PlanPerfect Spreadsheet DOS

PlanPerfect is a spreadsheet and graphing companion to WordPerfect. It supports the same printers as WordPerfect and is optimized for lower-end machines. PlanPerfect was mainly targeted at existing WordPerfect users. also enjoy PlanPerfect.

Pmcomm Communications OS2

Pmcomm is an easy to use personal telecommunications program for IBM OS/2. Supports powerful features such as scripting.

Policies Now! Utility Publishing DOS Windows

Policies Now is a document creation wizard that specializes in corporate policies. It provides general purpose templates with carefully constructed language that are customized via a series of questions. The results may be manually customized further with a built in text editor. accompanied by "DescriptionsWrite Now!" (A job description writing tool), and "Personal Policy Expert". These were renamed to "Policies Now!", "Description Now!", and "Policies Now! HR Pro Edition" respectively.

PolyWindows DeskPlus Utility DOS

PolyWindows DeskPlus is a collection of memory resident accessories for DOS. It was first released in 1984 by POLYTRON Corporation. It includes an editor, index cards, a calendar/appointment book, an alarm clock, several calculators, a phone dialer, DOS functions, keyboard macros, and can cut-and-paste between applications. HQ, Mastro, PC Desk, Pop-Up Desk Set, and WordPerfect Library.

Popcorn Desktop Utility PIM DOS

Popcorn desktop is a set of TSR utilities similar to Borland Sidekick. It includes a text editor, a calculator, and a calendar. It can copy information from currently running programs displayed on the screen.

Popcorn Misspeller's Dictionary Word Processor Utility DOS

Popcorn Misspeller's Dictionary, from Popcorn Software, is a TSR program with a popup list of commonly misspelled words. You may find a word by typing it, but it does not make corrective suggestions.

Powerbase Utility DOS

Powerbase is a set of utilities distributed by PC World

PowerDVD Video Windows

PowerDVD is a DVD player program bundled with some CD-ROM drives.

PowerPoint Presentations Windows MacOS

Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphical presentation tool that is today part of Microsoft Office. Prior to its acquisition by Microsoft, it was known as "Presenter" from Forethought Inc. These are the standalone versions. For the Office bundled versions, see Microsoft Office.

Presentation Express Presentations DOS

Presentation Express, from Business & Professional Software, Inc, is a graphing program designed for use with slide recorders. It is related to Business & Professional Software's "35mm Express", but adds improved color handling, chart formats, and fonts.

Presentation Server Server Windows

Presentation Server, from Citrix, is an application virtualization product that allows users to connect to applications on Windows Server remotely.

Presentation Task Force Presentations DOS

Presentation Task Force, from New Vision Technologies, is a collection of clipart for DOS and Windows. It was highly rated by PC Magazine.

Pressworks Publishing Windows

Pressworks is an entry level desktop publishing application for 16-bit Microsoft Windows 3.1. name "Pressworks" in the UK. In the US market, it was distributed by Timeworks under the name Publish-it for Windows.

Print Magic Publishing DOS

Print Magic is a sign, card, and banner printing program, similar to Print Master. Compared to others of the time, its functionality is rather crude, lacking previews or undo.

PrintMaster Graphics Windows DOS

Print Master was another sign and banner creation program similar to The Print Shop. The earlier version got in to trouble for looking too much like the Print Shop.

Procomm Plus Communications DOS Windows

ProComm, from Datastorm technologies, was a powerful and very popular telecommunications program for DOS and Windows. TERMULATOR, written to fill the gap left by shareware PC-Talk when its author died. protocols for uploading and downloading, and automatic redial. The commercial "ProComm Plus" includes a scripting language, more terminal types, additional file transfer protocols, context sensitive help, support for 8 COM ports, and a professionally written manual (telecommunications)](/product/microsoft_access_business_information_access_program), Crosstalk, Relay Gold, and PFS Access. Later, it competed with QModem and Telemate.

Professional Write Word Processor DOS Windows

Professional Write, from Software Publishing Corporation, was a popular word processor for home use during the late 80s and early 90s. It features an easy to use menu system and an integrated spell checker. Professional Write was a revamp and replacement for SPC's earlier PFS:Write.

Professor DOS Education DOS

Professor DOS, from INDIVIDUAL Software, is a friendly interactive training guide that helps you learn how to use DOS on your IBM PC or compatible computer.

Professor WINDOWS Education DOS

Professor WINDOWS, from INDIVIDUAL Software Incorporated, was a best selling Training program for and about Microsoft Windows 3.0. There was also a "Professor DOS"

Project Manager Workbench Planning DOS

"The Workbench is a decision support system designed specifically for a project manager's own use when planning and controlling projects in which resources are a major consideration. Its primary goals are to increase your productivity by automating lengthy and tedious calculations associated with balancing of resources, networking, costing, etc., enhance your responsiveness to changing conditions by allowing you to modify and reconfigure plans quickly, and improve the quality of your planning by enabling you to produce plans that are both detailed and current. The Workbench helps you achieve these goals. The Workbench integrates Gantt charts, dependency networks, resource spreadsheets and text. Therefore, you have all the tools required to plan and control projects." optional communications module.

Proteus Design Suite Engineering DOS

Proteus Design Suite is a circuit design and simulation program.

PsiWin Utility Windows

PsiWin, from Psion PLC, is a tool for managing, interfacing with, and backing up PSION Personal Digital Assistants.

Publish-IT Publishing Windows DOS MacOS

Publish-It! is a WYSIWYG desktop publishing tool originally created by the UK based GST Software for the TOS/GEM Atari ST system. There were versions for IBM PC/GEM, Apple II, Macintosh (as "Publish-It! Easy"), and later Microsoft Windows. desktop publishing tools, it is not a full word processor, but rather imports text and focuses on high-quality formatting and printing. budget title for home users. SoftKey also released a version branded as Key Publisher

Publisher's Paintbrush Graphics DOS

Publisher's Paintbrush is the premium version of ZSoft PC Paintbrush. It includes enhanced features targeted at desktop publishers. Features include enhanced fonts and zooming.

Publisher's TypeFoundry Graphics Publishing Windows

Publisher's TypeFoundry is a set of tools for creating and editing fonts. It includes an Outline Editor for use with vectored fonts, and a Bitmap Editor for use with bit-mapped fonts. It includes a copy of ZSoft PC Paintbrush for Windows so that fonts may be imported to or exported from a variety of sources. Its import/export tools can translate between HP LaserJet, GEM/Ventura Publisher, Windows/PageMaker, and PostScript fonts.