Xmas for Windows Novelty Windows

What better way to celebrate the winter solstice than to give someone the gift of an ugly Windows 3.1 color scheme, annoying backgrounds, and looping MIDI music that will make you want to rip your ears off of your head? Xmas for Windows, from Sygenex, gives you all of that as well as themed system icons, a screen saver, and several themed games. it does contain the usual religious based Xmas musics and some graphics.

Xoom OfficeSuite Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Windows

Xoom OfficeSuite 97 is a half-assed office suite based around WordStar 2.0 for Windows. It includes the Xoom Word Pro 1.0 word processor, Xoom Calc 1.0 spreadsheet, and Xoom Photo 1.0 image editor. It seems it was targeted at budget users and system bundles.

XtraDrive Utility DOS

XtraDrive is a hard drive compression program that competed against programs like Stacker and SuperStor. XtraDrive was slightly slower, but was priced lower. before DOS and intercepts disk writes at the BIOS level. This allows many disk utilities to work that otherwise would not. Unlike the other drive compression programs at the time, XtraDrive features easy de-installation.

XTree Utility DOS Windows

XTree is an easy to use text-mode file manager. It pioneered the use of a GUI-like hierarchy tree, and provides many integrated file viewers. It competed against many other file managers including Gazelle Q-DOS and Norton Commander

XVision Utility Windows

XVision, from Visionware, is a commercial X-Windowing "server" for connecting client Windows 3.x computers to Unix and VMS systems.

XyWrite Word Processor DOS Windows

XyWrite is a word processor for MS-DOS and Windows modeled on the mainframe-based ATEX typesetting system. Popular with writers and editors for its speed and degree of customization, XyWrite was in its heyday the house word processor in many editorial offices, including the New York Times from 1989 to 1993. XyWrite was developed by David Erickson and marketed by XyQuest from 1982 through 1992, after which it was acquired by The Technology Group. The final version for MS-DOS was 4.18 (1993); for Windows, 4.13. An offshoot descendant of XyWrite called Nota Bene is still being actively developed.

Zenographics Pixie Presentations Graphics Windows

Zenographics Pixie is a simplified, easy to use business presentation and graphing program. It is designed to work with Microsoft Windows 2.x. It was designed to interoperate with their high end Zenographics Mirage graphics software. It can export to Mirage, CGM, and Windows metafiles, and provide output to film recorders.