PasteUp Publishing Unix

PasteUp is a text processing system that can arrange columns of text, provide typographical control, draw shapes, and other effects.

PATHWORKS Web Browser Communications DOS Windows

PATHWORKS is a network client suite that enables PCs to communicate with VMS and Ultrix systems from Digital Equipment Corporation.

PC Animate Plus Graphics DOS

PC Animate Plus, from Presidio Software, Inc, is a two dimensional paint and animation package. It can use 256 colors and Sound Blaster sound. It supports SVGA resolutions and 32k colors on select video cards. Supports frame rotation and scaling, pixel painting and pallet effects, cell animations, and can import Autodesk FLI animations.

PC Globe Reference DOS

PC Globe is an electronic atlas of the world that provides profiles, maps, geography, and graphics for the countries of the world. It can generate a variety of reports using this data and export map graphics. They also sold a USA specific version called PC USA that contains more detail about the US states. A related product was released for Windows as PC Globe Maps N Facts.

PC Globe Maps N Facts Reference DOS

PC Globe Maps N Facts is a multimedia reference tool from Broderbund that includes geographic maps, statistics, and information about countries all over the world. released under Broderbund.

PC Illustrator Graphics DOS

PC Illustrator, first released in 1984 by Computer Graphics Group, Inc of Atlanta Georgia, is an easy to use freehand drawing and business charting package. Charting mode supports bar, area, line, and pie charts, and you can add your own drawings around the chart. It supports the use of a Microsoft compatible mouse, light pen, or digitizing pad.

PC Magazine Labs Performance Tests Utility DOS Windows OS2

These disks contain Hardware and Graphics tests from 1990 for Microsoft Windows 2, and OS/2 1.x Presentation Manager.

PC Paint Graphics DOS Windows

PC Paint, from Mouse Systems Corporation, is a Macintosh MacPaint-like paint program for the PC. It was often bundled with Mouse Systems mice. Despite the similar sounding name and appearance, it is NOT related to Microsoft/ZSoft PC Paintbrush.

PC Paintbrush Graphics DOS Windows

ZSoft PC Paintbrush is a bitmap drawing program visually similar to MacPaint. The earlier DOS versions were often bundled with Microsoft and Microsoft compatible mice, and were notable for supporting a huge variaty of video adapters. It competed against Mouse Systems PC Paint (not related despite the similar name). ZSoft PC Paintbrush eventually became Microsoft Paint in Windows 3.0 and later. For Microsoft's rebranded version see Microsoft Mouse and Microsoft Paintbrush

PC Telemail Communications DOS

Telenet (later Sprintnet) was a worldwide communications network that connected terminal users and host computer systems, enabling them to access the Telemail host system by dialing a local telephone number and avoiding costly long-distance charges . conjunction with the Telemail service. The PC Telemail system enables your personal computer to mimic the functions of the Telemail host computer. It contains many additional features which enhance the use of the overall Telemail service. capabilities, forms design and creation, automatic and timed message exchange, Activity and status logs for tracking messages, and Communications with other computer systems.

PC Tools Utility DOS Windows

PC Tools, from Central Point Software, is a system and disk utility suite similar to the Norton Utilities. Central Point also produced a similar set of tools for the Apple Macintosh known as MacTools. Central Point Backup, bundled as part of PC-Tools, was also offered as a standalone product.

PC USA Reference DOS

This is a USA specific version of PC Globe. PC USA provides an electronic atlas of the USA that provides profiles, maps, geography, and graphics for the sates. It can generate a variety of reports using this data and export map graphics.

PC World PowerBase/Best Of Star-Dot-Star Utility DOS

PC World PowerBase/Best Of Star-Dot-Star is a set of user contributed utilities and tips. These 5.25" floppy disks were distributed alongside the PC-World magazine as a supplement to their long running Star-Dot-Star column.

PC-Calc Spreadsheet DOS

PC-CALC is an easy-to-use "Visible Spreadsheet" program. If you work with numbers, at home, on the job or at school, PC-CALC is for you. Whether the task is simple or complex, PC-CALC can help you. By using its powerful commands, reports can be produced in minutes that would take hours to do manually, or days to write in BASIC. PC-CALC, written by Jim "Button" Knopf of ButtonWare ( ), is historically notable because it was one of the first programs marketed as shareware.

PC-File Database DOS

PC-File is a simple flat file database management program for DOS. PC-File, along with PC-Write, and PC-Talk were the first popular products sold under the "Shareware" concept.

PC-Fullbak Utility DOS

PC-Fullbak was a small low-cost hard drive backup program that aggressively competed head-on against Fifth Generation Systems Fastback. It was comparatively speedy, and supported appending to existing backups. under the name "PC-FullbakEZ". There were also versions for the Macintosh.

PC-Tools File Manager Utility Windows

This is a standalone version of the enhanced filemanager that was bundled with PC-Tools for Windows. This version was released after Symantec acquired Central Point and discontinued the PC-Tools product.

PC-Write Word Processor DOS

PC-Write, written by Bob Wallace of Quicksoft, was an editor for the PC and along with PC-File and PC-Talk was one of the first widely distributed shareware programs.

PC-Xview Communications DOS

PC-Xview is a mature X Windowing program for DOS. It supports a wide variety of DOS network clients

pcANYWHERE Communications DOS Windows

pcAnywhere is a tool that enables one to remotely control another computer, or to be remotely controlled.

Peachtext 5000 Word Processor Financial Database DOS

PeachText 5000 is a complete personal productivity system for word processing, financial modeling, mailing lists and simple database management. It contains a thesaurus, spell checker, and file conversion tools.

Peachtree Complete Accounting Financial DOS Windows

Peachtree Complete Accounting is a complete accounting solution for small businesses.

Peachtree Inventory Management Financial DOS

Peachtree Inventory Management is a business accounting tool for tracking sales inventory.

Peachtree Mailing List Manager Utility CPM

Peachtree Mailing List Manager, from Peachtree Software Incorporated, is a mailing list manager included with Peachtree software bundles.

Perceive Personal Publishing DOS

This is an early OCR program for DOS based computers.