Professor DOS Education DOS

Professor DOS, from INDIVIDUAL Software, is a friendly interactive training guide that helps you learn how to use DOS on your IBM PC or compatible computer.

Professor WINDOWS Education DOS

Professor WINDOWS, from INDIVIDUAL Software Incorporated, was a best selling Training program for and about Microsoft Windows 3.0. There was also a "Professor DOS"

Project Manager Workbench Planning DOS

"The Workbench is a decision support system designed specifically for a project manager's own use when planning and controlling projects in which resources are a major consideration. Its primary goals are to increase your productivity by automating lengthy and tedious calculations associated with balancing of resources, networking, costing, etc., enhance your responsiveness to changing conditions by allowing you to modify and reconfigure plans quickly, and improve the quality of your planning by enabling you to produce plans that are both detailed and current. The Workbench helps you achieve these goals. The Workbench integrates Gantt charts, dependency networks, resource spreadsheets and text. Therefore, you have all the tools required to plan and control projects." optional communications module.

Proteus Design Suite Engineering DOS

Proteus Design Suite is a circuit design and simulation program.

PsiWin Utility Windows

PsiWin, from Psion PLC, is a tool for managing, interfacing with, and backing up PSION Personal Digital Assistants.

Publish-IT Publishing DOS Windows MacOS

Publish-It! is a WYSIWYG desktop publishing tool originally created by the UK based GST Software for the TOS/GEM Atari ST system. There were versions for IBM PC/GEM, Apple II, Macintosh (as "Publish-It! Easy"), and later Microsoft Windows. desktop publishing tools, it is not a full word processor, but rather imports text and focuses on high-quality formatting and printing. budget title for home users. SoftKey also released a version branded as Key Publisher

Publisher's Paintbrush Graphics DOS

Publisher's Paintbrush is the premium version of ZSoft PC Paintbrush. It includes enhanced features targeted at desktop publishers. Features include enhanced fonts and zooming.

Publisher's TypeFoundry Graphics Publishing Windows

Publisher's TypeFoundry is a set of tools for creating and editing fonts. It includes an Outline Editor for use with vectored fonts, and a Bitmap Editor for use with bit-mapped fonts. It includes a copy of ZSoft PC Paintbrush for Windows so that fonts may be imported to or exported from a variety of sources. Its import/export tools can translate between HP LaserJet, GEM/Ventura Publisher, Windows/PageMaker, and PostScript fonts.

PubTech File Organizer Utility Publishing Windows

The PubTech File Organizer is an alternate desktop shell for Windows that attempts to mimic the Macintosh Finder. It features drive icons directly on the desktop, a Garbage icon, and folders that open in new cascaded windows with icons representing files. Applications are easily accessible from an "Applications" menu. Files and programs may be placed directly on the File Organizer desktop. In many ways, it is similar to the Windows 95 desktop, but the earlier versions work under Windows 2!

PushButton WORKS Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database Windows

PushButton WORKS, from MicroBurst Inc., was a very low cost rudimentary integrated office suite. It includes a word processor, spread sheet, graphing program, and database. It competed with ClarisWorks, Footprint Works, and Microsoft Works for Windows.

PuTTY Communications Windows

PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application.

Pyro Novelty DOS MacOS

Pyro, from Fifth Generation Systems, is a commercial set of screen savers that started of as a simple black and white fireworks screen saver on the Apple Macintosh. It competed against AfterDark.

Q&A Database DOS

Symantec Q&A is a low end flat-file database manager that includes a word processor and a natural language query and reporting interface. While the package is forms-based like Professional File, it is more sophisticated and powerful. Symantec also sold a companion word processor called Q&A Write.

Q&A Write Word Processor DOS

Q&A Write is a word processor designed to accompany Symantec's Q&A database software product. Q&A Write is designed to resemble PFS:Write, and excelled in the areas of ease of use and laser printer support. It also includes mail-merge, keyboard macros, math calculations, envelope printing, spell-checking, and a Lotus 1-2-3 interface.

Q-DOS Utility DOS

Gazelle Systems Q-DOS is a text mode based file manager for DOS. Q-DOS is a simplified file manager that presents all DOS functions visibly. It competed against many other file managers including Norton Commander and Xtree

QEdit Editor DOS

SemWare's QEdit is a powerful, highly responsive, and scriptable text-mode editor. It was also distributed as shareware. It competed with programs like Borland Brief.

QEMM Utility DOS Windows

Quarterdeck QEMM is a DOS Extended Memory Manager for 386+ computer which allows you to make use of memory beyond the 640kb barrier. It can also be used with QRAM, a utility for freeing up the 640k base memory.

Qmodem Communications DOS Windows

Qmodem was a friendly, well designed, and feature rich, commercial telecommunications program that was also distributed in shareware form. The first release was in 1984 by John Friel III, and sold to Mustang Software in 1991. During the early years, it competed with PC-Talk. During the later years, it competed with Procomm and Telemate.

QRAM Utility DOS

QRAM is a memory management tool for 8088, 8086, and 286 based PCs. It can work with LIM 4.0 EMS memory cards, shadow RAM, and even VGA memory to free up or add to the base 640k memory. It also provides XMS compatible extended memory services, so it can replace Microsoft's himem.sys.

Quark Catalyst Utility Other

Quark Catalyst is an Apple II utility that enabled moving applications, including copy protected applications, from 5.25" floppy disks to 3.5" floppy disks or hard disks, and provides launcher menu shell. As of version 3.0 the user interface was revamped to mimic the appearance of the Macintosh Finder. To appease software publishers, the Quark Catalyst software itself is copy protected.

QuarkXPress Publishing DOS Windows MacOS

QuarkXPress was THE standard publishing software during the 1990s. However it failed to update its product line to newer technologies in a timely manager, and charged insane amounts for updates or additional features that should have been built in to the software. They lost most of their market share to Adobe InDesign.

Quarterdeck GameRunner Utility DOS

Quarterdeck GameRunner, from Quarterdeck Corporation, is a specialized packaging of their QEMM memory management product that is specifically designed to automatically maximize the memory and speed available to known games. DOS based games of the time used a hodgepodge of memory access methods, that varied from product to product and often created conflicts. GameRunner attempts to mitigate some of this chaos by providing automatic configuration and management.

Quarterdeck InternetSuite Web Browser Windows

Quarterdeck InternetSuite is a commercial internet connectivity package. It includes the Quarterdeck Mosaic web browser, Quaterdeck FTP, Quarterdeck Message Center, Quarterdeck Terminal, and a dialup networking system.

Quattro Pro Spreadsheet DOS Windows

Quattro Pro, initially just named "Quattro", is a spreadsheet application from Borland International. It competed against Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel, and had several advantages including tabbed sheets, and the ability to handle up to a million rows. Quattro Pro was the subject a lawsuit by Lotus, simply because because Quattro Pro copied their menu user interface, but Lotus claimed this was not allowed. This also affected The Twin and VP-Planner.

QuickBooks Financial DOS Windows

First introduced in 1992, QuickBooks from from Intuit, is an easy to use accounting and bookkeeping program targeted at small businesses and accounting novices. It features check writing, accounts payable and receivable, invoices, cash flow forecasting, and reporting. It provides more functionality than the home-user based Quicken.