Design It! 3-D Graphics Windows MacOS

Design It! 3D is an easy to use budget 3D modeling tool. It is suitable for creating home arrangement designs, and features a 3D preview that lets you "walk" through your creation.

Dilbert Break A Day Novelty Windows MacOS

Released in 1997 by DayBreak Software, Break A Day is a calendar that shows a different Dilbert comic every day. Includes a 16-bit Windows 3.1 version, 32-bit Windows 9x/NT version, and a Mac version.

DiskDoubler Utility Archive MacOS

DiskDoubler is an automated file compression program for the Apple Macintosh. It does not compress the entire drive, but rather specified files. It automatically compresses and recompresses files as you use them.

Double Helix Database MacOS

Helix/Double Helix is an easy to use relational database for the Apple Macintosh. It features a visual programming system, and options for multiuser over AppleTalk.

Encarta Reference Windows MacOS

Microsoft Encarta was a home oriented interactive encyclopedia that was often sold with new OEM machines. Unlike a paper encyclopedia, Encarta took full advantage of being on a computer, with updates from the Internet, sound clips and movies, interactive charts and games, and good navigation.

Expert Draw Graphics MacOS

Expert draw is an easy to use budget drawing programs for the Macintosh sold through Expert Software. It features a library of editable clipart, and shape based drawing tools.

FileMaker Database MacOS Windows

File maker is a very easy to use graphical flat-file database management tool from Claris that allows for visual form and report creation. Originally for DOS, there were Macintosh versions and later it was ported to Windows.

Final Cut Pro Video MacOS

A video editor and post-production tool from Apple.

Fontmonger Utility Windows MacOS

FontMonger, from Ares Software, is a font tool that can convert fonts between many different formats, move characters between fonts, and edit characters. Publisher's Type Foundry](/product/publishers-typefoundry) font editor. At release FontMonger was considered the only practical Windows-based program for modifying fonts. However, it was not considered a professional tool as it lacked kerning and hinting controls.

FoxBASE Database DOS Unix MacOS

FoxBASE, a relational database from Fox Software, started off in 1984 as a clone of dBase II that boasted many speed improvements. FoxBASE+ adds feature parity and compatibility with dBase III Plus. It later became FoxPro

FrameMaker Publishing Windows Unix MacOS

FrameMaker, originally from Frame Technology Corporation and later Adobe, is a professional document system for creating large, complex documents with highly structured layout. It was often accompanied by FrameReader.

FreeHand Graphics Publishing Windows MacOS

FreeHand is a vector based drawing program used to create illustrations. It is similar to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. Initially it offered more features and flexibility than illustrator. It was created by Altsys, sold through Aldus, then sold to Macromedia, and then finally was assimilated by Adobe. Later versions repositioned itself as a content creation system for the web through Flash. The final version was Freehand MX (version 11) in 2003.

Grammatik Utility DOS MacOS

Grammatik is a standalone grammar checker, and was possibly the first grammar checker for personal computers. Later versions were built in to Word Perfect. It competed against RightWriter.

Guided Tour of Macintosh Education MacOS

This is a software and audio cassette demonstration of the Apple Macintosh. It visually guides you through the use of Macintosh, the Finder, and typical Macintosh applications. This software and cassette were bundled with the Apple Macintosh System Software.

Guided Tour of MacPaint and MacWrite Education MacOS

This is a software and audio cassette demonstration of Apple MacWrite and MacPaint. It visually guides you through the use of the applications. This tour was bundled with the Apple Macintosh and MacWrite-MacPaint software.

Hayden Ensemble Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database MacOS

Ensemble, created by Controle X and published by Hayden Software, is an integrated office suite that includes Spreadsheet, Graphing, Word Processing, and Database functionality. It was notable as claiming to be the first integrated suite on the Macintosh, before Lotus Jazz or Microsoft Works as well as its ability to run on both the Mac 512k and the original Mac 128k.

HyperCard Other Database MacOS

Hypercard is a graphical card "stack" oriented application and database programming tool for the Apple Macintosh. It features hypertext and hyperlinking of graphics and buttons, and includes an easy to use scripting language called HyperTalk. In many ways, it resembled a web browser, however it had no networking capability.

HyperNet Server MacOS

Hypernet is a multi-user file sharing tool for early Macintosh computers that lets one or more Macintosh act as a file server connecting to multiple clients.

iMovie Video MacOS Mac OS X

iMovie is a home oriented movie making tool from Apple.

Key Design Center 3D Graphics Windows MacOS

Design Center 3D is an easy to use budget 3D modeling tool. It is suitable for creating home arrangement designs, and features a 3D preview that lets you "walk" through your creation. This appears to be a slightly earlier version of Softkey Design It!.

Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet DOS Windows OS2 MacOS

Lotus 1-2-3 was an early spreadsheet application available for MS-DOS. It became extremely popular in the late 1980s, displacing the former leader VisiCalc. Lotus had difficulties adapting 1-2-3 to the Windows environment, and was overtaken by Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet functionality was also included in Lotus Symphony. Later versions were included in Lotus SmartSuite.

Lotus Jazz Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications Database MacOS

Lotus Jazz was a heavily marketed all-in-one integrated office suite that included a word processor, spreadsheet, graphing, database, and communications program. Jazz was targeted as a universal solution for all office workers. Although at release, the program was exclusively for the Apple Macintosh 512k. Despite the marketing effort, it flopped miserably. Although it was from Lotus, the spreadsheet was not related to Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft Works.

MacDraw Graphics MacOS

MacDraw, originally from Apple and later Claris, was an early vector based drawing application for MacOS. The origional version was released alongside the Macintosh in 1984. It could be used in conjunction with MacWrite. Unlike MacPaint, MacDraw uses shapes and lines to build drawings, where MacPaint is completely bit-mapped. In 1993 the product was renamed to ClarisDraw as a Windows port was added.

MacPaint Graphics MacOS

MacPaint was designed as a simplified, easy to use raster/bit-mapped paint program, and was sold along side the original 1984 Apple Macintosh. A historically notable feature was its ability to copy and past images to and from other applications such as MacWrite. The final 2.0 version was released and maintained under Claris.

MacTools Utility MacOS

Central Point MacTools is a set of disk utilities similar to Central Point PC Tools for the Apple Macintosh. It includes a file system repair tool, disk optimizer, anti virus, hex editor, and more. MacTools 4.0 Pro was the final version after Central Point was bought out by Symantec.