Rapid: File Manager Utility Windows

Rapid: File Manager is a Windows based file manager from Gazelle Systems, the makers of Q-DOS.

RapidFile Database DOS

Rapidfile is an easy to use and flexible flat-file database with an integrated word processors. It supports customizable data views and reporting. It was aimed at those who need databases for simple tasks for which relational databases would be an overkill.

RAR Archive DOS

A console utility to extract and create RAR files.

RAWrite Utility Windows

RAWrite or RawWrite for windows is a utility for writing disk images to a floppy disk. This is needed to write many of the disk images from this site to a floppy disk.

ReadRight Document DOS

ReadRight 2.0 is a software OCR application for IBM PC computers. It has built in support for a number of scanners, and can OCR from existing graphics files. It recognizes a number of different fonts, font sizes, supports text columns, and can output to a number of different formats. time, other OCR tools used specialized hardware accelerator cards to achieve acceptable performance.

Ready Set GO Publishing MacOS

Ready Set GO, from Manhattan Graphics Corporation, is a desktop publishing program for the Apple Macintosh. It competed against Mac Publisher, Scoop, Quark Xpress, and PageMaker.

Reflection Communications Windows

Reflection is a terminal emulator package that connects PCs to mainframes, AS/400 and Unix hosts.

RefrenZing Reference Windows

ReferenZing, from Great Bear Technology, makes a Windows-based dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia accessible from the menu bar in popular word processing applications such as Word Perfect, Microsoft Word and Ami Pro. The software's advanced search capabilities include six types of easy-to-use word searches: partial word, advanced search, rhymes, crosswords, anagrams and jumbles. Users can check spelling and definitions, add flare to writing by looking up new words in the thesaurus or find facts in the encyclopedia. ReferenZing's encyclopedia, The New American Desk Encyclopedia, features more than 14,000 entries, covering statistics, as well as biographical, historical and geographical information.

Relay Gold Communications Windows DOS

Relay/PC Gold is a powerful telecommunications program targeted at corporate users. It supports multiple communications sessions, scripting, file transfers, IBM 3270 connectivity, DEC Terminal emulation, and TCP/IP connectivity.

ReportSmith Windows

ReportSmith is a database reporting and query tool that is the perfect companion to your PC data management software. Its WYSIWYG "live" data approach to reporting provides users with a drag and drop, visual interface that makes report creation and customization a snap. bought by Borland. Version 2.0 was the first retail release.

RightGrammar Utility DOS

RightGrammar 1.0 was a short lived rebranded version of RightWriter 4.0. It is not clear why it was rebranded or if there is any difference.

RightWriter Utility DOS Windows

RightWriter is a grammar / structure checking utility. You can feed it a document, and it will produce a marked up copy listing high level critiques such as readability, delivery strength, and jargon. It competed with Grammatik, but RightWriter generally produced superior results.

RIPaint Graphics DOS

RIPaint is a tool for creating Remote Imaging Protocol vector graphics to be displayed over BBS/telnet using terminal emulators such as RIPTerm. quickly by the rise of the World Wide Web.

Roland Ease Songmaker Software Media Player DOS

Roland EASE is a MIDI music editor and playback program designed specifically for the Roland MT32. It supports a variety of effects, and editing features.

Sage Accountant Plus Financial DOS

Sage was, and still is, a UK based leader in accounting and financial software. Accountant Plus was a lower end general purpose accounting package targeted at small businesses.

Samna Plus Word Processor Spreadsheet DOS

Samna "Plus" is an integrated word processor/spreadsheet based on Samna Word.

Samna Word Word Processor DOS

Samna Word is a word processor based on the look and feel of the Lanier enterprise word processing system's software. The product was targeted at Lanier users that wanted to move to IBM PC systems. The user interface is very non-intuitive. Samna Word features multiple fonts and a graphical print preview. It competed against DOS based word processors such as Wordstar, WordPerfect and MultiMate. the company began a merger with Lotus. eventually became Lotus AMI Pro.

Schedule+ PIM Windows MacOS

Schedule Plus is a calendar/personal information manager. It is designed to operate using a shared network Microsoft Mail "mailbox" over a LAN.

ScreenExtender Utility DOS

ScreenExtender is a series of add-on software enhancements for popular word processors such as WordStar and WordPerfect. ScreenExtender increases the amount of text that is visible on the screen at one time. It does this by enabling smaller text characters at higher resolutions. Such text modes, up to 160 columns and 58 rows, are commonly possible with VGA adapters, but ScreenExtender can even extract extra screen real-estate on CGA, EGA, and MGA/Hercules graphics cards.

Select Word Processor Word Processor CPM

The Select Word Processor, from SELECT Information Systems, Inc., is a word processor for generic CP/M-80 based systems. There were also versions for MS-DOS and CP/M-86.

Sensei Calculus Education Windows

Sensei Calculus is an educational program for teaching calculus. It presents information and sample problems as a series of cards. You move through the cards and select answers as questions appear.

SharePoint Chat PIM Server Database Windows

Microsoft SharePoint is a Windows Server hosted collabaration tool allowing for document management, custom lists, workflows, wiki-style editing within an organization, web applications and plugins, extranets and intranets.

Show Partner Presentations Graphics DOS

Show Partner is a powerful desktop presentation graphics tool for MS-DOS. With it, you can create or edit graphics, capture screen shots, and assemble them in to an automated redistributable slide show. It supports animations, scripting, and numerous transition effects. It includes screen capture tools for DOS and Windows 1.x/2.x. Show Partner is designed to show presentations directly on your computer screen, rather than printouts or slides. CGA. However, this version supports IBM EGA and VGA. does not include automated graphing capabilities like Harvard Graphics or PowerPoint. Microsoft Mouse 6.00 driver software.

Sidekick Utility PIM DOS Windows OS2

Borland Sidekick is a DOS based PIM (Personal Information Manager) and one of the first widely-used TSR (terminate and stay resident) programs. The key feature of Sidekick was that one could use Sidekick's utilities while using most other MS-DOS applications. This was important because MS-DOS had no built-in multi-tasking or task switching capabilities.

Sideways Spreadsheet Utility DOS

Sideways is a printing utility that enables you to print a spreadsheet sideways (landscape) when using a graphics printer. While that might seem like a common basic function these days, this is something that early spreadsheets lacked. Using continuous form (tractor feed) paper, a Sideways printout may seamlessly span multiple pages without having to tape or glue pages together. Sideways was sometimes bundled with spreadsheet products. "Sideways leaves no text un-turned".