Windows 95 Patches

Windows 95 offered, at long last, a well designed document-oriented desktop shell that worked much like the 1984 Macintosh Finder. It also included a new way of finding installed applications through a "Start" menu. And it included the same networking abilities as Windows for Workgroups.

It integrated the ability to run 32-bit applications similar to Windows NT or Windows 3.1 with Win32s. It no longer ran on a separate DOS product. But Windows 95 was not a pure "32-bit" OS: It was still based around the framework of Windows 3.x, 2.x and 1.x. It still ran on top of DOS, but bundled its own special "Windows 95" DOS (AKA MS-DOS 7). It could even still make use of DOS drivers. The 95 architecture was continued with Windows 98.

Most 95 CDs are NOT BOOTABLE. If a download does not include a boot floppy, please see Microsoft Windows Boot Disks

If the listed serials below do not work for a specific release, please see the Serials thread

You may also override the install type (no serial needed) by creating a file name MSBATCH.INF with the lines "[Setup]", and then "ProductType=1", placing that in the Win95 setup folder, and then running setup.

The followings are updates made by either Microsoft or other third-parties/members to patch out a bug included in Windows 95 operating system, or to improve system's performance.

The updates listed below are only provided as a convenience to those installing a fresh Windows 95 on hardware or a VM. This is not an all-inclusive list of updates.

Installation instructions

Note: One of the files in the DST patch may be incorrectly flagged as malware. The patch installer is non-Microsoft because the genuine patch is for XP only. If you discover any real problems from this patch, please let us know.

Product type
Release date
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Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
AMDK6 Update English x86-32 Archive 245.79KB
DCOM95 OLE Update English x86-32 Archive 1.18MB
Microsoft DirectX 8.0 8.0 English x86-32 Archive 11.54MB
NTLM 2 and Active Directory Update English x86-32 Archive 2.91MB
USB Update for Win95 OSR 2 English x86-32 Archive 1.16MB
USB-Supplemental Disk [Dutch] (3.5-1.44mb) USB-Supplemental Disk Dutch x86-32 3½ Floppy 1.3MB
Win95 Comctl Leak Fix English x86-32 Archive 307.66KB
Win95 Fast CPU Fixes English x86-32 Archive 2.94MB
Win95 Font Smoothing Tool English x86-32 Archive 114.36KB
Win9x DST Updates English x86-32 Archive 281.09KB
Win9x Installer 2.0 2.0 English x86-32 Archive 1.69MB
Windows 95 DUN 1.4 Update DUN 1.4 Update English x86-32 Archive 1.85MB
Windows 95 Service Pack 1 Service Pack 1 English x86-32 Archive 1.2MB
Windows Chicago build 224 Checked/Debug Patch 4.0.224 Checked Prerelease English x86-32 Archive 14.8KB
Winsock 2 Update English x86-32 Archive 923.88KB


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