Windows 95 RTM

Windows 95 offered, at long last, a well designed document-oriented desktop shell that worked much like the 1984 Macintosh Finder. It also included a new way of finding installed applications through a "Start" menu. And it included the same networking abilities as Windows for Workgroups.

It integrated the ability to run 32-bit applications similar to Windows NT or Windows 3.1 with Win32s. It no longer ran on a separate DOS product. But Windows 95 was not a pure "32-bit" OS: It was still based around the framework of Windows 3.x, 2.x and 1.x. It still ran on top of DOS, but bundled its own special "Windows 95" DOS (AKA MS-DOS 7). It could even still make use of DOS drivers. The 95 architecture was continued with Windows 98.

Most 95 CDs are NOT BOOTABLE. If a download does not include a boot floppy, please see Microsoft Windows Boot Disks

If the listed serials below do not work for a specific release, please see the Serials thread

You may also override the install type (no serial needed) by creating a file name MSBATCH.INF with the lines "[Setup]", and then "ProductType=1", placing that in the Win95 setup folder, and then running setup.

VMWare and VirtualBox are problematic with Windows 95. If you use those, you may need to disable various acceleration features first, and/or install the Windows 95 CPU speed fixes. Windows 95 has many issues on faster machines or VMs, requiring a number of patches in order to operate. Consider emulators like x86Box or PCem instead.


Release notes

RTM or the "Gold" release is the initial version Released To Manufacturing, and placed on store shelves.

It is believed that there was never an official boxed "Full Retail" CD-ROM version. The CD-ROM version was available as OEM and Upgrades only, because at the time it was not possible to guarantee CDs could be read on a system without vendor-provided drivers.

Installation instructions

Note: The "File Archives" below are cut-down ISO images that exclude the extra CD fluff. They are configured for use as both clean and upgrade installs.

Important: Windows 95 CDs are NOT bootable, and require an appropriate Windows 95 Boot Floppy. (A 98FE or 98SE disk will also work fine)

To speed up installation, and to avoid numerous problems, copy the win95 folder to a folder on the hard drive (such as c:\win95) and then run setup from there.

Product type
Release date
Wed Aug 23 1995
End of life date
Mon Dec 31 2001
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
972 (164 for release)
  • 757-2573155
  • 875-7215850
  • 100-1208613
  • 95A 049-6301576
  • 111-1111111


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Windows 95 (3.5-1.44mb) RTM English 24.75MB 20
Windows 95 (OEM) (3.5-DMF) RTM (OEM) English 22.35MB 6
Windows 95 (OEM) (ISO) RTM English 359.59MB 29
Windows 95 (Retail Full) (3.5-DMF) RTM (Retail Full) English 33.87MB 4
Windows 95 (Retail Full) [German] (3.5-DMF) RTM (Retail Full) German 22.51MB 2
Windows 95 (Retail Upgrade) (3.5-DMF) RTM (Retail Upgrade) Upgrade English 23.44MB 0
Windows 95 (Retail Upgrade) (5.25-1.2mb) RTM (Retail Upgrade) English 24.45MB 0
Windows 95 (Retail Upgrade) (ISO) RTM (Retail Upgrade) Upgrade English 360.38MB 6
Windows 95 (Retail Upgrade) [German] (3.5-DMF) RTM (Retail Upgrade) German 32.69MB 0
Windows 95 (VMware VM) RTM English 400.6MB 12
Windows 95 (chk) RTM (chk) English 37.92MB 1
Windows 95 Manual (OEM) RTM English 8.39MB 1
Windows 95 [Arabic] RTM Arabic 28.89MB 0
Windows 95 [Basque] RTM Basque 25.14MB 0
Windows 95 [Catalan] RTM Catalan 25.19MB 0
Windows 95 [Czech] (OEM) RTM Czech 204.28MB 1
Windows 95 [Danish] RTM Danish 25.13MB 1
Windows 95 [Danish] (OEM) (ISO) RTM (OEM) Danish 241.58MB 2
Windows 95 [Dutch] RTM Dutch 25.16MB 1
Windows 95 [English w. Arabic Support] RTM English w Arabic 27.92MB 1
Windows 95 [English w. Vietnamese Support] RTM English w Vietnamese 46.67MB 1
Windows 95 [Finnish] RTM Finnish 34.38MB 1
Windows 95 [Finnish] (OEM) (3.5-DMF) RTM Finnish 21.76MB 1
Windows 95 [Finnish] (OEM) (ISO) RTM (OEM) Finnish 240.51MB 1
Windows 95 [French] RTM French 34.59MB 1
Windows 95 [French] RTM French 25.3MB 4
Windows 95 [German] RTM German 26.47MB 2
Windows 95 [German] (OEM) (ISO) RTM (OEM) German 303.16MB 4
Windows 95 [Greek] RTM Greek 28.34MB 1
Windows 95 [Hebrew] RTM Hebrew 28.79MB 1
Windows 95 [Hebrew] RTM Hebrew 36MB 1
Windows 95 [Hungarian] RTM Hungarian 26.39MB 2
Windows 95 [Italian] RTM Italian 25.09MB 4
Windows 95 [Italian] (5.25-1.2mb) RTM Italian 24.9MB 2
Windows 95 [Italian] (OEM) (ISO) RTM Italian 288.96MB 2
Windows 95 [Italian] Upgrade (3.5-DMF) RTM Upgrade Italian 21.46MB 3
Windows 95 [Japanese] RTM Japanese 47.27MB 6
Windows 95 [Japanese] for NEC PC-9801 RTM NEC PC-9801 Japanese 55.62MB 1
Windows 95 [Japanese] for NEC PC-9801 [Epson OEM] (Upgrade) NEC PC-9801 [Epson OEM] (Upgrade) Japanese 230.43MB 1
Windows 95 [Korean] RTM Korean 31.16MB 2
Windows 95 [Norwegian] RTM Norwegian 25.05MB 1
Windows 95 [Pan European] RTM Pan European 26.48MB 0
Windows 95 [Pan European] (OEM) (ISO) RTM (OEM) Pan European 320.35MB 0
Windows 95 [Polish] RTM Polish 26.34MB 2
Windows 95 [Polish] (OEM) (ISO) RTM Polish 206.01MB 0
Windows 95 [Portuguese-Brazil] RTM Portuguese Brazil 24.84MB 0
Windows 95 [Portuguese] RTM Portuguese 25.17MB 0
Windows 95 [Russian] RTM Russian 26.27MB 1
Windows 95 [Simpl. Chinese] RTM Simpl. Chinese 53.59MB 14
Windows 95 [Slovenian] RTM Slovenian 34.05MB 0
Windows 95 [Spanish] RTM Spanish 34.56MB 1
Windows 95 [Spanish] (5.25-1.2mb) RTM Spanish 24.92MB 4
Windows 95 [Spanish] (ISO) (OEM) RTM (OEM) Spanish 282.14MB 7
Windows 95 [Swedish] RTM Swedish 25.06MB 0
Windows 95 [Thai] RTM Thai 24.35MB 0
Windows 95 [Trad. Chinese] RTM Trad. Chinese 51.99MB 3
Windows 95 [Turkish] (OEM) (ISO) RTM Turkish 205.48MB 3
Windows 95 [Vietnamese] RTM Vietnamese 23.67MB 0
Windows 95 and Microsoft Plus! (OEM) [Dutch] (ISO) RTM (OEM) Dutch 274.05MB 0


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