templates look like, as it provides no on screen preview. Award Maker seems to be an offshoot of this product.

Springboard The Newsroom Publishing DOS

"The Newsroom" is a very simplified desktop publishing program aimed at novices and children. It uses a simplified step-by-step interface similar to the original "The Print Shop", and bundles a variety of fun clipart images. requires a PC or PCJr with one floppy drive, CGA, and 128K of ram. Additionally, there were versions for the Apple II, and Commodore 64. transfer documents between any two instances of The Newsroom, even between the IBM/Apple/C64 platforms.

SSSI FacetTerm Utility Unix

FacetTerm is a windowing interface software package for character-based Unix terminals. FacetTerm gives users pull-down menuing and multitasking ability.

Stacker Utility Archive DOS Windows OS2

Stacker, from Stack Electronics, was a hard drive compression tool. It was wildly popular until Microsoft virtually eliminated the third party market for this by including their own drive compression tool with MS-DOS 6.

Stanford Graphics Graphics Windows

Stanford Graphics is a combination of Presentation and Analysis software. It contains both common slide making and graphing abilities as well as powerful statistical and technical analysis tools. Specialized technical graphics include contour and color keyed contour plots, polar plots, smith and 3-D Smith chars, and planar and XYZ vector and trajectory plots. Sigma Plot, and BBN Software RS/1 Harvard Graphics.

StarOffice Word Processor Windows OS2 Unix Linux

StarOffice, initially from Star Division GmbH is an office suite containing a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program, and graphing program. It was later owned by Sun Microsystems and then Oracle, and spawned the open source OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Also see the earlier StarWriter

StarWriter Word Processor OS2

StarWriter is a powerful word processor for OS/2 and Windows. It was one of the applications that eventually merged in to StarOffice. It was released by the German company StarDivision.

Statistica Utility Windows

StatSoft Statistica provides data analysis, data management, statistics, data mining, and data visualization procedures.

StatWorks Mathematics MacOS

StatWorks, from Cricket Software, is a very powerful statistics software package for the Macintosh designed for a wide variety of applications. It enables all who work with numbers to do statistical computations without spending hours learning "high level" languages or going through several stages to compile analysis.

StretchCalc Spreadsheet DOS

StretchCalc is a software package from MultiSoft that enhances the functionality of VisiCalc. It adds integrated graphing, sorting, column rearranging, and key macros.

Stuffit Expander Archive MacOS

Stuffit Expander, from Aladdin Systems, is a freely redistributable tool for extracting Stuffit "SIT" archives on Apple Macintosh computers. Most Macintosh file archives are in this format. Unlike ZIP, Stuffit preserves special resource fork and creator type information required by Macintosh file systems. For the Microsoft Windows version, please see Aladdin Expander.

Success With Math Education DOS

Success With Math was a popular series of educational programs designed to drill and practice math problems. There were versions for the Apple II, C64, and Atari.

Superbase Database Windows

Superbase is an easy to use database program that featured "VCR" like controls for moving between fields. It originated on the Commodore 64, and had ports to Apple II, Amiga, Atari, GEM, and Windows. It was created by Precision Software, sold to SPC, then branched off to Superbase Inc. flavors. A lower cost version that lacked the ability to create or run applications, called "Superbase 2 Windows", and the full blown product called "Superbase 4 Windows". for Microsoft Windows. The first Windows versions ran under Windows 2. detailed history can be found on Wikipedia:

SuperCalc Spreadsheet Graphics DOS CPM

SuperCalc was a spreadsheet application published by Sorcim in 1980, and originally bundled (along with WordStar) as part of the CP/M software package included with the Osborne 1 portable computer. It quickly became the de facto standard spreadsheet for CP/M and was ported to MS-DOS in 1982. It competed against spreadsheets such as VisiCalc, Multiplan. and Lotus 1-2-3.

SuperKey Utility DOS

Borland SuperKey is a combination resident macro program and file encryption tool. It can record and play back keystrokes in most DOS application, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks. It also includes a file encryption tool that lets you password protect sensitive files.

SuperPrint Utility Publishing Windows

Zenographics SuperPrint is a printing utility for Windows 3.x that applies advanced image processing techniques to printers that otherwise would not support them.

SuperSort Utility CPM

SuperSort is a set of high speed sort utilities often sold along side MicroPro products (WordStar, CalcStar, DataStar, etc)

SuperStor Utility DOS

SuperStor is a drive compression program similar to Stacker, DoubleDisk or Microsoft DriveSpace. essential at the time as hard drive sizes were quite small and applications were increasing in size. With this kind of drive compression there is no need to constantly archive/unarchive files, and it enables compression of Windows EXE/DLL files that tools like PKLITE can not compress.

SuperVoice Communications Windows

SuperVoice is a voice messaging program for use with voice capable modems under Windows. SuperVoice features the ability to operate as a single mailbox, a multi-mailbox, or a message center - all in one program. with Voice, and QuickLink MessageCenter.