Videotex Plus Communications DOS

A Powerful and sophisticated communications package that lest you communicate with any computer information service, such as CompuServe and Dow Jones News/Retrieval. There's even an option that lets you use the auto-dial feature found on many telephone modems! Videotex Plus includes on-screen editing for tailoring of the auto-logon on sequence to your particular needs.

VideoWorks Presentations Graphics MacOS

VideoWorks is a Macintosh animation program that eventually became Macromedia/Adobe Director.

Virtual PC Virtualization Windows OS2 MacOS Mac OS X

Originally an x86 emulator for Macintosh used to run Windows, Connectix, the company that made it, was purchased by Microsoft. Virtual PC was then retooled into a virtualization tool for x86 systems.

VirtualBox Virtualization Windows

VirtualBox is an an x86 virtualization program.

VisiCalc Spreadsheet DOS Other

VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet program for personal computers. It was extremely successful, and pivotal as it was significantly responsible for moving personal computing out of the realm of hobbyists and in to the realm of serious business tools. application suite that also included VisiWord, VisiFile, VisiSpell, VisiTrend/Plot, and VisiTutor. a GUI based environment. But that did not catch on. The similarly named Visi On Calc spreadsheet is not at all related to VisiCalc, and later had to be renamed to Visi On Plan.

VisiFile Database DOS

VisiFile is a flat file data base management system. This version is for the IBM PC, there was also an earlier version for the Apple II. by VisiCorp. Creative Computer Applications followed up with a product called "TurboFile" application suite that also included VisiWord, VisiCalc, VisiSpell, VisiTrend/Plot, and VisiTutor.

Visio Graphics Windows

Visio is a flow-chart diagramming program for Microsoft Windows originally from Shapeware/Visio Corp. Visio was specifically designed as a flow charting tool rather than a generic drawing tool. It featured easy to use drag-and-drop diagram creation, and shipped with a wide variety of stencils. In 2000 Visio Corp was acquired by Microsoft. It competed with Aldus Intellidraw and Micrografx Snapgraphics and Meta Software's MetaDesign.

VisiSchedule Planning DOS

VisiSchedule, from VisiCorp, is a project task scheduling program for IBM PCs running DOS. It competed against early versions of Microsoft Project for DOS.

VisiSpell Word Processor DOS

VisiSpell is a standalone spell checker for DOS, that is intended for use with VisiCorp VisiWord but can be used with any text document.

VisiTrend/Plot Presentations DOS

VisiTrend/VisiPlot is a data analysis and graphing tool. It is part of the Visi Series of applications from VisiCorp, that also included VisiWord, VisiCalc, VisiFile, VisiSpell, and VisiTutor.

VisiTutor for VisiWord Education DOS

VisiTutor is a computerized tutorial program that will guide a user through how to use VisiCorp VisiWord. application suite that also included VisiCalc, VisiWord, VisiFile, VisiSpell, and VisiTrend/Plot.

VisiWord Word Processor DOS

VisiWord is a solid and well designed word processor for the IBM PC from VisiCorp. It was part of VisiCorp's integrated office application suite that also included VisiCalc, VisiFile, VisiSpell, VisiTrend/Plot, and VisiTutor. It competed against EasyWriter and Volkswriter. This software runs under DOS 1.x and DOS 2.x. A follow up update to VisiWord offered better integration with VisiSpell. a GUI based environment. But that did not catch on. The similarly named Visi On Word word processor is not directly related to VisiWord.

Vistapro Graphics Other DOS Windows

Vistapro is a three-dimensional landscape simulation program. Using U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files, Vistapro can accurately recreate real world landscapes in vivid detail. It can also create fractal based landscapes, and provides many customizations. Vistapro originated on the Amiga and also had a Macintosh port.

VMware Virtualization Windows

Well known and robust hypervisor software.

VoiceType Utility Novelty Windows

VoiceType is a voice dictation and speech recognition program from IBM. Compared to other products, VoiceType was considered fairly fast and accurate, but required several hours of "training" to achieve that. It was aimed at a fairly niche voice dictation market.

Volkswriter Word Processor DOS

Volkswriter, from Lifetree Software Inc, was an early easy to use word processor for the IBM PC. Development of Volkswriter was inspired by the horridness of EasyWriter, and for a brief time it was possibly the only usable word processor for the IBM PC before an IBM version of WordStar was released. The "Deluxe" version will work with larger documents and has more features.

VP-Expert Database DOS

VP-Expert, from Paperback Software, was a low-cost expert system solution that competed against products such as 1st-Class Fusion, Knowledgepro, Level 5, and Personal Consultant Easy. It provides rule induction, traditional structured rule programming, backwards and forward chaining, and hypertext and mouse support in graphics mode.

VP-Info Database DOS

VP-Info, from Paperback Software's VP Info, is a dBase-type relational database manager with compiler from the 1980s. VP-Info features the ability to use common dBase/Clipper file formats with an unlimited number of records, and a built-in compiler.

VP-Planner Spreadsheet DOS

VP Planner is a Lotus 123-type spreadsheet, but featuring 3-D (paged) spreadsheets and other advances over Lotus 123. This was the subject of a lawsuit, also involving The Twin, and Borland Quattro Pro, which Paperback Software eventually won, but which sank the company.

VPIC Graphics DOS

VPIC was a popular shareware image viewer for DOS. It supports a wide range of graphics file formats, and supports the proprietary resolutions of almost every video card ever made.

VTERM Communications DOS

VTERM is a PC telecommunications program designed to emulate the DEC VT100 and interface with Digital Equipment Corporation systems. In addition to emulating a terminal, it supports binary file transfers. VTERM was primarily targeted at large corporations that also owned, used, or interfaced with large VAX VMS or PDP systems.

Wang Freestyle Utility Publishing DOS

Wang Freestyle is an "annotation" program that operates by making screen shots of DOS applications, to which the user may then add hand-written notes using a stylus or add a voice recording with a telephone-like handset. It features a Macintosh-like desktop that displays the annotated documents graphically on a proprietary high resolution monitor, and integrates a form of mail and fax. supports standard IBM VGA and mice instead of Wang's high resolution display and stylus. appears Wang heavily marketed this product, yet it was considered a flop, with very few actual users.

Ways 2 Utility Windows

Ways is a smart dictionary, thesaurus and database multitool that works with any Windows 3.1 application. It once had been part of the Witchpen word processing suite for DOS. When certain word processors began to dominate the market, Swiss developer Hannes Keller decided to separate and enhance the dictionary. In Germany, Ways was widespread thanks to being bundled with every Highscreen brand computer in the early 1990s.

Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus Reference Windows

Random House Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus provides definitions for a very large number of words. It features pronunciations, etymologies, and illustrative sentences with many biographical and geographical entries. The program can search for partial words, mis-spelled words, and using wildcards. Professional Dictionary and Thesaurus, Key Dictionary Plus, Instant Definitions Dictionary, and Funk & Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary.

Websters Dictionary Reference DOS

A computerized version of Webster's Dictionary from Proximity Technology Inc. Once loaded, you can access it from within any DOS application using a hot key.