Terminate Communications DOS

Terminate was a shareware modem terminal and host program for MS-DOS and compatible operating systems.

Textra Word Processor DOS

Textra, from the University of Michigan based Ann Arbor Software, was a small and fast word processor highly optimized for speed and rapid data entry. First released in 1982 Textra, like many other early PC word processors, was born out of the lack of a decent IBM PC editor/word processor. Textra featured a full set of text manipulation commands, common text formatting abilities, and full screen editing. It was specifically designed for the IBM PC, giving it faster load and save times and the most responsive user interface possible. It was priced much lower than most other text editors or word processors.

The $25 Network Communications DOS

The $25 Network, from Information Modes, is a low cost networking solution that connects PCs together using a serial port.

The 10 Best Fortune Teller Novelty DOS

The 10 Best Fortune Teller, from Expert Software, is a fun budget fortune telling program: "Excitement awaits on your mystical adventure into the future, these fun-filled fortunes will reveal the future, your personal matters and more - the most fascinating insights you'll ever find in a PC program"

The All-Star Utilities Pac Utility Other Windows

The All-Star Utilities Pac is a set of small windows-based productivity utilities. It was a freebie given away by PC Magazine.

The Benchmark Word Processor DOS

The Benchmark was an early, and somewhat short lived, word processor. This version is for the NEC APC running CP/M-86.

The Draw Graphics DOS

The Draw was a popular shareware ANSI graphics and animation editor used to make graphics for BBSes and DOS programs.

The Print Shop Publishing DOS Windows MacOS

The Print Shop is a home oriented publisher capable of creating calendars, banners, greeting cards and other printable goods. It started off on the Apple II and Commodore 64 where it became popular for its simplicity and ease of use. From day one, it featured interactive editing, on-screen artwork/layout selection, print previewing, and a library of customizable clipart.

The Print Shop Companion Graphics Publishing DOS

As the name suggests, the Print Shop Companion is a companion product to The Print Shop. It contains extra miscellaneous functionality such as graphics editors and envelope printing.

The Print Shop PressWriter Publishing Windows

The Print Shop PressWriter, from Broderbund, is a desktop publishing tool aimed at novice users. It comes with a simplified selection of pre-defined templates for newsletters, flyers, reports, resumes, brochures, and booklets. It includes a selection of extra fonts and clipart. It competed against PrintMaster Gold. Some versions were bundled with The Print Shop Deluxe for Windows.

The Program Director Utility DOS

The Program Director is a tiny little customizable menuing program. It was sold commercially as budget software.

The Steinman Spreadsheet Spreadsheet DOS

Steinman is a small spreadsheet program originally written in 1984 for the Commodore 64 by Barbara Steinman. The Steinman Spreadsheet is "output oriented", focusing on creating customized printed reports based on your spreadsheet data. distributed by SoftDisk with their Big Blue Disk magazine.

The T.Rowe Price Variable Annuity Anlyzer Financial Windows

This is a promotional utility for Windows 3.1 distributed by T.Rowe Price, an investment management firm. You feed it your financial information and it computes your optimal retirement plan based on services provided by T.Rowe Price.

The Twin Spreadsheet DOS

"The Twin", from Mosaic Software, is a spreadsheet that touts compatibility and visual similarity with Lotus 1-2-3. better graphics, a much lower price, and was not copy protected. It was a little slower than Lotus 1-2-3, but this was less of an issue for budget users. The Twin, along with Paperback VP-Planner and Borland Quattro Pro were the subject of a lawsuit claiming that duplicating the "look and feel" violated Lotus's copyrights.

The Video Wizard Database DOS

The Video Wizard, from IntraCorp, Inc., is a database program specifically for keeping track of video tapes. Among other things it has the ability to locate blank space on your tapes. It also includes a primitive video titler for use with IBM CGA composite video out. This program was also available for a number of other platforms such as Apple II, C64, and Atari ST.

TheSky Reference Windows

TheSky, from Software Bisque, Inc (a company that also develops telescope mounts) , is an astronomy program that plots the position of objects in the sky and includes a database of object names and other additional information.

TI Writer Word Processor Word Processor Other

TI-Writer was the standard word processor for the TI-99/4A. To use TI-Writer, you must have the TI-Writer cartridge (needed to load the disk software) and a TI-99/4A with the 32k RAM and disk expansion options.

TI-Artist Graphics Other

TI-Artist, from INSCEBOT INC., is an easy to use general purpose drawing package for the TI-99/4A (not the original /4) that makes use of the high resolution bit-mapped graphics mode.

Timeline Planning DOS

A once popular, powerful, easy to use project management program from Breakthrough Software. Has unlimited number of tasks, dependencies, resources, and cost categories. It competed against Microsoft Project, and CA-SuperProject.

Timeworks DOS Office Word Processor Spreadsheet Database DOS

Timeworks DOS Office, from Timeworks, Inc., is an office suite consisting of the Timeworks Word Writer PC word processor, the Timeworks SwftCalc spreadsheet, and the Timeworks Data Manager desktop database.

Toast Utility MacOS

Toast was a popular CD mastering and burning application for classic Apple Macintosh. It was created by Astarte, who sold it to Adaptec, and later Roxio. Adaptec sold a different program for IBM PC compatibles named CD Creator

Toolworks Desk Reference Reference Windows

Toolworks Desk Reference is an electronic version of the New York Public Library Desk Reference. This reference contains a huge collection of various facts about ideas, advice, details and discoveries. It includes twenty-six subject areas and thousands of entries.

Toolworks DOS Tutor Education DOS

Toolworks DOS Tutor is an extensive DOS tutorial with detailed descriptions about the operation of common IBM PC compatibles, peripheral hardware, and the operation of DOS.

Top Priority PIM DOS

Top Priority is a Personal Information Management tool that keeps track of your appointments and tasks, set priorities, alerts you of periodic events, chart progress, and creates schedules. It offers an optional resident version that can run in the background while other DOS programs are in use. Can export data to Calendar Creator Plus.

TopView Utility DOS

Released by IBM in 1984, TopView was a text-mode windowed multitasker for the IBM PC, XT, and AT computer. It featured preemptive multitasking, text-based windowed task sessions, overlapping windows, and supports the use of a mouse. In part, it was one of the reasons why overlapping windows were added to Microsoft Windows 2.0. TopView was later overtaken by DesqView, OS/2, and Windows. For more information, see the Topview 1.00 Software Spotlight.