VPIC Graphics DOS

VPIC was a popular shareware image viewer for DOS. It supports a wide range of graphics file formats, and supports the proprietary resolutions of almost every video card ever made.

VTERM Communications DOS

VTERM is a PC telecommunications program designed to emulate the DEC VT100 and interface with Digital Equipment Corporation systems. In addition to emulating a terminal, it supports binary file transfers. VTERM was primarily targeted at large corporations that also owned, used, or interfaced with large VAX VMS or PDP systems.

Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus Reference Windows

Random House Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus provides definitions for a very large number of words. It features pronunciations, etymologies, and illustrative sentences with many biographical and geographical entries. The program can search for partial words, mis-spelled words, and using wildcards. Professional Dictionary and Thesaurus, Key Dictionary Plus, Instant Definitions Dictionary, and Funk & Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary.

Websters Dictionary Reference DOS

A computerized version of Webster's Dictionary from Proximity Technology Inc. Once loaded, you can access it from within any DOS application using a hot key.

Whereabouts Deluxe Novelty DOS

Whereabouts Deluxe flashes a fun, animated, and colorful messages on your PC that tells people your whereabouts. Choose one of 11 bright messages from each volume or create your own custom message.

WillMaker Other DOS Windows

WillMaker is a program that takes a set of simple human-understandable questions to produce the complex legal language and law considerations, required for a modern will.

Winamp Audio Media Player Windows

A media player for Windows. It really whips the Llama's ass.

WINCheckIt Utility Windows

WINCheckIt, from TouchStone Software Corporation, was a popular diagnostics and system cleaning utility for Microsoft Windows 3.1. It diagnoses issues with CMOS/BIOS setup, finds IRQ problems, tests I/O devices and memory, benchmarks system performance, removes unused application files, and fixes system files. WinCheckIt is the successor to their earlier DOS based CheckIt diagnostics.

WinDelete Utility Windows

WinDelete, from IMSI, is a Windows 3.1 tool for uninstalling unwanted software and cleaning the system.

Windows Media Center Video Audio Media Player Windows

A full-screen 10 foot HTPC interface from Microsoft.

Windows Media Player Video Audio Media Player Windows

The media player built-into Windows

Windows Personal Librarian Reference Database Windows

Windows Personal Librarian is a CD database application for Microsoft Windows 2. It installs fine in a VM, but seems to need some additional configuration after that, but there are no instructions. This is likely a "client" tool meant only to display databases created elsewhere.

Windows Resource Kit Utility Windows

Supplimentry tools for managing and deploying Microsoft Windows.

WinFax Pro Communications Windows

Delrina WinFax Pro is fax program for Microsoft Windows. It was once ubiquitous, often bundled with modems or OEM PC computers. It was sometimes accompanied by Delrina DosFax. It competed again Softnet FaxWorks and BitWare.

Wingz Spreadsheet Windows OS2

First released in 1989, Wingz was a highly promoted cross platform spreadsheet available for Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, NeXTSTEP, and Unix. At the time, it had a number of advantages over Microsoft Excel and others. It featured spreadsheets up to 32768 cells in both directions, in-cell editing, a powerful graphing system, and a macro-programming language called HyperScript. important features. Although the 1.1 updated corrected much of this, it hurt the products sales and acceptance.

WinImage Utility Windows

A tool used for reading, writing, and editing disk images. Most of the disk images (.IMG or .IMA) on this site can be written with this tool. This is a SHAREWARE product, but is posted here for your convenience.

WinPlay Audio Media Player Windows

WinPlay3 was the first real-time MP3 audio player for PCs running Windows.

WINProbe Utility Windows

WINProbe is a commercial system information and diagnostic program from Landmark International, maker of benchmark and diagnostic programs. criticized as being rather buggy. Landmark also produced the separate Sysinfo product for DOS.

WinSong Composer Media Player Windows

WinSong Composer, first released as Opus Composer in 1987 by Maranatha Systems, Inc, is a music notation program that supports Microsoft Windows 1.x and 2.x. It can also play back music through a music driver program, that apparently in the full version supports MIDI interface devices. which plays back music on the PC Speaker.

WinText Word Processor Windows

Palantir WinText is an executive level word processor for Microsoft Windows. Its primary claim to fame: it was advertised as the first word processor for Windows other than Write. same time, either overlapped or tiled. It features the ability to embed graphics, includes a spell checker (but not in the demo) and hyphenator, handles files of indefinite length, includes mail merge, boilerplates, multilevel undo, page preview, and document import file converters. most other Windows programs via the Windows Clipboard, and supports all printers supported by Windows. overhead of Microsoft Windows, as well as requiring a mouse for some operations rather than the keyboard. It was also priced rather high for functionally comparable word processors. applications in summer 1987. It is a little unclear exactly when they started shipping but it was among the earlier commercial Windows word processors, if not the first. processor, was released around that time (late 87 or early 88), and Samna Ami 1.0 shortly after. Microsoft Word 1.0 for Windows was not released until November 1989. telecommunication , "WinLook" image manager, "WinPaint" paint program, and "WinFonts".font editor.

WinTime PIM Windows

Palantir WinTime is a resource scheduling program for Microsoft Windows that can coordinate schedules across multiple individuals. A network aware version was available under the name NetTime. telecommunication , "WinLook" image manager, "WinPaint" paint program, and "WinFonts".font editor.

WinWay Resume Publishing Windows

WinWay Resume is a tool that assists people in creating professional looking resumes. It features an interview and salary negotiation simulator.

WinZip Utility Archive Windows

WinZip is an archive utility for Microsoft Windows that creates and extracts ZIP files, along with a degree of support for MS Cabinet (cab), ISO, JAR, TAR, and GZipped files.

Wired for Sound Pro Novelty Windows

Wired For Sound, from Aristosoft, is a tool that assigns silly sounds to various Windows events. It also includes a set of backgrounds, alternate icons, and alternate cursors, and a talking clock. There were different editions of WFS Pro with different sound sets.

Word Writer Word Processor DOS

Timeworks Word Writer PC is a budget word processor for IBM PC and compatibles. There were versions of Word Writer for other platforms, including the Commodore 64. Word Writer was also bundled with Timeworks Office.