Electric Desk Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS

Electric Desk is an all-in-one integrated word processor, spreadsheet, database, and terminal program. It was first introduced in 1984 as a low-overhead office package targeted at the IBM PCjr, and was offered as a lower cost alternative to Ashton-Tate Framework and Lotus Symphony. Electric desk features windowing, macros, and context sensitive menus. The user interface is a little eccentric. It refers to the program components as "services", and refers to windows as "viewports". OEM bundled PC software.

Enable Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database DOS

Enable, from The Software Group, is an integrated office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, telecommunications program, and database. It was designed to compete with Lotus Symphony, and was sometimes bundled with Zenith computers.

FinalWord Word Processor DOS

FinalWord is a powerful word processor that started off as an adaptation of EMACS. It is a complicated program that uses manually embedded format codes, but it was targeted at professional writers where typesetting detail is important. Its strength is the ability to work with very long and complex documents. It supports headers, footers, table contents generation, index creation, footnotes, typestyle changes, outlining, tables and charts, multiple column layout. Final Word II adds support for Postscript and user-customizable print formatting commands. machines. There were versions for CP/M and the Atari ST.

FontasticWriter Word Processor DOS

Fontastic, from David W Johnson, Pacific Tri Micro Inc / Wizardworks, Wizardware Group Inc, is a budget word processor. It promotes itself as having many fonts to choose from, making it sound like a graphical WYSIWYG, but it is really a text-based word processor with an external previewer application. "Wizardworks". Apparently it was a small-time publisher. Pacific Tri Micro products were published under other names as well. perfecting text that will add creative "snap" to documents. Choose from a library of more than 25 type fonts in varying sizes to spruce up any letter or presentation. Fontastic Writer Plus also includes 24 pin and laser printer drivers that allow your documents to print out just like the pros's. easy to use! Editing is also easy, and includes search and replace, cut and paste, left/right justification, line or word centering, underlining, and an electronic dictionary that scans documents and corrects your mistakes. documents from Easy Working Writer " and Word Writer" to name a few. Simply type the commands in your old files and Fontastic Writer Plus does the rest."

Footprint Works Word Processor Spreadsheet Database OS2

Footprint Works is an office suite for OS/2 that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and database. Later versions were known as IBM Works and were bundled with OS/2 Bonus Packs.

FrameWork Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Communications Database DOS

Originally created by Forefront Corporation for Ashton-Tate and first released in 1984, Framework was an early integrated office suite for DOS. It has a built in word processor, spreadsheet, database, outliner, graphing, and telecommunications. All of the different components behave in similar, consistent ways. all-in-one office suite for IBM PC compatible computers. support "3D" spreadsheets. integrated office suite, and the Macintosh. It later competed against Lotus Symphony and Microsoft Works.

GEM Write Word Processor DOS

GEM Write, from Digital Research, is a simple document editor. It supports embedded images as well as bold, italic, and underline fonts, but only monospaced. It requires GEM Desktop

Hayden Ensemble Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Database MacOS

Ensemble, created by Controle X and published by Hayden Software, is an integrated office suite that includes Spreadsheet, Graphing, Word Processing, and Database functionality. It was notable as claiming to be the first integrated suite on the Macintosh, before Lotus Jazz or Microsoft Works as well as its ability to run on both the Mac 512k and the original Mac 128k.

Hello Charlie Word Processor Spreadsheet Graphics Database DOS

Hello Charlie is a suite of home-oriented rudimentary office products for the IBM PC. It includes a spreadsheet, database, word processor, drawing program, and a typing tutor. It was released in 1984 by Orion Software, an Alabama company better known for its early IBM PC games.

Home-Office Writer Word Processor DOS

From Real Software: "Home-Office Writer is a word processor with the right balance of professional business features and easy to use design."

HomeWord Word Processor DOS

HomeWord, from Seierra On-Line, is a friendly simplified word processor targeted at home users. It was originally released for the Apple II and ported to the IBM PC, C64, and Atari. It competed with other simplified home-oriented word processors such as BankStreet Writer. It was followed up by HomeWord Plus and HomeWord II

IBM DisplayWrite Assistant Word Processor DOS

IBM DisplayWrite Assistant is a higher end word processor that has a user interface similar to IBM Writing Assistant, but has advanced features from IBM DisplayWrite. It can exchange information between other IBM Assistant series programs as well as DisplayWrite and IBM's mini/mainframe products. This was intended to bridge the gap with their entry level "Assistant" product line. Like DisplayWrite, it supported only a tiny handful of IBM printers.

IBM E Editor Word Processor DOS

The IBM "E" Editor is a text editor based on the IBM Personal Editor. Later versions were included in IBM PC-DOS. Version 3.x is sometimes referred to as "E3".

IBM Lotus Symphony Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations PIM Windows

IBM Lotus Symphony is a suite of applications for creating, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, presentations and other documents and browsing the world wide web. IBM Lotus Symphony is virtually unrelated to the original Lotus Symphony.

IBM Primary Editor Word Processor Graphics Education DOS

Primary Editor Plus is a student's toolkit for writing and language arts activities in Kindergarten through grade eight. The program is a flexible entry-level word processor appropriate for young students or anyone who is new to word processing and computers.

IBM Professional Editor Word Processor Editor DOS

Professional Editor is an early editor for the IBM PC. It makes extensive use of function keys, has user definable macros, and can work with files larger than available RAM. You WILL need to read the manual to use this!

IBM Writing Assistant Word Processor DOS

IBM Writing Assistant is an early word processor sold by IBM with their IBM PC computers. It is basically a re-branded version of PFS:Write It features a built in spell checker, and the ability to include data and graphs from other IBM Assistant programs.

IN:SCRIBE Word Processor DOS

IN:SCRIBE is text editor tailored specifically for the Bytec Hyperion, a Canadian luggable that beat Compaq to the market, but is not quite 100% IBM PC compatible.

Leading Edge Word Processing Word Processor DOS

Leading Edge Word Processing is a an "easy to use" word processor that was sold with Leading Edge computers.

LetterPerfect Word Processor DOS

Introduced in 1990 by WordPerfect Corp, LetterPerfect is a lightweight low-cost version of WordPerfect 5.1.

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications for NEXTSTEP and OpenStep Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Publishing Communications Other Database Mathematics Other

Lighthouse Design Ltd Productivity Applications is an application suite of programs for NeXT computers.

Lotus Jazz Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Communications Database MacOS

Lotus Jazz was a heavily marketed all-in-one integrated office suite that included a word processor, spreadsheet, graphing, database, and communications program. Jazz was targeted as a universal solution for all office workers. Although at release, the program was exclusively for the Apple Macintosh 512k. Despite the marketing effort, it flopped miserably. Although it was from Lotus, the spreadsheet was not related to Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft Works.

Lotus SmartSuite Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations PIM Database Windows OS2

IBM/Lotus SmartSuite is an office suite from Lotus software for Windows and OS/2. SmartSuite includes SmartCenter, 1-2-3, Word Pro, Freelance Graphics, Approach, Organizer, and ScreenCam.

Lotus Symphony Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentations Graphics Communications Database DOS

Lotus Symphony is a an integrated software program that combines five tools: spreadsheet - word processing, graphics, database management, and data communications - in one package. The spreadsheet has similar functionality to Lotus 1-2-3, however it uses a different software "engine". These releases are of the original suite produced by Lotus. For the unrelated suite produced by IBM under the same name, see "IBM Lotus Symphony".

Lotus Word Pro Word Processor Windows

Word Pro was a word processor based upon Ami Pro (originally published by Samna).
Lotus acquired Samna in 1990. Word Pro 96 is the first release to no longer use the Ami Pro naming.