Schedule+ PIM Windows MacOS

Schedule Plus is a calendar/personal information manager. It is designed to operate using a shared network Microsoft Mail "mailbox" over a LAN.

ScreenExtender Utility DOS

ScreenExtender is a series of add-on software enhancements for popular word processors such as WordStar and WordPerfect. ScreenExtender increases the amount of text that is visible on the screen at one time. It does this by enabling smaller text characters at higher resolutions. Such text modes, up to 160 columns and 58 rows, are commonly possible with VGA adapters, but ScreenExtender can even extract extra screen real-estate on CGA, EGA, and MGA/Hercules graphics cards.

Select Word Processor Word Processor CPM

The Select Word Processor, from SELECT Information Systems, Inc., is a word processor for generic CP/M-80 based systems. There were also versions for MS-DOS and CP/M-86.

Sensei Calculus Education Windows

Sensei Calculus is an educational program for teaching calculus. It presents information and sample problems as a series of cards. You move through the cards and select answers as questions appear.

SharePoint Chat PIM Server Database Windows

Microsoft SharePoint is a Windows Server hosted collabaration tool allowing for document management, custom lists, workflows, wiki-style editing within an organization, web applications and plugins, extranets and intranets.

Show Partner Presentations Graphics DOS

Show Partner is a powerful desktop presentation graphics tool for MS-DOS. With it, you can create or edit graphics, capture screen shots, and assemble them in to an automated redistributable slide show. It supports animations, scripting, and numerous transition effects. It includes screen capture tools for DOS and Windows 1.x/2.x. Show Partner is designed to show presentations directly on your computer screen, rather than printouts or slides. CGA. However, this version supports IBM EGA and VGA. does not include automated graphing capabilities like Harvard Graphics or PowerPoint. Microsoft Mouse 6.00 driver software.

Sidekick Utility PIM DOS Windows OS2

Borland Sidekick is a DOS based PIM (Personal Information Manager) and one of the first widely-used TSR (terminate and stay resident) programs. The key feature of Sidekick was that one could use Sidekick's utilities while using most other MS-DOS applications. This was important because MS-DOS had no built-in multi-tasking or task switching capabilities.

Sideways Spreadsheet Utility DOS

Sideways is a printing utility that enables you to print a spreadsheet sideways (landscape) when using a graphics printer. While that might seem like a common basic function these days, this is something that early spreadsheets lacked. Using continuous form (tractor feed) paper, a Sideways printout may seamlessly span multiple pages without having to tape or glue pages together. Sideways was sometimes bundled with spreadsheet products. "Sideways leaves no text un-turned".

Sign-Master Presentations DOS

Sign-Master, from Decision Resources and later Ashton-Tate, is a companion product to Chart-Master and Diagram-Master. It shares the same ability to produce presentation quality graphics on high resolution printers or plotters, but geared more towards textual presentation slides.

Simply Accounting Financial Windows

Simply Accounting is a complete general accounting package targeted as small businesses. Includes General Ledger, Purchases and Payments, Sales and Receipts, Payroll, Inventory Control, and Project Costing functionality.

SitBack Utility DOS

SitBack is a unique backup tool that backs up files in the background while users are using their systems. This is based on the reality that most users do not want to take the time or effort to manually back up their work. SitBack can backup up to local drives or network shares, and can back up from many kinds of media.

Slidewrite Plus Presentations Graphics DOS

Slidewrite Plus is an easy to use general purpose business graphing and slide making program. It supports the usual bar, line, scatter, area, mixed hi-low, and pie charts. It competed against graphing programs like Harvard Graphics and Freelance.

Smart Shop Financial Database DOS

Smart Shop, from Smart Shop Software, Inc. is a shop management database system for DOS.

SnagIt Utility Graphics Windows

Screen capture utility for Windows 3.1.

Softerm Communications DOS

Softerm is a powerful and flexible communications manager and terminal emulation program that operates on a variety of personal computers. It provides basic terminal communications to a variety of host computer, timesharing services, and information services such as The Source, CompuServe, and Dow Jones News/Retrieval. Softerm also functions as an exact look-alike for many popular CRT terminals which enables applications written for a specific CRT terminal to operate with your personal computer system transparently and without programming changes.

Softkey/WordStar PC Paintbrush Graphics Windows

Softkey/WordStar's PC Paintbrush is a paint program and photo editor for Windows 3.x. It only somewhat resembles Zsoft PC Paintbrush but is basically re-branded Zsoft PhotoFinish, released after Zsoft was bought out. It was initially sold by WordStar International, and then later SoftKey.

SoftRAM Windows

SoftRAM and SoftRAM 95 were products that famously claimed to effectively double avaialble memory to programs without adding hardware. It was later proven that these products were a scam, and did absolutely nothing. It competed against similar tools such as Hurricane, MagnaRam, and RAM Doubler

SoftWindows Virtualization MacOS

Insignia Solution SoftPC, or "SoftWindows" when bundled with Windows, is an x86 emulator UNIX and MacOS that enables them to run DOS and Windows. SoftWindows is unique in that it uses native CPU recompiled Windows binaries providing near native speed for some application. It was also ported to platforms such as SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, NeXT, Motorola 88000, DEC VAX/VMS, DEC ULTRIX, and was the emulator used by Microsoft to run DOS and Windows 3.1 application on the DEC Alpha CPU Windows NT.

Spanish Assistant Education DOS

Spanish Assistant includes powerful memory-resident reference tools and a handy interactive translator to help you write, study, and translate to Spanish. You can pop-up translations for English or Spanish Words, conjugate verbs, easily add accented characters, translate text from English to Spanish, and more.

Spellbinder Word Processor DOS CPM

Spellbinder, from Lexisoft and later Ltec Inc, is a word processing program originally created for CP/M and OASIS operating systems and eventually competed with WordStar. It was designed as a work-alike of the NBI Word Processing system and featured spell checking, grammar checking, footnotes, two-column print, proportional printing, and macro programming language. It was bundled with machines from Eagle Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox.

Spinrite Utility DOS

Spinrite, by Gibson Research, is a tool that can diagnose, repair, and rejuvenate the low-level formatting and optimize the interleave of MFM and RLL (ST412/506 interface) hard disk drives. Its pattern testing ability is also useful for verifying the operation of SCSI and IDE hard drives.

Springboard Certificate Maker Publishing DOS

Certificate Maker, from Springboard, is a fun little program for printing a variety of styled certificates on your dot-matrix printer. You must refer to the manual to see what the templates look like, as it provides no on screen preview. Award Maker seems to be an offshoot of this product.

Springboard The Newsroom Publishing DOS

"The Newsroom" is a very simplified desktop publishing program aimed at novices and children. It uses a simplified step-by-step interface similar to the original "The Print Shop", and bundles a variety of fun clipart images. requires a PC or PCJr with one floppy drive, CGA, and 128K of ram. Additionally, there were versions for the Apple II, and Commodore 64. transfer documents between any two instances of The Newsroom, even between the IBM/Apple/C64 platforms.

SSSI FacetTerm Utility Unix

FacetTerm is a windowing interface software package for character-based Unix terminals. FacetTerm gives users pull-down menuing and multitasking ability.

Stacker Utility Archive DOS Windows OS2

Stacker, from Stack Electronics, was a hard drive compression tool. It was wildly popular until Microsoft virtually eliminated the third party market for this by including their own drive compression tool with MS-DOS 6.